Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The For Sale Sign -- Another Common Tool That Those Who Perpetrate Organized Stalking Crimes Utilize In The Harassment Of TI's

I first noticed this about four years ago on older Mercedes sedans like the one my parents own. In fact, I would see these older Mercedes S Class cars from the mid to late 1980's quite a bit back then -- each would have a for sale sign like the one above in both the right and left rear windows. I would also see this type of car being lifted onto the back of flatbed trailers (as in we are going to haul you way)
constantly. The for sale sign trigger got old quickly, and they stopped using it until the other day, when a neighbor two houses down -- Nessani at 18 Wenwood Drive decided to place one of these signs in the back of their gold colored Audi sedan.

It can also mean that the perp's are going to try to drive you into bankruptcy so that you will be forced to sell your home. A number of other TI's have reported this same "for sale" trigger as a part of the psychological warfare component that they are being subjected to by these filthy maggots.

The Nessani's have been a regular part of this community harassment for the past few years. Isn't it nice to know the names of some of the unindicted felons who take part in the organized stalking crimes against you? Their name would not be here unless I was 100 percent certain that they are guilty of the crime of organized stalking -- which they are.

Let someone toss their civil rights out the window and perhaps they might see the situation in a very different light as they whine their pathetic asses off. I have no sympathy for people like this because they take great joy in destroying the lives of others.

The same goes for the Albinders at 17 Wenwood Drive, who have also taken part in this harassment for quite some time. Being that they are Jewish and more than likely have relatives who perished in the Holocaust, I wonder how their late relatives would feel if they saw their offspring taking part in the same psychotic cruelty that they were forced to endure under Hitler?

As for the FBI/NSA/DHS deplorable fascist tag team who has orchestrated these attacks on my person, I continue to document every aspect of them, since their depraved behavior is perhaps the best illustration of the covert fascist government which has existed in this country for decades, but gotten much worse since the attacks on 9-11.

Satellite tracking an American citizen while electronically accessing and manipulating their minds is Orwellian behavior which will not under any circumstances be tolerated.

As to the Nessani's and the Albinders -- you know what you've done. And by the way, get your cars washed -- they're FILTHY!
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