Saturday, October 27, 2007

Research Finds Psychological Warfare Is Just As Effective As Physical Torture In Harming People

"The finding supports suggestions by other experts that people trained to endure torture, such as insurgents or prisoners of war, suffer the least long-term damage."

-- Alan Zarembo Common Dreams.Org

The article which concludes that psychological warfare is just as cruel and dangerous as physical abuse, can be found at the end of this post. The US Intelligence Community has cornered the market on both types of abuse through its satellite based directed energy weapons technology, and the orchestration of networked groups of communities which function as organized stalking networks; groups used by the FEDS to terrorize and harass targeted American citizens. This sadistic concept has taken those who participate in these depraved acts of covert violence, from being common citizens to common criminals.

And they have agencies like the FBI, DHS and NSA to blame for it.

No one is above the law in this country including federal agents or those members of the community whom they allow to commit such despicable crimes against others. And in time all of these people will be held accountable for their complete lack of humanity in perpetrating such depraved crimes.

This is illustrative of the collective Nazi ideologies which are present within the US Federal Government in modern day America, and that are in direct opposition to the US Constitution. May the crimes that these covert torturers and murderers perpetrate against us follow them into the next life where they will be harshly judged for their cruelty.

Click here to access this article on psychological warfare:
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