Monday, October 22, 2007

Fear Is A Human Trait -- Not Something Of The Divine -- Yet The Holy Bible Uses Fearmongering To Keep Parishoners Under Social Control

A myriad of people with various ideologies continuously propagate them while being accused of pontificating. However, the religions of this planet are guilty of the exact same dogmas, yet out of fear, few even think to criticize them.


The fear of the afterlife is far greater for most people than what they face in the present, not so much out of concern for the unknown, as for the fears which have been instilled within them by such religious doctrines; doctrines which find their roots as means of social control, rather than anything of true significance.

Perhaps they should call the Holy Bible the Word of Roman Emperor Constantine, since he is responsible for its creation (through Eusebias), and thus control over which content was included within the Bible. (Of course RC theologians use circular logic in which to paint their own picture of the Bible's creation.)

And consequently On Sundays, the Roman Catholic Priests could close with "This is the word of Constantine -- thanks be to Constantine."

Although this may well be an inconvenient truth which is far too difficult if not impossible for most parishioners to acknowledge at present.

Perhaps a Century from now they will be more inclined to believe that religions were nothing more than a part of human evolution, once a mainstay of society, yet eventually outgrown, and replaced by the true spirituality of the creational force responsible for all life within the time space continuum. And then finally, those who have throughout the annuls of human history attempted to usurp religious indoctrination for their own personal and oftentimes misguided means, will no longer be able to play the religious card as a means of societal control.
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