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Accusations Of Provocateurs Infiltrating The Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance Group


"I'm discovering that everyone who assumes a leadership position in this community gets labeled a perp - true or not. The latest came through this week from someone named Jon B with my name listed second from the very top! Although he has been confronted by several of those listed and others, he has not responded or produced any type of credible evidence or even replied at all. This is a very important juncture. Please do not be deceived by those trying to derail our efforts."

-- Derrick Robinson
Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance

The above message was posted by Derrick Robinson -- the head of the anti-organized stalking/mind control group *FFCHS. While I do think that FFCHS is a positive step in the right direction in regard to educating the public about these crimes against humanity, there is little doubt that it has been infiltrated at the highest levels. And this has nothing to do with the comments which Derrick has claimed were made by someone named Jon B -- who may be legitimate or a provocateur -- perhaps he doesn't even exist at all. I've been stating that it is my belief that FFCHS has been subverted by the FEDS or their handlers since its inception.

* I was part of the original group that existed before FFCHS,which comprised Derrick and three other members including myself. However, this group was being influenced by the FEDS before it ever got rolling -- which is why I left it. Shortly after this the group disbanded, and Derrick eventually founded FFCHS.

I have since stated that FFCHS' stance against government based mind control weapons and organized stalking crimes (which have become part of the US Status quo under the Nazi cabal that we refer to as the Bush Administration), as well as its containing people who are former members of US Intelligence, would make it a threat to those who have already subverted this government and continue to circulate their propaganda to the American people.

The US Federal Government sustains its treasonous crimes through the use of its propaganda machine -- the US Media -- which is used to keep the American people ignorant and complacent of the Illuminati and its control over this country.

And this would definitely be a legitimate reason for the FBI to take an interest in FFCHS.

What does FFCHS do?

Stand for the protection and preservation of human rights by ending the crimes of mind control and organized stalking.

What does the FBI have a history of doing?

Infiltrating and destroying groups which were created to protect human rights, just as FFCHS is attempting to do.

And as in the case of every civil rights movement that has ever existed within the United States, it is an absolute certainty that the FFCHS group has in some way been infiltrated by the FBI. However, that does not mean that this group is no longer useful in combating the crimes of mind control and organized stalking.

On the contrary, FFCHS has now become more important than ever, given its growing ranks which include those from many other countries who are describing similar problems with their own governments.

The key is to maintain a watchful eye in regard to how this group evolves in the future. To make note as to whether FFCHS is progressing or simply being derailed in its efforts to end these crimes. If FFCHS is dissolved or turned into a community accomplishing many tasks except for the ones it was created for in the first place, we may surmise that is has been successfully co opted by the FEDS. If this group begins to move away from the stance that most of the mind control and organized stalking crimes that are being perpetrated in the United States and abroad find their genesis somewhere other than the Intelligence communities, we can conclude that this group has been successfully co opted by the FEDS. If this group attempts to misdirect attention away from the NSA and its satellite based remote neural monitoring technology, we can also conclude that it has been co opted by the FEDS.

The fact that the crimes of mind control and organized stalking exist is perhaps the best illustration that these governments are involved in them, and as such, no longer serving the interests of the people -- those whom they are supposed to represent. And thus must as a consequence of such treasonous acts either be reconstructed so that they serve the common good - or completely overthrown (more than likely what will eventually happen with the Nazi oligarchy now operating within the United States). George W. Bush and his associates are Nazi's.

Moreover, while I see Congress as being of little help to FFCHS, given that some of its right wing extremist members are aware of the covert mind control programs and organized stalking crimes that all TI's are targeted for, it is nevertheless important to alert the entire Congress to what is occurring, since some of its members may be completely unaware of satellite based mind control technology, or the well orchestrated network of organized stalking which is used as an adjunct to this aspect of psychological warfare.

The objective for all TI's is to make these crimes known on a global scale, and to circumvent the attempts of any provocateurs who would try to disrupt this process of enlightenment.

A brief example of how the FEDS recently infiltrated a situation can be found in the case of Ed and Elaine Brown, tax protesters who refused to acknowledge the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank, citing accurate information that both were operating illegally in this country. As such they were setup in a kangaroo court, in which the presiding judge corrupted their trial by preventing them from entering exculpatory evidence in their case -- knowing full well that it would have exonerated them.

Frustrated with how the case against him was going, Ed Brown decided not to return to the kangaroo court, and instead decided to arm himself while taking refuge in his New Hampshire home -- promising never to be taken alive should federal marshals attempt to arrest him. His wife, Elaine, joined him shortly afterwards, as the two made their courageous stand against this corrupt judicial system and government. However, in early October, both were surprised by a federal marshal whom they had previously know only as "Dutch," who befriended the couple and quickly preyed on the Browns' confidence which would eventually lead to their unjust arrest.

Shaun Kranish, of Make The, an online supporter of the Browns, was very apologetic in regard to Ed when he recently spoke with him at the Elkton, Ohio correctional facility -- the prison where Ed has begun his nearly six year sentence for tax evasion. In his taped conversation with Ed, Shaun recounted how "Dutch" built up his confidence by speaking with him for months as this covert federal marshal gained Shaun's trust, only to trick him into helping this federal scoundrel to infiltrate the Browns' home.

Once that occurred, Shaun made the introduction between the marshal who went by the alias, "Dutch," and Ed Brown -- who later welcomed "Dutch" into his home.

Note that this marshal did not just visit the Browns' residence on his own. He made certain to gain credibility with someone Ed Brown trusted first, which made his job of gaining Ed and Elaines' confidence that much easier. Ed was quick to point out to Shaun that he was the one who led Dutch to him and wanted to know if Shaun was part of the entire setup. This is how the FEDS pit people against each other -- even those with good intentions.

My point here is that when the FEDS are involved in any situation, the person or groups whom they are targeting can trust no one, since they can infiltrate your entire circle and even coerce your own Family -- the FEDS have done this myriad times in the past. They are sneaks by nature and the American people have a right to know how agencies like the FBI and even local federal marshals covertly operate -- completely outside of the US Constitution. Moreover, they are conditioned to lie pathologically, even in courts of law; and trained as confidence persons -- which is how they have had such an historic success rate at infiltrating and destroying groups of well meaning Americans who were speaking out in regard to their Constitutional rights.

As for those within the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex who target the citizens of this country for mind control and other forms of non consensual human experimentation -- they are beyond redemption. Furthermore, for those within this government who routinely violate the rights of American citizens under the color of law -- they are criminals, since they have violated their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution and the American people.

When dealing with people who will murder our relatives, friends and even those whom a TI does not know personally, all as part of the mind control experimentation that we as TI's have been subjugated to, it is quite clear that the people with whom we are dealing (regardless of what positions they have attained within the respective governments/societies of our countries) are mentally deranged and cruel beyond belief. And even more frightening is how normal most of them seem when functioning on a public level.

Anyone who targets a person by way of satellite and electronically taps into their brain for the purposes of mind control experimentation & covert torture (that many of us have been subjected to), should be considered for what they are -- modern day versions of Nazi tyrants like the late Adolph Hitler and Joseph Mengele.

In the modern day George W. Bush and Dick Cheney certainly qualify here as do those who head up the US Intel agencies, including the highly technical and deeply secretive/criminal NSA -- the greatest threat to humanity that the people of this planet are facing in the present day.
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