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Another NSA Snooping Device -- Your iPhone -- One More In Myriad Ways That US Intel Covertly Spies On You

US Intelligence has become so abusive to the American people that a movement to expose the extent of their crimes is now underway throughout the United States. This is yet another watershed event being done in efforts to expose the Illuminati's New World Order agenda and its use of agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS (even the Pentagon is involved here)to enslave us through the deployment of psychotronc weaponry (electronic mind control warfare).

You know what Congress is calling those of us who attempt to document and expose this technology? Anti-goverment conspiracy nuts. We are probably all even listed as domestic terrorists, which given this fascist government, I would personally take as a compliment. Congress will tell you that you are basically free to write whatever you want under your Constitutional First Amendment protections. What they won't tell you is that they monitor what you write, and that everything they disagree with gets you a demerit. Get enough of these strikes against you, and you become a target for the FBI's COINTELPRO operations.

Furthermore,imagine having your mind accessed for years on end as the FEDS gather any information that they want to, while subjecting you to their own brain wave entrainment protocols in order to manipulate your mind. This has been going on for more than a quarter of a century as a result of the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology. And in the present day no citizen on this planet, American or otherwise is immune to it. However a minute few are even aware that it exists, much less that they can be targeted for such Orweillian abuses of their freedoms at anytime.

As a long-term target for the NSA's RNM attacks, I have continued to be vilified for documenting my own experiences with this precedent setting invasion of privacy and corroborating the information about RNM technology and the NSA's abuse of it, which is contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

Unlike the FEDS who have attacked myself and myriad others with the aforesaid technology, I have no reason to lie about what I have experienced, and everything to gain by documenting the particulars. However given this situation, the FEDS have every reason to lie about what they are doing and have routinely done so in efforts to deceive the American people in regard to this treasonous conspiracy being covertly waged against them.

Moreover, there is now enough information in regard to this technology (which documents that it is not only for real, but also being used on a great number of citizens who are yet unaware that they are being remotely monitored by the NSA 24 hours a day) to cause serious concerns for the American people. Given the import of the human rights violations resulting from the illegal and unethical use of remote neural monitoring and other satellite based electronic warfare technologies, the FEDS only recourse is to destroy the people who are documenting it, which they have been attempting to do to myself and several other TI's by way of smear campaigns in efforts to completely demonize and dehumanize us.

This is how the FEDS really operate, being the complete and utter SWILL MERCHANTS THAT THEY ARE. So is it any wonder that they have such an obsession with spying on Americans within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms, just as any degenerate sexual predator does before they physically go after their victims? Except that in the FEDS' case they use this technology to "electronically rape" their victims as is testament to what so many of us have experienced.

These government scoundrels represent the new Nazi threat to the people on this planet. And while having polished up their act, they are even more dangerous than Hitler was in his time, given their access to such diabolical technologies that he could not have even dreamed of.

We are being attacked by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry to cause us both physical and psychological harm as we are being slowly microwaved to death. This is not speculation as these federal maggots would have you believe, but a painful reality to those of us who are routinely targeted for these attacks.

And while some TI's are attacked worse than others, the fact is that any attack with such technology is not only an outrageous crime against us but of the rest of the people on this planet and humanity itself.

Yet, by exposing this technology and our horrific experiences with it, we serve to shed further light not only on the technology itself, but on the Illuminati and its agenda to enslave the people of this planet through means of a satellite based mind control network; a network of super computers which can at the push of a button simultaneously manipulate the minds of billions of people .

And because it is quite clear that the FEDS have no authority to be utilizing it as they continue to, their attempts to demonize us are indicative of an extremely desperate ploy to cover up the existence of this technology, and moreover, the fact that it is capable of adversely affecting the lives of virtually every person on this planet.

The readers would have to agree that if a computer generated signal can be sent by way of satellite directly into your brains in order to psychologically damage you, it would certainly be in your best interests to find out how it is being done and to put an end to this technology as well as those deploying it against you as expediently as possible. This is what I am trying to do as are many other TI's, by using our First Amendment Rights to expose these atrocities to the people on this planet.

As a result of this, no matter where I post my information, what follows are derogatory posts looking to discredit such accounts of mind control technology. However, these detractors(usually federal agents or their provocateurs) never offer sound arguments in answer to our allegations against the NSA and other federal agencies who covertly deploy such technology against us.

Their flip comments such as put on your tin foil hat, take your medication, you're paranoid or schizophrenic, are indicative of their need to slander those of us who are indeed legitimate mind control targets and telling the truth about the NSA and others who deploy such inhumane technology against us.

One thing that I can tell you for certain is that these FEDS are not going to stop abusing us until we make them stop.

Furthermore, the moment that I attempt to post anything to do with the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology in larger news venues such as the Independent Media Center Websites (forget about the mainstream media as they have been told to discredit anyone who documents this technology in the same way that they were told to do so with anyone who claims to have seen or been abducted by UFO's), my posts are immediately deleted -- usually without any reasons being given for doing so.

That is if I can actually post in the first place without the FEDS' freezing the screen as I attempt to upload my articles to the particular IMC Website that I am trying to list my information on. The reason of course is that the FEDS can barely contain those of who are promulgating the disturbing information regarding this technology. And they don't want to contend with thousands or perhaps millions of us doing so simultaneously, which will eventually happen if our information is allowed to continue to circulate.

This is inevitable.

This is why it has become so critical for the FEDS to destroy the credibility of anyone who has been targeted for mind control weaponry.

The FEDS don't track every person 24 hours a day recording everything that they say, do and think without there being experimentative reasons for doing so. Especially when taking into account that this tracking and experimentation can occur for decades on end and at a cost of millions of dollars per targeted person.

They have a lot of money tied up in their experimentation of us which in this case serves to document the effectiveness of remote neural monitoring and manipulation of the human brain. And they don't want us ever going public on a large scale with this information, which is why we are being denied our Constitutional Rights including that of due process of law. This criminal and inhumane act is about the US Federal Government preventing us from being able to defend ourselves, as we attempt to expose its rampant and treasonous criminal activity against the people of this country.

Remote Neural Monitoring technology is capable of exploiting the minds of any person on this planet, especially if they are unaware that it is being used against them. In fact, law abiding citizens can be turned into criminals when this technology is covertly deployed against them.

As it is, there are far more Websites documenting the use of Remote Neural Monitoring technology now than there were a year ago. And there will continue to be a proliferation of such sites simply because of how important it is to circulate this information. If it did not apply to most people it would not be of such importance.

However, this technology applies to every person on this planet, because of those within the Military Industrial Intelligence complex who have access to it, and are seriously abusing it for their own criminal means. And even if every citizen on this planet is not being targeted at the moment, they can be at any time without their knowledge or consent. For this reason they need to be made aware of this satellite based mind control weaponry so that they are able to understand what is happening to them, should they suddenly begin to have strange thoughts, act in a way which is out of character for them, or experience any other anomalies within their daily lives -- such as the use of "gaslighting" psychological warfare tactics.

No one attacks your credibility in the way that those of us being targeted for this technology have experienced, unless they are trying to cover up a mainstream conspiracy. And that is exactly what the NSA and myriad others within the United States are attempting to do here.

We are talking about a conspiracy that makes the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS fraud pale by comparison. And for those of us who are aware of the Federal Reserve and its outrageous criminal activity against the American people, to have a situation which clearly overshadows it is to say the least, remarkable. And that is exactly what the NSA's covert use of Remote Neural Monitoring against the American people has done.

Morever, these FEDS are such miserable excuses for life that they could destroy the reputations of virtually anyone through the use of their demonization campaigns, which are used as a last resort when they have failed to entrap those whom they cannot arrest legally.

Yet this time, no matter what they do, it's not going to be enough to stem the flow of this information. Too many years of outrageous lies and the perpetration of torturous crimes against a great many people are closing in on the US Intelligence community and Congress at great speed.

And the main reason for this is quite obvious. If you are megalomaniacs like those who head up US Intel, and have a history of using your power to torture, murder and otherwise destroy the lives of others, it is only a matter of time before what you are doing is circulated on a global scale.

And for the FEDS, that time has finally come. It's overdue by decades, however, better late than never.

This technology is the most serious threat to every man, woman and child on this planet ever documented. What we are talking about here is the total destruction of free human thought and the creativity that stems from it, replaced with a worker bee mentality used to serve the Illuminist tyrannical agenda. A conspiracy orchestrated by an oligarchy to destroy humanity as we know it.

So it stands to reason that something radical must be done soon to expose this technology globally so that the human race can begin to recognise some of the symptoms of being subjected to the satellite based interference of their brainwaves.

There are many unique symptoms in which this technology can manifest itself, which in the long run will be the reason why it will fail.

As for satellite based weapons, how many of you even realize that your own cell phones can be used to track you where ever you go, as well as to manipulate your thoughts without your knowledge?

They most certainly can.

In fact, the current on your cell phone can be remotely turned up to the point of destroying the electrical system within your body which operates all critical bodily functions.

Within a matter of seconds your heart and brain would cease to function. Murders such as these have already been committed with various types of directed energy weapons. And the fact that your cell phone can become such a weapon simply by having its current remotely increased, should give you cause to seriously consider this the next time that you use it. Thinking about purchasing one for your kids? Not if you're a good parent you not.

In fact, if you really care about your family you will get rid of your cell phones and your microwaves. Safety is oftentimes inconvenient. And so is just about everything else in this life that is worthwhile. Given that we have so little control over what happens to us in this nearly automated Orweillian society in the present day, every bit that you can do to ensure your safety is of benefit. So say goodbye to your monthly cell phone bill and the risks that you take in getting brain cancer from using these phones, by tossing them.

It's the first positive step in telling this fascist government that you have had it with its illegal snooping and excessive abuse of your privacy. The first step of many in which you are going to take back freedoms that were stolen from you under the pretense of a bogus war on terrorism; one which lie as they might, your own government (or at least what has become of it) orchestrated against you.

iPhone: NSA iSnoop Device?

By Kurt Nimmo

According to a Russian hacker team called “web-hack,” Apple’s much heralded and overly hyped iPhone contains “a built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser” can be hijacked, as the VS iPhone blog reports.

In a white paper, according to the blog, the Russians indicate a possible “debug feature or a built-in backdoor module for some governmental structures,” i.e., the National Security Agency, the lead governmental structure responsible for violating en masse the constitutional rights of Americans.

Of course, it helps that “Apple has chosen AT&T, the best and most popular carrier in the US with over 62 million subscribers, to be Apple’s exclusive carrier partner for iPhone in the United States,” as the AT&T website boasts. As we know, the telecom leviathan illegally collaborated with the NSA to break the law.

“AT&T violated the law, and the rights of its customers, by allowing and assisting with the illegal wiretapping and data-mining. The government’s spying program on ordinary Americans would not be possible without AT&T collaborating in violating your privacy,” explains an Electronic Frontier Foundation FAQ. “EFF alleges that under the NSA domestic spying program, major telecommunications companies—and AT&T specifically—gave the NSA direct access to their vast databases of communications records, including information about whom their customers have phoned or emailed with in the past. EFF alleges that AT&T, in addition to allowing the NSA direct access to the phone and Internet communications passing over its network, and gave the government unfettered access to its over 300 terabyte ‘Daytona’ database of caller information—one of the largest databases in the world.”

“The essential hardware elements of a (Total Information Awareness)-type spy program are being surreptitiously slipped into ‘real world’ telecommunications offices,” Wired News reported former AT&T technician Mark Klein as writing. According to Klein and a report published by the New York Times, the NSA-AT&T “Orwellian project… is vastly bigger” than previously figured “and was directly authorized by President Bush, as he himself has now admitted, in flagrant violation of specific statutes and constitutional protections for civil liberties.” In the meantime, Bush has signed a number of executive orders essentially granting himself the power of a Roman Magister Populi, a dictatorial master over the commoners.

Considering all of this, it makes perfect sense for the Apple iPhone to double as an NSA iSnoop device.

“Last year, it was discovered that AT&T has been secretly spying on Americans for the government,” notes Adam Frucci for the Gizmodo blog. “Maybe it still is. Then, just recently, it announced that it planned to spy on Internet surfers yet again, looking for pirated media files, presumably to the delight of the RIAA and MPAA. If you don’t want to get spied on and want to switch ISPs, guess what? Depending on where you live, you might not have any other options. And if AT&T snoops on all data passing through its network, most US Internet users will be affected, not just AT&T customers. It runs a significant amount of the backbone infrastructure of the Internet, leaving little traffic outside its grasp.”

But never mind. Apple’s iPhone is so cool and trendy a lot of buyers and potential buyers will shrug off the fact the device is—if the Russian hackers who reverse engineered the gadget are correct—a custom-made snoop device that routes your personal data right to an NSA Cray super computer.

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