Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Indigo Ribbon Campaign -- Representing Targeted Individuals Around The World

More than a decade ago when the Lyme Disease community was looking to find a voice, in efforts to alert the people in the United States in regard to how serious this bio weapon is (and the destruction that is has caused in so many people's lives), a green ribbon was chosen as a symbol for the Lyme Disease awareness campaign. Since that time it has become known globally as a symbol of the suffering that all chronically ill Lyme Disease patients have been forced to endure, and the deliberate and systematic conspiracy that we have been subjected to by the US Federal Government in its efforts to hide its complicity in the creation of and purposeful dissemination of this bioweapon to the American people.

Yet while this campaign continues to be a successful one in that a much greater number of people within the United States and abroad are now aware of how insidious Lyme Disease is (thanks to the patients who have suffered with this biological weapon -- not the US Federal Government, which did everything in its power to ignore us and obfuscate the facts behind Lyme Disease's biological weapons' roots -- even though it knew how horribly we were suffering as a result of Lyme, and that many of us had died from it), Lyme Disease patients continue to be stonewalled by the US Federal Government, which denies that Lyme Disease can become chronic (which it can), while insisting that any persistent symptoms are not due to refractory infection, but instead to what they refer to as post Lyme syndrome. This statement by the government is an outright LIE. There is no syndrome here, but instead, chronic infection which at best can be put into remission, yet never cured.

And in a myriad of instances, Lyme Disease patients never experience a full remission from their symptoms, with many getting progressively worse until they die from long-term exposure to this bioweapon. This is what the US Centers For Disease Control and National Institutes Of Health do not want the American people to know.

Now a new ribbon campaign (The Blue Indigo Ribbon) is taking root within the community of individuals targeted for electronic warfare -- satellite based directed energy weapons -- those of us who are being attacked by way of these classified weapons and who continue to be ignored by the body politic within our countries, which has chosen to ignore our pleas for help, while knowing full well that this technology exists and is being illegally used to torture us.

Does that sound like a government which is a constitutional republic to you?

The TI community is comprised of some very intelligent and resourceful people who are attacking the problem of directed energy weapons and their illegal deployment against us from a myriad of angles.

The Blue Indigo Ribbon campaign signifies that our protests against this atrocity which we are being exposed to on a daily basis will be heard regardless of the efforts of those who perpetrate these crimes against us. And their efforts to silence us will FAIL. We are growing substantially in numbers by the year, and far more powerful than we were even a few years ago.

What cannot be stressed enough here is that anyone who denies you your constitutional rights is a criminal, even when it is the people within your own government who are doing so.

Our message to them is now clear:

Their abuse will no longer be tolerated. And I will personally address the FBI and NSA here by stating: you have committed your covert crimes against my Family and me for decades, and done everything within your power to destroy my relationship with them, while attempting to drive me to a state of suicide with your mind control weaponry and the groups of degenerate organized stalkers whom you use to perpetrate your psychological warfare operations against my person.

You have destroyed my health and tortured me for over 14 years and it is time you paid for it.

The process to expose you will continue, and what you have done to my Family, self and a great many others will be promulgated on an international scale. When you deny American citizens their right to due process of law, it is YOU WHO IS THE CRIMINAL and it is YOUR activities which should be brought into question -- NOT OURS! You are nothing but Nazi's masquerading as an Intelligence community (I cite the CIA's Operation Paperclip after World War II which was responsible for smuggling 900 Nazi war criminals into the United States for their expertise in psychological warfare and other forms of mind control torture -- which they deployed against the Jews during the Holocaust). And it is time that the American people knew exactly what you are and the criminal ways in which you operate, while you desecrate the very Constitution that you claim to protect.

Indigo Ribbon

In Support of Targeted Individuals everywhere

Learn More About The Campaign Here:

*Since yesterday this site has been unavailable. Obviously, the FEDS and their provocateurs have attempted to prevent people from accessing it in efforts to destroy this campaign. However, the campaign is already underway and their blocking of a Website is not going to prevent it from occurring.
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