Thursday, November 01, 2007

Are The FBI & Its Provocateurs Engaging In The Illegal Internet Tactic Of Sporgery In Efforts To Mislead The Readers Of Articles Posted By TI's?

I have experienced this Internet phenomenon oftentimes when I post information in regard to mind control and organized stalking crimes. And I have seen many similar situations where the posts of other TI's which documented the harassment that they were being subjected to, were followed up with dozens of posts by forum members who had were listed as having been members of the forums for quite sometime.

Also prevalent are the spam adds for porn sites, Viagra and virtually every other topic, except for those pertinent to the topic of the particular forums/newsgroups etc. TI's are even subjected to such spamming when signing the guestbook of another TI. There is no question that we are being cyberstalked as well as physically stalked on a constant basis. Such is the life of a government mind control target.

From Wikipedia:

Definition Of Sporgery

"Sporgery is the disruptive act of posting a flood of articles to a Usenet newsgroup, with the article headers falsified so that they appear to have been posted by others. The word is a portmanteau of spam and forgery, coined by German software developer and critic of Scientology Tilman Hausherr. [1][2]

Sporgery resembles crapflooding, which is also intended to disrupt a forum. However, sporgery is not merely disruptive but also deceptive or libellous -- it involves falsifying objectionable posts so they appear to come from newsgroup regulars. The purpose is not merely to jam the forum, but also to blacken the reputations of its regular users by falsely signing their names to offensive posts."
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