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My Response To A Solicitation From Senator Evan Bayh Regarding His Endorsement Of Senator Hillary Clinton For President

*Notation -- I have printed this letter which I E-mailed out in response to Senator Bayh, in the event that the FEDS tamper with it in any way. They have a history of doing that with many of the people whom they target. In fact, when I sent my article entitled "Tortured By The FBI" to the US Senate in 2005 the FEDS or one of their provocateurs changed some of the wording of the letter to make it sound threatening -- this was done when the E-mail was sent from Senator Michael AL Balboni to Senator Carl Marcellino -- two NY State Senators. I should also note that neither of these Senators would attempt to help my Family or me in regard to my complaints.

And neither did Senator Hillary Clinton when Marcellino forwarded my letter of complaint regarding the FBI to her. Like most other mind control targets, my complaints went unanswered. So I have listed this E-mail in its entirety here just in case the FBI or its criminal cohorts decide to alter the E-mail that I sent to Senator Bayh, in efforts to make it appear threatening. Nothing that these FEDS do surprises me any longer, and I have thus learned to document every aspect of what they subject me to, including tampering with any correspondence by mail or electronic mail.

So much for your Constitutional rights in this country.

**Notation -- My E-mail to Senator Bayh came back as a mailerdaemon. More proof that these politicians want us to hear what they have to say, yet don't give a damn about what Americans have to say -- which is why the present Congress is useless and must be dissolved in place of a legitimate Third Continental Congress which will function to represent the entire American population, and not just the Military Industrial Intelligence complex; as the present self serving Congress does.

However, I decided to go directly to Senator Bayh's Website to send the following E-mail again so that at the very least his staff gets it. While I doubt that they will get back to me with a form letter or for that matter at all, this will be further documentation that Congress is ignoring American citizens who are being attacked by US Intelligence agencies that are using us for non consensual cover research and human experimentation; research being done to further the development of their satellite based mind control technology on the human mind -- something that I have been subjected to for nearly three decades.


RE: Join Me in Supporting Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Bayh:

In regard to supporting Hillary Clinton I have to say not in this lifetime. We need a third party which represents the American people -- not the Military Industrial complex. And not more of the same politics that have destroyed this once great country. And while we're at it, what is Senator Clinton going to do about the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds if she's elected? Neither of these organizations have anything to do with the US Federal Government. They were illegally created in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was improperly ratified and have been bilking the American people out of trillions of dollars of their hard earned money since that time.

In 1897 the Supreme Court even ruled that the wages of the American worker were to be considered private property and non taxable. And the Supreme Court again ruled more than a decade later that the 16th Amendment conferred no new powers of taxation on the US Congress. So how is it that the IRS continues to impose an illegal graduated income tax on the American worker? A tax in which all monies collected go directly to the Federal Reserve Bank. Not one cent of this money goes to operate the US Federal Government.

Is the Senator going to shut these organizations down and do right by the American people?

I seriously doubt it.

Hillary Clinton is not the change that America needs or wants. She has been completely ineffective as a NY State Senator, who is only here so that she can benefit by the Democratic majority in New York State come election time.

There is no doubt that Mrs. Clinton is an extremely intelligent person. However, the only person whom she has benefited since being elected Senator of New York is Hillary Clinton.

And she has never once properly answered for her part in the Rose Law Firm scandal or Whitewater.

What we need in this country is a Third Continental Congress that supports the ideals of the American people; not another president who supports big business and all of the corruption that goes along with it. And in spite of the superficial differences between the Democratic and Republican parties, both do support big business.

Furthermore, since I have taken the time to answer your unsolicited E-mail to me, I would also like to bring to your attention a very serious problem that is occurring within the United States of America in the present day. The US Intelligence Community's use of classified satellite based directed energy weapons which are being used to torture many of us within the privacy of our own homes. There are now myriad American citizens who have been forced to take to the Internet to describe this depraved and Hitlerian type of harassment at the hands of federal agencies which are causing us endless problems, as they use us for non consensual cover research and human experimentation in efforts to test the effectiveness of these weapons.

I have included my Website which also covers the links to many others which document this atrocity that we are being subjugated to as satellite prisoners; prisoners of agencies like the NSA and others within US Intelligence. I also suggest visiting a site called Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance, which does an excellent job of documenting the accounts of other people who are being targeted for electronic warfare. You can locate them by using Google and typing in Freedom From Covert Harassment And Surveillance.

As a US Senator, it is important that you are made aware of what is happening to a myriad of American citizens who are being slowly microwaved to death, while being denied their Constitutional Rights, including that of due process of law.

Sincerely Yours,

James F. Marino
Concerned and FEDUP American citizen
NSA Satellite Prisoner/Target For Non Consensual Cover Research And Human Experimentation

My Website:

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