Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Need For Alternative Fuels & A Shot At Organized Stalkers

While the first part of this subject is off topic for the exposing of government crimes theme of this blog, it is nonetheless of enough importance to be discussed (if only briefly here).

While most of us might think it would be obvious, one must wonder how many automobile owners actually see their vehicles as the tremendous liabilities that they are.

Now here we are in the United States of America, where the average American has had a love affair with the automobile since it was first turned out in any meaningful production.

However, since that time the reasonable costs associated with cars has gone the way of the dinosaur. And gas guzzlers like SUV's and light trucks have only added to the problem.

Moreover, due to the litigious nature of Americans insurance costs have gone through the proverbial roof. And given the complexity of today's vehicles taking them in for a service can also be quite expensive. And then there is the associated cost of fueling your vehicle, especially since in the past two years gas prices have nearly doubled.

So as a driver and lover of your car, truck, or SUV, have you ever given any thought to how you set fire to your hard earned money every time you start your vehicle? You go to a station with your muscular SUV and you proceed to fill the tank to the tune of what? Eighty, ninety or perhaps even a hundred dollars if the tank is nearly empty?

And then you turn the key and quite literally do the equivalent of setting all those greenbacks ablaze; only to do it all over again a few days later. It doesn't make much sense to do so does it? Especially after you tally up what your fuel bill is over the course of a year -- although I have a serious suspicion that most SUV drivers might be afraid to do so given the exorbitance of such a total.

And of course as a long-term target of organized stalking, I have to say from my own observations that their depraved form of vehicular assault as a form of psychological warfare has got to be one of the most inefficient ever documented -- especially given many of the large and powerful vehicles being used to harass myself and so many other TI's.

I can only hazard a guess as to the fortune in gas bills that organized stalking groups run up each week, even though they are constantly alternating with one another.

Given their abject sadism, I must admit that for a long time I absolutely hated seeing these vehicles coming past my home and following me where ever I travelled to, especially when considering their aggressive attacks on my freedom and civil liberties.

However in more recent times, and taking into account that these people are such insufferable pricks to deal with, I am actually now enjoying watching them burn their fuel as they continue to make complete asses of themselves, knowing full well that the FEDS are behind all of these attacks, and are gradually losing the faith of these people as this situation continues into its fifth consecutive year.

I am truly enjoying watching these morons spending their money on me -- after all, that is exactly what they are doing when they fill up their vehicles only to come back and then burn their fuel while using their vehicles for stalking purposes. Of course they did slash a tire on my car earlier this week which is going to be expensive to replace. However, they are criminal maggots and a sign of the Nazi influence now invading this country -- so it's to be expected.

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect in what I witness with these psychopaths is that while they could be out on weekends swimming, playing tennis or golf, boating or barbecuing, they instead choose to take part in the crime of organized stalking to harass me. This is even better than their wasting money burning fuel while using their vehicles to stalk me. Their time is more important than all of the money they burn in fuel, and knowing that they are wasting it on someone who would not give them the time of day only makes the situation that much more satisfying.

And they are becoming more degenerate by the week in doing so, and they have failed to even recognize it yet, because like the cattle herd mentality that they represent, they simply go along to get along. They are fools who have become so brainwashed that they are no longer even capable of thinking for themselves or asking the right questions. And since they have no sense of decency to appeal to, encouraging them to waste their time is the only logical solution for the time being. That is until they wise up and realize that attacking people who have never done them any harm is not only cruel but also completely illogical.

So I continue to wait for these people to understand they are the losers in this situation. Their own criminal acts and the money that they spend in efforts to perpetrate them should have signaled this long ago.

Yet, they simply don't get it. Why? Once again, because they have been brainwashed by the FEDS who continue to feed their delusions in the way that a drug dealer feeds a junkie their daily fix.

These perp's are convinced that TI's are their enemies in the same way the FEDS have convinced the American people that the Afgani's and Iraqi's are our enemies. An absolute government orchestrated con job done by a group of low life miscreants who are paid to pathologically lie to the public while shafting us time and time again.

The FEDS and their provocateurs long ago reached the point of diminishing returns in their attacks on me and are now in such a hole that I am surprised that they can even see above it any longer. Assuming that they can even do that.

That is what Nazi minded miscreants who have no respect for the rights of others deserve. And I predict that before too long these stalkers are going to become so aggravated with the money that they are pissing into the wind, that it will be the FEDS themselves, who ultimately attract their wrath. And that is exactly how it should be since these federal swine and their COINTELPRO tactics were the catalysts behind this entire nightmare in the first place.

So I will just continue to watch these deluded and foolish unindicted felons spend their greenbacks on fuel; fuel that I should again add they are wasting in their pathetic and useless attacks on me. And if they never figure out that they are the big losers here then let them continue to burn their money for as long as they like; let them burn every last Illuminati created Federal Reserve Note they have. After all, it is their money - counterfeit as it may be -- another scam the Illuminati driven US Congress perpetrated on them with the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the subsequent creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Internal Revenue Service.

And of course, those who perpetrate these outrageous crimes are the ones breaking the law here, as I simply use my 1st Amendment right to document them. However if these organized stalking fools ever do eventually awaken to the complete con job that the FEDS have subjected them to, I can already see the fireworks that will take place.

And I must say that it could not happen to a more deserving group of heartless low life rat bastards, those who truly deserve one another. May they all go the way of their Federal Reserve Notes.
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