Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Did You File A 1040 Tax Return Last Year? According To The Power Hour's Dave Von Kleist 78 Million Americans Did Not

For those who have been following the situation regarding tax protesters Constitutional Ranger Edward Brown and his wife Dr. Elaine Brown, they may have seen the The Power Hour's Dave Von Kleist sing his new hit single "Show Me The Law" a tribute to the Browns and others who have helped to expose the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS fraud in this country.

I also think that in certain respects Dr. Elaine Brown's part in this situation has been somewhat overshadowed since it was Elaine who earned most of the nearly two millions dollars which the IRS has claimed it is owed an income tax on. Dr. Brown was a successful businesswoman who owned her own dental practice before the FEDS wrongfully seized it along with the Browns' other assets, including their Plainfield, New Hampshire home.

The following video is of The Power Hour's Dave Von Kleist singing "Show Me The Law," the new battle cry in the coming tax revolution in this country, as well as a short piece of commentary on this situation.

What many Americans have not yet realized is that the United States is on the brink of a tax revolt with 78 million Americans refusing to file a 1040 income tax return last year, and millions of Americans inundating the IRS and Congress with requests to show them the law which authorizes the privately held IRS (like the Federal Reserve Bank the IRS is not part of the US Federal Government) to impose an unconstitutional tax on their wages.

The IRS has not done so because there is no such tax and it has been illegally and treasonously aiding and abetting the Federal Reserve Bank in stealing trillions of dollars from the American people since both were created as a result of the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The ignorance of the rest of the American people who hold jobs is what has kept this tax revolt from taking place for so long. I predict that as this information continues to be circulated even many of the people in law enforcement are going to question the veracity of the IRS and Federal Reserve, and ultimately join this tax revolt.

After all, who would not want more money in their pockets each year? Law enforcement officials have mortagages, school tuitions and car payments to make just like most other people in this country. And they could make very good use of the extra money that they are being forced to illegally pay to the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS each year. Why should this money be in the Federal Reserve Bank's pocket instead of their own? Especially when one considers that the Federal Reserve has been illegally operating in this country since 1913.

The Late Aaron Russo has also documented this in his superb documentary on the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds entitled America From Freedom To Fascism. Both Dave Von Kleist's video as well as Aaron Russo's can be seen at the following Websites:

Dave Von Kleist's hit single "SHOW ME THE LAW" regarding the privately held IRS' criminally collecting wages for the privately held and criminal Federal Reserve Banking cartel -- the world's largest legitimized counterfeiter.

"Show Me The Law" can be seen here:


America From Freedom To Fascism :

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