Friday, October 19, 2007

The Following Website Included Some Excellent Information Regarding How US Intelligence & Their Organized Stalking Operatives Co-opt Doctors

“All international human rights agreements forbid non consensual manipulation of human beings — even in prisons, not to speak of civilian populations.”

By Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD

Former Chief Medical Officer of Finland

* Dr. Kilde is correct. However, she makes the assumption that those within the Intelligence communities (and others who take part in such wicked crimes) are human -- yet by their covert and vicious acts of torture against TI's, these government agents have d-e-m-o-n-s-t-r-a-t-e-d that they clearly fall into the lower category of the species, at best.

Over the past 4 years I have had four doctors including two psychiatrists take part in the psychological operations that I have been subjected to. Medication that I was taking for depression was replaced with placebos, and office visits were completely controlled by the FEDS themselves, who co-opted these doctors into taking part in this sick and depraved harassment against me, while these sick bastards sat back and got a good laugh at my expense - something these filthy maggots have been getting away with for nearly three decades.

I have read of myriad other TI's who have experienced a similar situation when having their physicians co-opted into these gaslighting tactics. It appears that oftentimes physicians are blackmailed into taking part in these crimes, facing the prospect of having private information about themselves being circulated, or harassed in the same ways in which the TI's they are treating are being -- ensuring the total destruction of their lives if they fail to capitulate to these criminals.

So it should come as no surprise that these doctors go along with the attacks on TI's. The fact that this is happening on a global scale is indicative of far more than the street thug mentality which has always been problematic. What TI's are witnessing in the present day is something much larger and darker, and controlled from very high up within the governments of countries whose citizens have reported these precdent setting crimes.

The following quote is probably referring to the CIA's usurpation of the psychiatric profession when creating the DSM-IV diagnostic manual -- the "Bible" of psychiatrists, which is used to diagnose any persons who claim that they are being attacked by the CIA or other agencies of US Intel, as schizophrenics -- a very convenient diagnosis, given that it lets the CIA et al within US INTEL off the hook when perpetrating illegal experimenation such as MKULTRA and whatever the modern day name for this continuing mind control research/electronic warfare is.

One can only imagine how many decent and sane people have been subjugated to the horrible lives of those living in psychiatric wards, when agencies such as the CIA were directly responsible for their conditions, and instead of coming forward to admit what they had done to these people, let them rot away in these institutions, when there was either nothing psychologically wrong with them, or whatever psychosis they were experiencing was caused as a direct result of what they were subjected to.

From the Website:

The Temporal World and Unseen Threats to Freedom

"They collaborated with mental health specialists and designed a harassment program around key paranoid delusional symptoms outlined in the DSM-IV manual, so that a target will appear ill when explaining this to a mental health professional, & friends/family. It is one of several layers of protection used to help keep groups operating in secrecy.

It should be no wonder that targets of this kind of campaign may be influenced to seek professional psychological counseling. It is possible that when this happens psychiatric personnel are co-opted by the campaign, and instead of practicing medicine, they practice fraud, torture, harassment."*

* I can say for certain that many of these doctors most certainly do, while taking a very sadistic approach to the TI's in their care.

"This is perhaps not always the case, but there is evidence that psychiatrists and counselors will behavior and gear their services in such a way as to further discredit and terrorize the target. This is done, from my own experience through bogusly diagnosing the target, as well as posturing in manners that could easily be equated with psychological and moral harassments.

Demeaning the target, denying the target autonomy, harassing the target in a theraputic session, and giving the target unneeded medications. Directed psychiatric medical and institutional malpractice is what it amounts to."

This is an excellent site which appears to have been hacked into over the past few days. Is it any wonder why since it exposes the truth in regard to the crimes of mind control and organized stalking?
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