Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The NSA's Use Of Directed Energy To Cause A Condition Of Artificially Induced Vertigo Continues

I have been subjected to this particular type of remote targeting in the past, however not for long periods of time. This most recent time though has been consistent for the past month or so, where I must cautiously walk, given that this artificially induced vertigo makes me very dizzy once I stand up, and has even caused such experiences while laying on the couch reading. The room will suddenly begin to spin. I would imagine that the NSA is accomplishing this by disturbing the inner portion of the ear which controls balance.

In the past they have controlled virtually every aspect of my physical and psychological being at one time or another, ranging from distinct changes in personality, to changes in appetite, emotional states and libido, to causing pain in various portions of my body, in efforts to do permanent physical damage to various organs ranging from the skin (the largest organ of the human body) to the heart, brain, liver and lungs. I have also been sexually assaulted by the NSA garbage who uses this technology on myriad occasions. I don't overstate the case here when I say that these "mold spores" should find themselves swinging from a nice thick rope.

I am also experiencing heart palpitations from time to time which are being artificially induced by these federal psychopaths. I will continue to update this situation to determine if they will change to another of bodily attack or continue with this particular one. The NSA took advantage of my contracting Lyme Disease (a biological weapon) to further test its directed energy weapons' technology on me beginning in 1993, assuming that I would conclude that what I was experiencing was Lyme related.

"What can you say for government agents who would torture someone by way of satellite based directed energy weapons, who is already bedridden and suffering with one of their own government's biological weapons? As I said before, these 'mold spores' should be swinging from a nice thick rope."

In the present day it is quite apparent to me that many of the symptoms that I experienced at the time were being induced by way of directed energy weaponry, which explains why so many of these symptoms (especially some of the heart related ones) were never reported by other Lyme Disease patients.

Moreover, prior to these aggressive attacks and up 'till the present day (1980 to 2007) I continue to be illegally satellite monitored and subjected to non consensual cover research and human experimentation (mind control research) by the NSA, at the request of the FBI Gestapo and a piece of pond scum by the name of Raymond Migliore.

This is the kind of scum that we have operating within US Intelligence. And proof that CIA programs like MKULTRA were never ended, but instead made more covert by the Nazi reptiles who have quietly invaded this country under such covers as Operation Paperclip (in the modern day its their offspring who cause most of these problems along with the Nazi --in house group-- such as the Rockefeller and Bush clans, who endorse and participate in this demonic behavior).

As the US Federal Government's "great masquerade" as a constitutional republic is "unmasked," in time all of the people around the globe will recognize that the American people were the most deceived group of citizens in human history, having been sold a "belief system" in which they were led to believe that they lived in a country of laws which was based on a constitutional republic; however this republic was quietly replaced by a fascistic cabal more than a century ago, and which has up to the present day exploited Americans to the fullest possible degree. Yet, a largely ignorant American public continues to remain mostly unaware of this.

George W. Bush, the present leader/LIAR of this fascist cabal is intent on destroying the American people for once and for all, doing so under the pretense of protecting them from a war on terror; a bogus war created to destroy American freedoms while subjugating Americans to a life of servitude to a criminal empire. George W. Bush and his Illuminati masters are EVIL incarnate. And so are those who work for the FBI, NSA, CIA, (Pentagon) and others within US Intel and the rest of the CONvoluted network that the Illuminati has created here within the United States
under the privately held counterfeiting system of Federal Reserve Banks and its IRS Bagman Holding Company.

When great men and women like Ed and Elaine Brown and Randy and Vicki Weaver have to suffer at the hands of such filthy predators as those who've attacked them, Americans must ask ourselves when do we decide to get rid of this albatross of a federal government and its criminal inhabitants, and to replace it with a MUCH smaller and transparent federal government which serves the interests of ALL Americans, instead of wealthy Illuminists (Rockefeller, Bush et al) who seek to destroy the rest of us?
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