Monday, October 29, 2007

Satellite Based Torture Segues From Vertigo To An Acute Shortness Of Breath

The NSA uses its satellite based weapons to remotely deploy physical as well as psychological torture to me, which occurs in one form or another 24 hours a day. The latest is an acute shortness of breath that I have experienced on myriad occasions over the past decade and a half -- sometimes for months on end with no relief. Since around 10pm last night I have taken no less than 750 milligrams of Coenzyme Q10 (more than 7 times the normal dosage), which ordinarily helps me to breathe, yet it is of little use since the cause for this difficulty in breathing is the NSA's directed energy technology, which is being illegally deployed against me, and used to cause me a myriad of symptoms, all at the push of a button.

I am convinced that TI's like myself are not only used for non consensual cover research and human experimentation in the way of long-term mind control research, but also tortured by tailor made computer protocols designed to evoke particular responses from us as a result of this torture -- programs which run constantly and can be modified by the NSA cryptologists who covertly attack us by way of such horrific and Hitlerian technology.

The United States does not need a rendition policy in which to fly those whom it targets to other countries in order to have them tortured, since these satellite based weapons do so covertly right in the "so called" privacy of our own homes. That is why this satellite based weaponry is known as the "Active Denial System." Any government agent with a high enough clearance can deploy this weaponry against any citizen simply by knowing what the "code" to the electromagnetic field surrounding that person's body is, and then tapping into by way of an NSA satellite and super computer.

There are thousands of Americans as well as citizens from other countries who are now accessing the Internet to complain of similar human rights violations, as the ones that I describe on my Website, in efforts to warn the Earth's citizens or what is covertly happening to them without their knowledge or consent -- all under the auspices of the New World Order.

So why don't more people know about this? Because the media systems without their respective countries have been expressly told to stay away from this information or face serious consequences for failing to do so. This is why even human rights organizations like the American Civil Liberties Association and Amnesty International refuse to get involved with citizens being targeted for these crimes against humanity. They are fearful of becoming targeted as we are if they do.

And one can safely conclude that if they are being remotely tracked by way of satellites and their thoughts are being electronically stolen from right out of their own brains, that they are also being subjected to other forms of non consensual human experimentation as the "controllers" implant their thought altering protocols within our minds in efforts to subject us to brainwave entrainment.

Controlling the minds of every person on this planet is what this technology is all about. And unfortunately some of us were chosen as much as three decades ago to be the earliest guinea pigs for it.

So what does that say about the governnents of such countries that are allowing for such cruel and inhumane attacks on their own citizens while the legislative branches of their governments refuse to get involved?

That the rule of constitutional law within these countries (including the United States) is dead; having been covertly destroyed by the Nazi influence which now controls these governments and deploys such illegal, immoral and unethical technology on those of us being subjected to this nefarious technology.

A new Holocaust is in the making. And those of us who are presently being targeted are just the earliest victims, as myriads more will follow when the New World Order shortly takes complete control of this planet.

Moreover, those who torture myself and numerous other Targeted Individuals in the ways in which we are being tortured, are the most depraved and hideous scoundrels who have ever lived. And may the suffering of each of us reflect on this depravity, as well as their cowardly and despicable nature.

Those who torture others, regardless of their motivations, are EVIL.
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