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NSA Able To Use The Narus STA 6400 To Block E-mails Without The Knowledge Of ISP's?

As a long-term target of the FBI and NSA, I have often found it of interest that my E-mails have been routinely blocked when I have sent them out, and am certain that many E-mails sent to me have been blocked or intercepted and "tampered" with on myriad occasions. I found the following post in regard to the AT&T/NSA wiretapping scandal which broke in the media back in May of 2006, very interesting.

It is a sign of the times when one must look to the Internet for the truth concerning their own government, when their country's media system has become so corrupted and ineffective, that it can no longer be relied on for anything but disinformation, or stories which deliberately sidestep key issues.

Back in May of 2006, Frontline touched tangentially on the subject of NSA spying, by doing a partial expose regarding an AT&T employee who found a private room constructed within AT&T's San Francisco headquarters, which contained a Narus STA 6400 super computer capable of tremendous processor speed, and commonly used by the NSA for data mining purposes. The 6400 also has the ability to block E-mails within an ISP such as AOL, without the Internet Service Provider actually even being aware that it is happening.

Based on how this computer is configured, it may well be capable of accomplishing just about any function on the Internet that its users deem necessary, including the deleting of Websites as well as the tampering of them, all without the Webhosts even realizing that this is happening to some of their customers' accounts.

The readers will find the following post of interest:

heartofthesiskiyou (335 posts) Mon May-08-06 10:15 PM
Original message
Narus STA 6400 Equipment Revealing - Wiretapping

"As a Network Engineer and a service provider for the past 13 years I offer the following analysis and a recommendation.

I believe Reps. in congress need some education on the extent on the wiretapping controversy. Following the equipment is quite revealing.

The fact that a direct link fiber optics line was installed in the AT&T facility in San Fransisco is what got me looking into this situation. That much bandwidth indicated a much greater intrusion then the government was indicating in its public statements. According to Mark Klein the AT&T whistle blower, the fiber optics line was split and sent into a separate room set up for NSA. The line was attached to a Narus STA 6400. Both the fiber optics line and the Narus filtering equipment indicate a huge amount of data is being filtered. It is my opinion, the amount of e-mails and other data are huge and far exceed the 3500 individuals admitted to under the Patriot Act disclosure provisions.

This could also lend credence to the contention by AOL and other ISP's that they have not been involved in blocking various e-mail addresses and in some cases URL's being widely reported over the previous two years. This equipment could accomplish this blocking activity by virtue of its position sitting right at the routing source in AT&T facilities. There are a ton of things they can do situated at the switching terminals hqs.

My recommendation is for congress to get the information of the equipment described in the Narus sites listed below and get experts to interpret the capabilities of this equipment and bandwidth involved. I'm sure these experts will provide the same analysis that this program far exceeds what the administration has revealed thus far, and would indicate that censure is far less than what is needed. This is Impeachable activity. "

Narus site

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