Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vehicular Stalking In My Neighborhood Continues Unabated -- US Federal Agents Who Commit Crimes Under The Color Of Law

Posted On September 21st, 2007

The blue green van with the 4 missing hubcaps and damage to the left front door is back again today, just hanging around the neighborhood. The driver is acting in a hair trigger type of way ready to exit my neighborhood at the first sign that I am going to leave my home to take their license plate. This is typical of the vehicular stalking that I experience as a result of the FBI/NSA/DHS conspiracy to deny me right to due process of law, and my attempts to expose these criminals for the extensive crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against my Family and self. In my case the NSA's use of me as a subject for non consensual electronic (deployed by way of satellites and super computers) mind control experimentation.

This falls in line with the New World Order one world fascist government that is currently emerging within the United States and abroad -- something which most of the people on this planet are completely unaware of -- the result of the Illuminati NWO's control of the global media -- used to disinform the citizens of this planet in regard to what is really happening to them. (Covert mind control enslavement through the use of NSA satellites and super computers which are already being used on millions of people without their knowledge to electronically access their thoughts without their consent.)

This is a crime against humanity of Nazi proportion, and must be exposed at all costs!

Posted On September 20th

A quick trip out to get the mail turned up a few stalkers driving an old blue green van whose plate I could not get. And a medium sized truck which just happened to show up with its lights on carrying a load of lumber which it never unloaded. The driver instead parked at the corner of Wenwood Drive and Ivy Court and simply left the area without delivering any of the lumber. This driver had no purpose for being in my neighborhood other than stalking me and as such I have taken down his license plate which is as follows:

New Jersey License plate CNP 9857.

Another vehicle, a silver Lexus SUV with the following plate: NY Plate DPJ 9844, is a regular in this stalking harassment and has been for quite some time. Evidently the FEDS believe that if they can corrupt an entire community and make them accomplices to their own crimes against American citizens, that this is going to negate these crimes. As was the case with Adolph Hitler, who corrupted an entire country during his reign of terror, this is simply not the case. All the FEDS have done has been to corrupt an entire nation by deceiving these communities into attacking people who have as much right to privacy as they do.

Instead, we find ourselves being spied upon by these degenerate pieces of garbage within the privacy of our own homes, simply because the so called law enforcement in this country is controlled by the same type of Nazi filth that nearly destroyed the Jews more than six decades ago.

In the same way that the Pentagon plans out attacks well in advance, these federal agents plan out their COINTELPRO's on those people whom they choose to target. I recently learned of a US Military hypothetical terrorist attack which was conceived in 1976, in which a group of Middle Eastern terrorists were to hijack an American airliner using box cutters and fly it into the World Trade Center -- pretty much the exact cover which was used on 9-11; although it is becoming more apparent by the day that what Americans most likely saw hitting the World Trade Center Towers were missiles cloaked in some form of electromagnetic plasma giving the appearance of jetliners. Even the bright flashes which clearly occurred before these objects crashed into the Towers gave the appearance of laser guided missiles just prior to hitting their designated targets.

Given this, one must wonder what types of attacks the Pentagon is planning against us over the next 25 years? Or given the New World Order's complete takeover of this planet, will there even be a need for such attacks in the future, since people will be electronically brainwashed by the NWO, and will no longer have any say in what takes place around them?

This will save the Pentagon a lot of time, since if the entire population in this country is brainwashed, the DOD won't have to worry about using the Media to circulate their propaganda for them. They'll will just give the American people whatever explanation they care to and these people will simply accept it without question. A fully mind controlled country where the government simply uses its satellites and other broadcasting devices (cellphone towers, the GWEN system, RFID chips etc.) to deploy whatever information they want sent to the collective subconscious mind of the American population.

Or given the NWO's apparent intent of combining the United States with Canada and Mexico, perhaps I should refer to it as the collective subconscious mind of the North American Union.

As an NSA target for non consensual mind control research, this is why I am doing my best to circulate this information, and under great adversity. However, I know that there are many people listening out there who have taken my information seriously and continue to propagate it. And I thank them for doing so.

When your own government remotely accesses your own mind through the use of its satellites and supercomputers, you are documenting some of the most outrageous crimes ever perpetrated against a citizen. And there is no doubt in my mind that what I have and continue to experience at the hands of this covert Nazi's is being unwittingly done to millions of Americans in the present day.

And for this reason I plan on continuing to expose what the NSA is subjecting me to until the day I die. I have not had a moment of privacy since 1980. I have not been able to have one thought that has been private. I have not even been able to use my own bathroom or bedroom without being spied upon by the NSA. And to think that there are millions of you who are being subjected to this without your knowledge only further infuriates me, since this government has absolutely no right to be doing this to anyone! This type of covert activity is something that Nazi's perpetrate; not Americans! So why is this happening in America?

As for taking the plates of the vehicular stalkers in my neighborhood, I have stated that I will only do this on occasion, never giving these perp's an opportunity to know when I am going to, which makes it much easier for me to find them unprepared to hide in a driveway or *hi-tail it out of the neighborhood --something they usually do as standard operating procedure.

It's quite obvious that these miscreants know that they are perpetrating a crime and do not like having any information in regard to them taken. This is why street theatre is far less apparent when TI's take camcorders with them. Prior to having a camcorder, I was subjected to myriad pieces of street theatre when I would leave home. However when taking my camcorder with me to record these crimes, those who perpetrated them would simply follow along in a FAR LESS OBVIOUS MANOR. They are cowards and criminals who DON'T WANT TO BE VIDEOTAPED perpetrating these stalking crimes.

* The blue green van just hi-tailed it out of my neighborhood, clearly having hidden in a driveway until they thought they might be able to leave without getting their license plate taken. This person may well be compensated for taking part in the crime of organized stalking and like the stalkers who are situated at 23 Wenwood Drive, operate in shifts. The blue green van has been here for a few days now and will probably not be seen again for sometime -- unless of course they are now told to come back to break the normal cycle of their stalking since I have posted information about them here.

The are simply following the dictates of the FEDS who continue to stir up trouble in anyway they can. FBI, NSA, Homeland Security -- they are all one in the same part of the Nazi element within this country that continues to destroy it. And they hate those of us who know what they are and the criminal ways in which they control the courts and the entire judicial process.

The truth is that any judge who refuses to play ball with these federal criminals risks being subjected to a campaign in which to systematically destroy their lives. This is why families like the Rockefellers and Bushs can blindly steal from the American people and even covertly murder others, yet never face the risk of prosecution. George W. Bush continues to thumb his nose at the rest of this country while destroying it. And Congress does virtually nothing to stop him. Why not?


One of the greatest advantages that those in power have is that they are able to utilize the NSA and other domestic spies to dig up dirt on any person of interest, by using satellites to spy on that person and remote neural monitor them. Once this is done a judge, senator or other political representative can be controlled through the use of blackmail and becomes ineffective as a legitimate representative of their state, instead simply doing what they are told to do. The Bushs and Rockefellers have always operated this way because blackmail is the most effective way to control those whom they need neutralize.

This is how the Rothschild-Rockefeller council of 13 became so powerful in this country; it is also how they covertly run this country for the Illuminati, and why Congress has been made so ineffective in doing the job that our forefathers created it to do.

As for the vehicular stalkers in my neighborhood, I saw the blue green van along with its two occupants on the corner of Wenwood Drive and Cowpath about a year ago; they were just parked there at around midnight standing by the van waiting for instructions. Of course, had I been sitting on the porch in front of my home at that time, they would have quickly driven up and past my home in typical stalking fashion. Yet when you catch these stalkers off guard as I did back then, they don't know what to do, so as they give you the deer in the headlights stare, they are forced to blatantly LIE about what they are doing.

Let's face it -- two people standing by an old beat up van in an affluent neighborhood at midnight on a week day is not normal. In any normal situation someone would have reported them and the Old Brookville cops would have come in and removed them. However, in the present day with George W. Bush the Nazi dictator, there is nothing normal about the behavior of the people in this country any longer, where lawlessness rules and the US Constitution is trampled day after day.

The vehicular stalking which has taken place against me for nearly 4 and half years continues into the present day. Oftentimes neighbors are involved, however most of these stalkers do not live in my neighborhood. THEY OPERATE IN SHIFTS, with different vehicles taking part in this stalking for various periods of time -- some merely pass through and leave while others will run their vehicles up and down the road in front of my home several times a day (as a source of menacing), for several days before they are replaced by other stalkers driving different vehicles.

For this reason I rarely waste time documenting it any longer, and only venture out on occasion to obtain some of their license plates -- something they don't like in the least.

This federal government/state sanctioned crime has now become a problem across the United States. And it appears that the FBI, DHS and NSA are all complicit in a conspiracy to utilize satellites to illegally spy upon persons whom they wish to wage vendettas against, while using their own groups of organized stalkers to move into the communities of these citizens, in efforts to demonize these people while attempting to drive them to states of suicide. Murdering us is definitely the motivation here. And those perpetrating these crimes are not only predators, but extremely disturbed.


These are clearly acts of vigilantism in which the US Intelligence Community is not only involved, but orchestrating the criminal activity taking place against us. Moreover, there is no Constitutional rule of law, but instead a complete absence of such law and in particular due process, where American citizens are being targeted by criminals within the US Federal Government for harassment and covertly orchestrated murders.


Simply put, if a federal agent wants you dead, this is a plausible way in which they are able to do so, since entire communities can be utilized to deploy psychological warfare on a targeted person which can end in their forced suicide. And the federal agent simply takes satisfaction in knowing that they were able to covertly murder someone whom they were waging their own personal vendetta against. In my case the agent (works or worked for the FBI) is a miscreant by the name of Raymond Migliore.

These stalking crimes are a sign of something much larger -- the complete deconstructing of our government, country, and rule of law -- by a group of closeted Nazi's who are in the process of subverting the governments around the globe. And if this continues to occur as it is in the present, the American people will no longer consider law enforcement to be anything but the squad of vigilantes that they have become, while eventually taking up arms to protect themselves from this gross and absolute perversion of justice. These agents are extremely disturbed people. Normal people do not spy on others within the privacy of their homes, much less their own bedrooms and bathrooms. Only sexual deviants perpetrate such disgusting crimes against others.

And since the FBI, NSA, DHS and other federal agencies are doing so, one must conclude that these agents also fall into this despicable category for the crimes of sexual predation.

And if an FBI agent like Raymond Migliore can get away with violating my natural and unalienable rights under the color of law as he has been doing for decades, than any federal agent can get away with perpetrating this crime against any American citizen when waging their own personal vendettas. And that is sending a very disturbing message to the population of this country. If the FEDS want to get you and can't do so legally, they will toss out your Constitutional rights as an American citizen to do so - something they have done to myself and myriad others within the United States in the present day.

In doing so, these agents have now become the criminals and must forever bear the shame that they have brought upon themselves, their fellow officers, and families. There was a time when a law enforcement officer could look proudly on themselves for doing an honest days public service. However that time is long past, with agencies like the FBI through its covert and heinous attacks on Americans, forever destroying the credibility of US Law Enforcement.

It is indeed a sad day in American History when the people of this country must acknowledge that their government is not only a complete failure and lie, but also that their police have in general become so abjectly corrupted, that they have completely erased the line between themselves and the criminal element that they were created to battle.

When FBI agents must perjure themselves in courts of law, due to the outrageous crimes that they have perpetrated against those whom they've illegally entrapped, it is time for the American people to abolish this agency and to create one which abides by the laws of this land, instead of routinely violating them as the FBI has done for the past Century.

Most of these FBI agents are bad news. And they are not a lone. US Intelligence has a history of turning out some of the most despicable people ever moulded into the sociopath persona. Their ability to wantonly attack any person without the slightest hint of conscience is truly frightening. They can routinely utilize psychological warfare against a target with the express purpose of driving that target to suicide.

In understanding the FBI's history of some of the most egregious crimes against human rights ever recorded, any person who considers this agency to be legitimate law enforcement is operating under a complete misconception. The FBI has proven itself to be the exact opposite of law enforcement -- organized crime masquerading as a legitimate federal police force -- however the FBI has always been a secret police force such as the German Gestapo, Russian KGB, Britain's MI5 and MI6, and Israeli's Mossad -- nothing more. As in the case of the aforementioned, the FBI was surely created to protect someone.

However that someone has never been the American people, but people corrupt people within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government such as George W. Bush and his father. People within the US Military Industrial Intelligence complex who could have been exposed to the American people for their criminality had the FBI not interceded to aid and abet them, just as it has done in the attacks on 9-11 and all subsequent terrorist attacks on US soil since 1993.

The FBI still refuses to answer the most simple questions regarding these attacks. And in the case of 9-11 will not show Americans the content of the tapes that it seized from the Pentagon and surrounding area on 9-11 because the FBI already knows that a 757 did not hit this building; and that if this information is made public, the American people will have physical evidence of the US Military Industrial Intelligence Complex's complicity in these attacks on us.

And the late J. Edgar Hoover did wonders with perpetuating the FBI as legitimate law enforcement through the late 1960's Television program The FBI; a Quinn Martin production in which actor Efrem Zimbalist junior did a credible job of deceiving the American people by convincing them of how important a role the FBI played in protecting them. Played is the operative word here since the FBI's role as law enforcement has always been nothing but an act.

Hoover even insisted on seeing the pilot and a few of the early episodes just to be certain that the FBI was portrayed in a positive light, before he personally gave his approval for the rest of series.

He did so because a truthful account of the FBI's despicable COINTELPRO operations and the standard criminal ways in which this agency operates would have revolted the American people to such a degree that they would have been motivated to look into how this agency really operated. And had they done so, they would have assuredly either called for its restructuring or complete dissolution.

Had this occurred, one must wonder how many Americans in both the past as well as the present day could have been saved the misery that they experienced at the hands of this obscenely fascist anathema?
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