Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dr. Janet Parker -- An Informant Of FBI Agent John O'Neill Who Was Setup By The FBI To Be Murdered On 9-11 -- Surfaces On The Internet

For those who have never heard of her, Dr. Janet Parker was an informant of the late FBI Agent John O'Neill, who went public after the attacks on 9-11 stating that the FBI had pulled O'Neill off an investigation regarding the money trail that would eventually lead to the attacks on 9-11. She was quickly discredited by the FBI who claimed that she was mentally imbalanced. Shortly after that Parker left her job at a veterinary clinic in Washington State and was not heard from again.

In my travels over the Web I happened to locate the following two *Websites which appear to be owned by the same Janet Parker. And there are posts as recently as August of 2007, so this is good news for those who may have thought that she had met with an unpleasant fate shortly after going public with her information on John O'Neill back in 2001. Below is a post that I had written some time back wondering what may have become of her after the FBI decided to disrcredit her.

It appears that she is now looking for work, which will be quite the challenge for Janet, given that the FBI will utilize every means possible in their attempts to keep her from getting a job -- a key tactic that they use when covertly neutralizing someone who can document crimes that the FBI is in someway complicit in; whether it has committed the crimes themselves or is aiding and abetting criminal activity as it has done on several occasions regarding many of the terrorist attacks which have taken place on US soil since the first attack on the WTC in 1993. One thing about the FBI is for certain -- it is a criminal organization operating under the guise of a federal police force -- An Americanized version of Hitler's Gestapo.



*** Just one of myriad examples of how the FBI uses its attack on a person's sanity was when Janet Parker, an informant of the late FBI agent John O'Neill (whom the hierarchy within the FBI set up to be murdered on 9-11, the result of his knowledge of the money trail which would lead up to the attacks and back to George W. Bush) took to the airwaves shortly after 9-11 to publicize how the hierarchy within the FBI blocked O'Neill's investigation; an investigation which could have prevented the attacks on 9-11. The FBI immediately went public to state that Janet Parker was mentally unstable and therefore had no credibility.

The FBI's demonization of Janet Parker had begun.

However, the truth of the matter is that Parker has plenty of credibility, and that's why the FBI moved in so quickly to attack her. Has anyone even heard from Janet Parker since she went public with this information?

Is she even still alive? When the FBI's involved in conducting a COINTELPRO against you, murder is their prime objective. However, they will first attempt to drive you to suicide. And if that fails, they will then grow even more aggressive until they find a plausible way in which to murder you -- something they are now in the process of doing with me.

According to a post that I had seen some months back on the Internet, Janet's last place of work was a veterinary clinic within the State Of Washington, which she left over a year ago, with no forwarding address. The post was listed by one of her customers, who said that Janet was very competent in her work, and extremely pleased at having found her position. It would appear that the FBI decided that Janet Parker was now a danger to them, given their outright LIES and obstruction of justice in regard to the attacks on 9-11.

I also find it of interest that this particular post in regard to Janet has now been removed from the Website which it was listed on, and I seriously doubt that this is a coincidence.

The readers can learn more about Janet and her association with the late John O'Neill at the following Website:

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