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Tire Slashed -- A Common Problem That TI's Report -- Some Comments To Those Federally Sanctioned Vigilantes Who Willfully Violate Our Laws

Targets of government sanctioned mind control find themselves in a miserable and untenable situation in which the federal agencies who are responsible for their harassment engage in COINTELPRO style attacks on these targets in efforts to demonize them with their entire communities. There is no rule or law which is followed here, since it is the government which is criminal, and seeking to destroy those who can demonstrate this in a court of law.

So the government, having left itself between a rock and a hard spot, must now depend on destroying the lives of those whom it has perpetrated crimes again.

This is the real United States; not the fraud that the US Congress is attempting to sell us through its use of propaganda. When your own government is using satellites to spy on you within the privacy of your own homes and manipulate your mind as a form of non consensual human experimentation, it is the government that should be discredited (and overthrown), not the citizens who have been victimized by it and who attempt to expose these treasonous crimes; crimes which are never ending and can take many forms including the one below.

Organized Stalking Criminals Slash My Tire

As I was driving along the other day I began to hear a clicking type sound coming from my car which I concluded might be a pebble in one of the tires. However, when I went out this evening the clicking became much louder after about 15 minutes of driving, at which time I'd reached speeds of about 60 mph. At one point the ride of the car suddenly became very rough and I could smell something burning.

Thinking it must be a wheel bearing I pulled the car over and went to check. What I instead found was that the entire outer steel belt portion of the tire had pulled away from the rest of the tire on the outside, however was still attached on the inside (the only thing that kept the road surface portion of the tire from flying off the wheel itself). Had this happened on a tire with high mileage I would have concluded that the damage was from old age.

However, this tire has all of 25,000 original miles on it and the other three tires are perfectly fine. And given that my property has been vandalized in the past, the result of the organized stalking crimes that I am subjected to on a daily basis, I must conclude that this tire has been vandalized as part of these attacks.

** In typical form, the stalkers also sent a covert warning of this tire slashing when I was sent an E-mail last week in which the apostrophe's in the E-mail were replaced by slash marks. Anyone targeted for psychological warfare will tell you that these subtle yet noticeable triggers foreshadow other events that these criminals have in store for us. I knew that the slashes meant something, however did not figure out what they meant until the tire on my car was slashed.

Low mileage tires just don't disintegrate like this without having had some help. And it is clear that this tire received a large enough slash to allow for the extensive damage which it sustained after only 15 minutes of driving on it.

As it stands, this tire is unrepairable and must now be replaced. Given that it is 1:48AM and dark outside, I will take some *photos of the tire in the morning and post it on this blog as further evidence of the outrageous crimes that the FEDS, their handlers and the public at large do to those being targeted for mind control and the organized stalking crimes that are used as an adjunct to this inhumane and depraved behavior. It will also further serve as evidence of the conspiracy that FBI agent Raymond Migliore began against me nearly three decades ago, when he sought to abuse his authority under the color of law in efforts to deny me my Civil Rights.

*9/25/2007 Three photos of vandalized tire posted at 2PM

I should have known that the vehicular stalking was far too quiet when I took a ride out this evening -- and now I know why. There was little reason for the perp's to be hanging around when my car was limping along at all of ten miles per hour. The steel belt is so close to coming completely off the wheel that if I had continued for even a few more minutes at 60 mph the tire would have shredded and completely separated from the wheel itself, quite possibly causing a serious crash.

As it is I was fortunate to be able to drive the car home at all.

However, this is now a far more serious issue than simply the damage to the tire. As was the case when my motorcycle was struck from behind by one of these perp's in July of 2005 in an attempt to cause me physical harm (I began a journal of these events that night which has also resulted in the creation of this blog), this damage was done in an order to cause me to lose control of my car which could have proven fatal to myself and anyone else who happened to be on the road within my vicinity at the time.

This is proof that those who are perpetrating these crimes against TI's have no problem with murdering other people in their attempts to kill us. Again, we are not talking about any rule of law here. Just some federal agents who belong in prison for life along with their like-minded Nazi accomplices.

By slashing my tire these miscreants have also made it perfectly clear that they are attempting to find ways in which to covertly murder me. What they have also done is to furnish me with further evidence in which to prove this.

To Those Who Perpetrate These Sick Minded Crimes

My message to the FEDS and these communal groups who take part in the terrorist crime of organized stalking is as follows: your days of getting away with these crimes are numbered. And by your complete disrespect for the constitutional rule of law in this country and your cruel and inhumane acts, you are clearly demonstrating that you represent a criminal element that needs to be rooted from society.

You think you are superior to those whom you attack. However, you're not even equal. The truth is that you are nothing but a group of narrow minded, bigoted, and pathetic excuses for human life who are far too ignorant to even recognize just how dangerous you are.

You have no respect for the people in this country which is why most of them no longer respect you -- despise you is more like it.

And sadly, your jug headed mentality is catching with those who are just as ignorant and dangerous as yourselves. You people have no intellect to speak of which is why you resort to covert forms of violence to attack those whom you cannot legally arrest. However, it is you and your criminal ways of functioning that are the real threat to society since you operate outside the rule of law (laws which all officers took a sworn oath to uphold), and in doing so instill a sense of lawlessness in the general public.

Criminal conspiracies used to deny Americans their inalienable rights have nothing to do with law enforcement -- yet they are standard operating procedure for you and the rest of the like minded Nazi's who share your pathetic ideologies.

Is it any wonder why this country is now in the trouble it is when law enforcement itself has become largely responsible for such criminality?

What you did in slashing my car tire and once again covertly threatening my life has now brought this situation to an entirely new level. You are cowards and a disgrace to law enforcement federal and otherwise. And those whom you coerce or mislead into taking part in such depraved crimes are also your victims.

You disgrace your own badges and the decent officers whose reputations you have permanently tainted by your own cowardly and vicious acts.

I would ask you people to reflect on this, however your actions have shown that you clearly have no consciences on which to reflect. So it is pointless attempting to waste time reasoning with you, and much better to simply document what scoundrels you are. And make no mistake about this -- you are the most abject of scoundrels.

And if you honestly believe that you can get away with electronically spying on people within their own homes while raping their minds with your technology, you people are truly out of your minds. As such you should prepare to have your own Nazi ideologies systematically dismantled because that is exactly what is already beginning to occur within this country, as a significant portion of the American people gradually awaken from their media induced comas, to learn the truth of the treasonous betrayal that they have been unwittingly subjected to.

This is not a situation that you are going to win since your subversive acts to our democratic republic are a threat to the very fabric of this country as well as humanity itself. And it is quite clear that you people rely on a bully mentality in which to control most Americans, using fear and intimidation tactics to keep them in line.

However, as you are well aware by now, some of us have no fear of you. You can't intimidate us no matter what you do, since we are ready to die for this cause.

And there is no way for you to "keep us in line." Moreover, out of this will come a sweeping transformation in this country back to the way things were more than a century ago, before the Illuminati destroyed our government and economy through the illegal passage of the Federal Reserve Act and the 16th Amendment, as well as the creation of the corrupt and treasonous Federal Reserve Bank and IRS -- all of which have been used for one primary reason -- to redistribute the wealth in this country and take it from a great industrial nation to a nation of debtors, which is exactly what what we have become.

The middle class has all but disappeared in this country, and never has the disparity between the "haves" and the "have nots" been more apparent.

The people in the United States are being crushed under the weight of the Federal Reserve Bank (and its IRS appendage), which has raped us as a nation through its creation of currency which is based on nothing of intrinsic value, while it uses another private corporation -- the IRS (not a government agency as Americans have been led to believe) -- to enforce a non law when Americans refuse to file a 1040 income tax return.

The IRS and Federal Reserve Bank are outright FRAUDS!

And remember this. You are all vigilantes -- whether you are federal agents on the government dole or those whom are financially compensated to harass us.

And since you are PAID to attack us, while we receive no financial compensation for exposing your crimes against us and myriad others, this means that we can go on indefinitely while you rely on your paychecks to deny us our inalienable rights.

Should they stop coming in, your incentive is finished as you are nothing but mercenaries doing what you are told to do instead of upholding the law. You are CRIMINALS in every sense of the word. And as the American people awaken to the privately held Federal Reserve and IRS frauds and stop paying their taxes, you will find a much smaller government in this country; one which you will no longer be able to parasite yourselves off of courtesy of the unwitting American taxpayer.

And without your paychecks as an incentive, you will fold like the house of cards you are, while we remain true to our goal of exposing this government as the outright fraud that it is, and look to reestablish our Constitutional Republic -- one which you have stolen from us. And this is why we can and will win this war for freedom as your corrupted and failed ideologies crumble from beneath you and you fall by the wayside in the way that EVIL always does -- just another despicable footnote in American History; another egregious LIE perpetrated by the criminals within the hierarchy of the Illuminati driven US Military/Industrial/Intelligence Complex.
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