Saturday, October 27, 2007

"The Widening Circle" -- First It Applied To Lyme Disease -- Now It Applies To The US Government's Use Of Satellite Based Weaponry On Earth's People

In the 1980's there was a book by such a name written by a lady named Polly Murray. Polly was one of the first Americans to be diagnosed with a mysterious bacterial infection which had terrible consequences to her health as well as that of her children; each of who's Lyme Disease symptoms were first diagnosed as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Polly began to suspect that something was not right in having both of her children diagnosed with such a condition, and began to question others within the area in which she lived, only to find several additional cases of such diagnoses in regard to the children in her community's underlying areas.

Polly soon realized that further research was necessary and began to widen the circle in which she would question others. What she found was more of the same anomalous situation -- many adults with arthritic symptoms whose children had also been diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

What followed would become one of the best documented cases of an illness which would eventually become a pandemic, as a closely held conspiracy was orchestrated from within the US Federal Government, to discredit those with this illness, and to see to it that they would be denied appropriate medical treatment, in efforts to prevent the American people from ever learning of Lyme Disease's biological weapons' roots. Polly's book can be accessed below.

I believe that the term "the widening circle" also applies to the current day conspiracy by the US Federal Government to prevent the American people from learning about covert satellite technologies which are now being used to weaponize space; such weapons allowing for the clandestine torture and non consensual cover research and human experimentation of the people on this planet.

There is an ever widening circle of men, women and children being targeted globally by this technology, while serving as human guinea pigs for the US Federal Government's illegal forms of remote mind control experimentation. And like the early days in which cases of Lyme Disease were being reported on an ever increasing scale, the same can now be said for directed energy weapons technology in the modern day, which has also become a pandemic in its having crossed continents.

And as is the case of the Lyme Disease pandemic, the circle in regard to electronic warfare victims is only increasing and at an alarming rate. As such, it is now becoming apparent that the victims of such warfare crimes are finding themselves in the same predicament as chronically ill Lyme Disease patients, where although their numbers are significant, they are confronted by the reality of an immense conspiracy orchestrated from within their own governments, to deny their participation in these crimes against humanity; an adverse situation which like that of the Lyme Disease conspiracy, will only become much worse over time.
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