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US Marshals Arresting Supporters Of Ed & Elaine Brown -- Videographer Terry Melton Threatened By US Marshal With Sodomy For Documentary On The Browns

A videographer by the name of Terry Melton who is covering the situation regarding New Hampshire couple Ed and Elaine Brown and working on a documentary in regard to what the FEDS have been illegally subjecting them to, was kidnapped by US Marshals and threatened with being sodomized if he refused to stop covering the FEDS' attack on the Browns.

Among his many disturbing comments regarding these marshals was their interest in any information that they could obtain regarding Randy Weaver, a vocal supporter of the Browns' and survivor of the infamous Ruby Ridge, Idaho massacre, in which his wife, Vicki, and young son Sammy were brutally murdered by the FBI and BATF.

Randy Weaver was also shot by federal marshals and served time on a weapon's charge. However he and his remaining family received roughly three million dollars in a settlement regarding the FEDS' improper conduct and the wrongful death of Sammy and Vicki Weaver; Sammy was shot in the back and his mother, Vicki, through her head as she clutched her baby daughter Elisheeba in her arms.

Terry Melton has stated that the FEDS are into waging vendettas and getting revenge on people whom they perceive to have wronged them. And that it appears that they have as he put it a "hard on" for Randy Weaver, and as such are looking to find a way to get him. And Terry is exactly right. Agencies like the FBI and BATF function as a covert form of the Klu Klux Klan, completely irrespective of the US Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. They are nothing but mercenaries who regularly use their positions in law enforcement to commit crimes against innocent Americans under the color of law.

See Terry Melton's Testimony Here:

*** As Of Saturday, September 15th

Federal Marshals Have Now Isolated The Browns

As I predicted a few days earlier, the local marshals are refusing to allow people to attend the Brown's fund raising event today, and threatening any persons who attempt to do so with arrest. A courageous woman by the name of Lauren Canario was arrested when she attempted to enter the Browns' property earlier this afternoon.

And a cameraman by the name of Terry Melton who has been covering the Browns' situation reported that a federal marshal threatened to sodomize him if he reported what he experienced during his arrest and interrogation. Melton was told that his life would be destroyed by this federal marshal if he attempted to describe to anyone what he was told during the marshal's interrogation of him. He also threatened to go after Melton's wife. In a sign of solidarity, Melton went forward to be interviewed revealing the content of the marshal's interrogation of him, letting this federal thug know that he is not going to be intimidated by some New World Order Pit Bull.

The Bush Administration has put all Americans on notice that if we challenge any aspect of what they are doing to us as they continue to destroy our country, that we risk be arrested, incarcerated and physically harmed. The marshal in Terry Melton's case threatened to commit a very serious sex crime against him in order to terrify him.

This type of situation occurs when it is the cops themselves who are wrong and looking to obfuscate their own criminal activity.

So much for professionalism of law enforcement in this country, when some duly appointed marshal makes similar threats to what some prison thug makes to another member of the prison population. Remember the case of a New Yorker by the name of Abner Louima, who was arrested under questionable circumstances and taken into a men's restroom at a local Manhattan precinct, where a former NYC Police Officer by the name of Justin Volpe sodomized him with a broom handle, while other officers kept lookout to make sure that no one else witnessed this despicable crime? Volpe was not only a sexual predator, but also a textbook example of how a large portion of the law enforcement community in the United States believes that they are invulnerable to their own criminality. These officers are also a disgrace to the decent officers whose names are tarnished by their depraved activities.

It seems that two decades ago police officers were for the most part more respectful of the population in this country (with the exception of the African American population who have always been seriously abused by the cops) than they are in the present day. Many now have a chip on their shoulders knowing that they have the ability to murder you at anytime they choose to. It is this belief that has imbued many of them with a supreme sense of arrogance that should not be found in law enforcement at any level. Yet it is a common one.

And in a day and age where the US Federal Government has so little respect for its citizens that it would engage the NSA in illegally spying a large number of us within the privacy of our own homes, and electronically access and manipulate our thoughts, the handwriting is now on the wall. Such abuses by people who are nothing but criminals masquerading as law enforcement is going to in large part be the catalyst in the revolution which is quietly brewing in this country. And when this occurs, they will have themselves and their abusiveness to blame for it.

Perhaps the marshal who threatened Terry Melton should do some hard time behind bars and get a taste of his own medicine. In fact, given the general viciousness of the FEDS, it would be poetic justice to see many of them serving time with the people whom they have entrapped on trumped up charges in the past, and let rot away in prison.

I am sure that Leonard Peltier, former head of the American Indian Movement activist group in the 1970's, who was wrongfully convicted of the murders of two FBI agents three decades ago (the result of an FBI COINTELPRO Sting against AIM), would very much like to have an opportunity to confront the agents who set him up and destroyed his life, so that he can settle the score. Who can blame him, since Leonard Peltier is one of myriad people whom the FBI wrongfully setup for prosecution.

The FBI also has a history of framing innocent people to take the fall for its snitches, whom the Bureau considers to be valuable as sources of information -- even though the FBI's use of informants since the 1940's has been declared a complete failure given how it has only served to further tarnish the image of the FBI.

It is time that Americans emerged from their dociled and captive states and spoke up for themselves, while condemning the outrageous attacks on their inalienable rights, which this government continues to perpetrate on a daily basis. We have as a nation become brainwashed into seeing this so called law enforcement as the supreme ruler of this country, even when what they are doing is not only completely wrong in every sense of the word, but also illustrative of the most abjectly inhumane behavior ever documented. Given this, why should we as a people tolerate being abused by these thugs?

The answer is clear: We shouldn't.

And I know that I have no intention of ever letting these federal scoundrels get away *with what they have done to my Family and self. And I will proudly fight to the death before ever capitulating to a group of covert Nazi scum who masquerade as federal law enforcement. In particular I cite the FBI and the mind raping filth at the NSA who have destroyed our lives. I curse everyone of them 24 hours a day.

*Illegally spying on me for every second of my life for roughly 27 years while using their satellites to electronically access my thoughts as well as manipulate them. These people aren't cops. They are Nazi criminals illegally experimenting on myself and myriad others to determine how effective their mind control technology is. In perpetrating this outrageous violation of my privacy, these FEDS have also violated the rights every single person whom I have been in contact with over the past 27 years. If this is not the most outrageous violation of civil rights in US History, it has to be near the top.

I continue to challenge the ACLU to allow me to take a polygraph administered before them in which I will answer questions in regard to every aspect of what I have experienced first hand pertaining to the COINTELPRO style tactics of the FBI, NSA and DHS, as well as the satellite based mind control experimentation and torture that I have been subjected to.

And upon passing this polygraph, I request that a special Congressional investigative committee be convened to reopen the Church Committee Hearings so that the complaints of all government sanctioned mind control targets in the United States (and those victims of other countries who have been targeted by the NSA) can be heard by Congress. And that these crimes of the US Intelligence Community are exposed to the American people so that they too can learn of the outrageous abuses that we are suffering at the hands of this supposedly free Constitutional Republic.

When the FEDS have to break the law and torture people in order to do their "so called jobs," it's time for them to find a new occupation.

See the latest on the Browns' crisis here:

*** As the situation continues to head into a downward spiral at the Browns' residence in Plainfield, New Hampshire, regarding Ed and Elaine Browns' refusal to be taken alive, the result of a wrongful conviction on tax evasion charges, one must ponder the US Federal Marshals' alternatives here.

The likelihood of the US Court which convicted the Browns, actually overturning this conviction is highly improbable, given what the US Congress, IRS and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have to lose if their roles in this conspiratorial and treasonous fraud are promulgated by the mainstream US Media. And seeing that the Media has already been used to demonize the Browns, if the US Marshal's simply walk away the Media will be the first to ask why, only causing Congress and its criminal cohorts further problems.

Congress can't come out and admit that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are frauds, because this would force the American people to overthrow this government. So Congress is caught between a rock and a hard spot in trying to figure out a way out of this nightmare -- something which is only going to become more difficult as the American people begin to collectively learn of this precedent setting betrayal of their trust, and the Congresses aiding and abetting of the Federal Reserve in its theft of trillions of their hard earned dollars, which have never gone towards services, but instead directly to the privately held Federal Reserve Bank.

Millions of Americans already know this, and this information is continuing to spread like a wildfire as Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism continues to circulate around the United States and the rest of the globe.

This is turning into a nasty situation no matter how you look at it. And the FEDS' recent arrest of four Brown supporters, quite obviously used to guilt the Browns into surrendering has only served to create an even more incendiary situation here. At least three of these men are looking at very long prison sentences if they are convicted of the charges which they have been indicted on.

And the raid and indictment of Sherry Peale Jackson (a former IRS agent who resigned from the IRS when having done her own research into the income tax system finding that there is no law requiring Americans to pay an income tax), is only further angering those Americans who are aware of Sherry's candor regarding the IRS, and the unjust attack on her. Like so many other Americans, all that Sherry did was ask the IRS to show her the law which enabled it to levy and tax on the ways of the American people. However the IRS could not do so because there is no such tax.

If the IRS and Congress were telling the truth about the income tax it would be a different situation entirely.
However they are not. In spite of their arrogance they are growing more desperate by the day and attempting to use any tactics including imprisonment, slander and humiliation to attack those whom they are trying to silence.

This is clearly a sign that Congress cannot defend what it has done in allowing the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS to steal trillions of dollars from the American people since 1913, and is becoming more reckless and abusive by the day.

And it is clear that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS' days are now numbered as Congress will be forced to either capitulate to the demands of the American people by using its authority to shut down the Federal Reserve and IRS, or risk an all out revolution in this country.

Throughout human history this type of arrogance has always been severely punished and there is no reason to believe that the FEDS' unacceptable behavior towards us is going to result in anything different.

The real problem here is that the American people are in a Catch 22 situation as are the Browns. If the FEDS choose to move in over the next few days and murder the Browns, it will only serve to further anger those Americans who are already aware of the Browns' situation. And according to Elaine Brown, certain supporters have already sworn to murder federal agents if the FEDS decide to kill Ed and Elaine.

If this happens it will not only be disastrous for Ed and Elaine, but also for the rest of the American people, as George W. Bush may use such a situation to declare a state of martial law in the United States, which would put us into a full blown fascist police state in which the FEDS will have even more authority than they do now.

And if this happens, there will no doubt be another revolution in this country as the American people take their revenge on a government that has totally betrayed them.
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