Friday, September 28, 2007

Some History On Britain's MI5 and MI6 Intelligence

Most Americans have no idea that the US Central Intelligence Agency was actually created through Britain's own Intelligence organizations MI5 and MI6, as a vehicle which would allow the Illuminati further control of the US Federal Government and American media system. So it should come as no surprise that one of the CIA's first efforts was to orchestrate a plan (Operation Mockingbird) in which to subvert the US media system for its own subversive means, all under the covert auspices of British Intelligence.

Even though our forefathers did once break free of England, it took less than two centuries for the Brits to reign us in again with their part in the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), as well as the Tavistock Institute whose economic ideologies covertly govern virtually every aspect corporate America and the higher institutions of learning within the United States. Yet while the average American has never heard of Tavistock, they regard the Federal Reserve Bank and CIA as two great American institutions; one used to protect their economy and the other to ensure their safety, when in reality these organizations are responsible for the systematic destruction of both.

This is how extreme the brainwashing effect of the US Media on the American people has been. The Federal Reserve has been illegally picking the American taxpayer's pocket for the past century and the CIA has been covertly undermining their government while perpetrating some of the most outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented. Yet in all likelihood, less than one half of a percent of the entire US population knows these unpleasant truths. So is it any wonder why it is so difficult to bring about meaningful changes in this country when its population is basing its decision making on complete lies?

Compound this with the fact that for the past three decades the National Security Agency has established a means by which to utilize specialied satellites to electronically target and track all American citizens by way of the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies, effectively allowing the NSA to see what they are doing (even seeing what the targeted individuals are seeing through their own eyes!), know what they are thinking and manipulate their thoughts 24 hours a day -- without their knowledge or consent -- and what you have here are the makings of a raging inferno; an attack on our constitution and freedoms so outrageous, that it will never be forgotten, forgiven, or allowed to propagate any further than it already has without the public coming crashing down on those within Congress. As the saying goes -- the handwriting's on the wall and the time for such action fast approaching.

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