Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Hampshire's Union Leader Attempts To Mislead The Public Regarding The Wrongful Arrest Of Ed And Elaine Brown

I was just at the Union Leader Website and could not help but notice the number of anti Brown posts which followed the article on their arrest. Almost every post was attacking the Browns instead of discussing the facts behind their unlawful arrests.

It was as if the FEDS had positioned themselves or their own provocateurs on this message board to support their criminal and unAmerican actions just like they do with the rest of the US mainstream media, who are still supposed to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter in the Kennedy Assasination.

These people don't care about the truth or the facts. What they instead attempt to do is to take their treasonous lies and promulgate them nationally in the hope that the American people will believe them.

The posters who've attacked the Browns are at the very least extremely ignorant in regard to the tax situation in this country and in the worst case government provocateurs looking to propagate the US Federal Government's lies in the case of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds. These people are fascists who are masquerading as law enforcement.

I posted the following information in regard to the Browns, however my post did not appear on the Union Leader's Website. And unless it does so, I will be forced to conclude the Union Leader is deliberately looking to obfuscate the facts regarding the wrongful conviction on tax evasion of Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown and his wife Dr. Elaine Brown.

First and foremost, there is NO LAW which requires the average American to pay a tax on their wages. The Supreme Court made the final decision on this in 1897 and it has never changed.

Furthermore, both the 16th Amendment as well as the Federal Reserve Act were never properly ratified and are thus unconstitutional.

In 1913 the Supreme Court ruled that the 16th Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation on the US Congress, yet Congress went ahead and allowed for the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and its BAGMAN Internal Revenue Service -- The IRS is not part of the US Federal Government but an appendage of the Federal Reserve, which is also a privately held company -- not part of the US Federal Government.

To date, there have been several IRS agents who have resigned because they realized that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose a tax on the wages of the American worker. Former Agents Sherry Peale Jackson and Joe Bannister are two of these agents.

There have also been at least 25 Americans who have been exonerated of income tax evasion because the juries in their cases could find no law authorizing the IRS to impose such a tax.

Last year alone, 78 million Americans refused to file an income tax return and millions of Americans have now contacted the IRS and US Congress challenging the income tax on the grounds that it is not legal nor constitutional.

A tax revolt in this country is now underway. And I am certain that some government provocateur will post right after me to denounce what I have written here, however it is the absolute truth and any person looking to do their own research will learn about the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds for themselves.

And the US Congress knows all about it, yet has been trying to cover up this treasonous fraud by stating that there is a third kind of income tax which is legal.

This is an outright lie. The Constitution calls for two different types of taxes -- apportioned and direct.

The graduated income tax that the American people are being subjected to is an unapportioned (unequal) tax that was dervied from the Communist Manifesto.

The late Hollywood Producer Aaron Russo (who made Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and the Rose with Bette Midler) created a brilliant documentary entitled America From Freedom To Fascism which documents the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS fraud as well as the Real ID Act of 2005 , which when it takes effect in May of 2008,will require that everyone in this country carry an ID card that contains an RFID microchip which they must carry with them when leaving their homes. If the card itself is not accepted by all US States (many have already said that they will abstain from taking part in the use of this card even though it will be federally mandated) it will be incorporated into the US drivers' licenses.

This RFID chipped card will allow the US Federal Intelligence agencies to know where you are at all times and you can be arrested if you are stopped at a checkpoint (sounds like Nazi Germany doesn't it?) and do not have the RFID card on your person.

Americans need to learn more about these disturbing situations and can do so by viewing Aaron's video for free by going to Google Video and typing in America From Freedom To Fascism.

It is in your best interests to see it today. Then go out and tell your families, friends, neighbors, church and synogue members as well as anyone else you know about it.

The RFID chip is about quietly enslaving the American people and the US Congress is behind it.

Don't allow the Bush Administration, the Congress or the US Intelligence Community to get away with this treasonous betrayal of your trust or your natural and Constitutional freedoms.


See if this post eventually shows up on the Union Leader's Website. Thus far it has not and given that it is a truthful account of what has happened to the Browns, I seriously doubt that it will. There is a conspiracy by the media in this country to keep the information regarding the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds from the American people and for a very logical reason. If the American people collectively learn the truth about these frauds the tax revolt in this country which has already quitely begun, will become a full blown revolution within a matter of weeks. So the 94 year old criminal and treasonous conspiracy to prevent the American people from learning of Congresses role in this fraud continues in the present day.

However, it is unraveling faster by the day and Congress will be forced to take evasive measures when it is confronted by the American people, which will only gradually bring about its destruction. This not our government anymore. It doesn't represent the American people and should be replaced with one which does.


*** I just noticed that the Website calls for short posts so I posted the following one. However I doubt this one will be posted either since it encourages Americans to do their own research in regard to the fraud that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are.

"The Browns did not break the law. There is no law authorizing the IRS to impose a tax on their wages and never has been. The US Congress knows this, yet has purposely kept it from the public since 1913. The Browns are American Patriots. And in this case the Federal Marshals including Marshal Monier did not serve justice. They instead obstructed it."
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