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Of course the FBI lied. The agency is incapable of telling the truth. The following article is proof of yet one more terrorist attack in which the FBI was used to obstruct justice by covering up the facts and propagating a completely fabricated story regarding what really happened to TWA Flight 800 and the murder of its 230 passengers. The 270 eyewitnesses to the missile attack on TWA Flight 800 can't possibly be blind, so why did the FBI completely ignore their statements? Another treasonous cover up by this covert Gestapo.

Is it any wonder why the FBI never released the tapes around the Murrah Building or the 84 that it seized at the Pentagon and the underlying areas on the day of 9-11? The FBI has proven itself to be the best obstruction of justice that 4 billion dollars a year can buy, aiding and abetting the criminal Bush Administration (a cancer on this country) and their Illuminist cronies in US Intel, who in an event reminscent of Hitler's burning of the Reichstag building, bombed the World Trade Center and imploded it while using jets or missiles cloaked in holograms of jets to offer a plausible reason for the WTC Towers collapse.

And of course there is also the more important aspect here of the covertly orchestrated murders of roughly 2800 Americans on 9-11, and the more than million casualties since -- American, Afghani and mostly Iraqi who have been murdered since this war to steal the Iraqi's oil was first perpetrated.

The FBI's cover up of the terrorism behind the destruction of TWA Flight 800 was a precursor to the conspiracy that it would take part in regarding the attacks on 9-11. Its lies continue more than six years after that tragic day, and Americans are no closer to seeing the tapes that the FBI still refuses to show us, than we were then. The FBI is truly a sworn enemy of the American people and our freedoms, and always has been.

"I will probably never watch national television news again, and take it at face value for the rest of my life."
-- Comdr. William S. Donaldson


"The FBI and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) intentionally lied to Congress and the public concerning key evidence about the downing of Trans World Airlines Flight 800. So indicates recent evidence brought to light in a tape-recorded conversation with James Kalstrom, the FBI Special Agent in charge of the disaster investigation.

On that tape, obtained by Accuracy In Media (AIM) Chairman Reed Irvine, Special Agent Kalstrom is allegedly heard to admit that U.S. Naval vessels were present in the immediate area where, on July 17, 1996, TWA Flight 800 was blown out of the sky along with its 230 passengers and crew. Previously, the federal agencies contended publicly and in testimony before Congress that the closest military asset other than an unarmed navy aircraft, a P-3 Orion, was the USS Normandy, 185 miles away. However, speaking on condition of anonymity, a reliable source confirmed to The WINDS that the claims Irvine is making as to the contents of the tape are indeed accurate.

In the recording, the details of which were disclosed privately to a meeting of Washington's Judicial Watch, Irvine alleges that Agent Kalstrom is clearly heard to confirm that there were in fact three U.S. Navy vessels within three to six nautical miles of the crash site. These ships, according to Kalstrom, were on a highly classified mission. This information is enormously important because it greatly strengthens the already formidable position of those claiming that a missile strike was responsible for the Flight 800 disaster.

Commander William S. Donaldson, USN Ret., a longtime thorn in the side of the federal agencies investigating Flight 800, informed The WINDS that he also has personally heard, and has a copy of, the aforementioned tape recording. He quotes Special Agent Kalstrom as saying, in reference to mysterious unnamed radar surface targets the FBI refused to identify,'We know what they were...they were navy ships on classified maneuvers.'

Of the two factions hotly advocating the facts indicating a missile strike, one believes it was an errant U.S. Navy anti-aircraft missile launched from those very ships the FBI and NTSB claims were not present. The other position of the pro-missile group asserts that the ships were present because the navy knew that there was a threat of terrorist activity in the area and failed in an attempt to intercept the terrorists and thwart the destruction of the airliner. This is seemingly corroborated by eyewitnesses who claim to have observed a previous attempt that failed, only because the vessel launching the missiles was too far offshore and out of range.

Attempts to locate the craft bearing the terrorists and their portable missiles were apparently the reason for the "classified" naval presence in the area. It would also explain the presence of the P-3 Orion which is technically a navy sub-chaser but, according to Comdr. Donaldson, can be used as a reconnaissance platform with its forward-looking infrared (FLIR) optics and radar."

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