Monday, September 17, 2007

Funeral Type Theme Being Played Out Against Me Since Yesterday In Efforts To Force Me To Commit Suicide

Yesterday afternoon a portly rider on a what appeared to be an older Harley Davidson motorcycle rode through my neighborhood with a black flag waving off the back of his motorcycle as though he was riding with a funeral procession. On the radio this evening the station that I am listening to is now playing the funeral march. And earlier, within earshot I heard the phrase things are heating up. This death theme is a constant one that those who perpetrate these crimes against me utilize in efforts to force me into a state of suicide.

This is typical of the gas lighting tactics that occur as a result of the NSA's mind control operations that I am subjected to 24 hours a day. As I type this I am getting a ringing in my ear which is just one of myriad aspects to the directed energy attacks that I experience daily, in which I have been burned, sexually assaulted, caused heart palpitations, a shortness of breath, pain and other extremely unpleasant manifestations of this weaponry.

However the worst aspect of said technology is how it is used to covertly affect my thoughts. This has been problematic for years, although at least now that I recognize what is being done to me, I am able to fight it. When you are unaware that you are being targeted by mind control weaponry, you just follow your thoughts thinking that they are your own; even when they are oftentimes the thoughts of those who control this technology, who use super computers and satellites to remotely insert them into your subconscious.

Some of what I have experienced in regard to this particular aspect of this torture is having vivid dream type sequences placed in my mind, much of which deals with perversions of a sexual nature as well as violence. I have even been subjected to a mock execution in which I was shot in the head and murdered back in 2005.

The scene was so real that I could actually feel the air around the left side of my head from the muzzle blast just before I fell to the ground. This is not something that you dream about, nor are normal dreams this vivid. And I was not even unconscious at the time that this attack occured, but in a resting state.

The adjunct harassment that I experience as a result of this (which includes organized stalking crimes) has been occurring overtly for nearly four and half years, at which time my relationship with my Family was completely destroyed, as were my reputation and relationships.

I suddenly found that I was persona non grata where ever I went to. While there was quite a bit of evidence that the situation with my Family had been deteriorating (as a direct result of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO against me) since sometime in 2001, it is clear that it was the Winter/Spring of 2003 where the FEDS chose to mount a far more aggressive aspect of their long-term illegal sting campaign against me.

It is ironic how the FEDS will make vicious and oftentimes completely bogus accusations against those they target, while deliberately creating situations in which the targets have no chance of succeeding, given the FEDS' constant covert interference in their lives.

They will tell the public that you can't hold a job, yet prevent you from doing so. They will accuse the target of not being able to maintain relationships, yet covertly sabotage them. They will follow the targets around looking for every opportunity to exploit a situation, yet keep this aspect of what they are doing to the targets from the public. The FEDS are not only cruel, but also pathological in their EVIL machinations.

Based on my own experiences with them, there is no longer any doubt in my mind that my Family has been brainwashed by the FEDS so that they could be turned against me, and appear oftentimes to be under similar mind control to what I am experiencing -- however, there is no evidence that they understand what they are being covertly subjected to.

For nearly four and half years now my life has repeatedly been covertly threatened ( all TI's can relate to this aspect of their harassment). My accusations are met with complete denial and any attempt that I make to expose the NSA/FBI/DHS connection in the attacks on me is completely ignored, while those whom I was once close to continue to aid and abet their depraved criminal activity.

Meanwhile, the FEDS continue to perpetrate their attacks on me in the hope that I will either commit suicide or an act of violence in which I can be incarcerated. However, I have no intention of doing either, instead choosing to expose what has been done to myself and more importantly to my beloved Family, so that the public can learn of the absolute farce that US Intelligence Community really is -- Nazi's operating under the guise of National Security.

As a long-term mind control target of the US Federal Government I have been both physically and psychologically abused for decades, while the criminals within this government who have used their satellite based mind control technology and directed energy weapons against me, continue to do so without the least threat of being prosecuted for it.

However, I fear not for myself, given that back in 1993 I lost my once excellent health to a US Government biological weapon called Lyme Disease, which along with the silent kill weapons that are being deployed against me, are slowly killing me (as well as myriad other people around this country and abroad).

While few other people (including most Lyme patients) initially believed that Lyme Disease was created as a bio weapon, nearly a decade later more people are now beginning to realize that Lyme is indeed a bio weapon which has caused some of the most terrible suffering I have ever seen, destroying the lives of tens of thousands of people, and doing serious harm to hundreds of thousands of others. And the only real Lyme Disease organization founded by Lyme Literate Doctors, ILADS (International Lyme And Associated Diseases Society) now acknowledges that Lyme Disease is a biological weapon.

The Lyme Literate Doctors (LLMDS) have also been covertly targeted by the US Federal Government in efforts to put them out of business. These attacks are nothing but a witchhunt used to obfuscate the Government's culpability in the creation of Lyme Disease, while destroying the reputations and medical practices of many fine diagnosticians. Dr.Joseph Burrascano, a world renowned physician in the treatment of chronic Lyme Disease was one of those victimized in such ways.

The US Centers For Disease Control as well as the National Institutes Of Health are well aware of this, yet like the mainstream medical community will not admit to it publicly, given that the American people would want accountability and financial restitution from the US Federal Government for allowing such an atrocity to happen to their own people.

Moreover, there are many other chronic illnesses in society which also find their roots as government created bio weapons. I highly recommend reading the book "The Brucellosis Triangle" by Dr. Donald Scott, which goes into great detail in regard to this. This book can be purchased at the following Website:

Many people have since died from chronic Lyme Disease infections.

See the Lyme Blog obituary section here:

And even children have not been immune from this horrific disease, some of whom were infected by their unwitting Mothers, while being carried in the womb. To say that Lyme Disease is an insidious illness is to drastically understate the situation. And all of this suffering could have been prevented if the US Federal Government had not chosen to create Lyme Disease and deliberately circulate it within our population to determine how effective a biological agent it would be. The truth of the matter is that Lyme Disease has been a very successful bioweapon, responsible for destroying myriad lives while causing horrific suffering.

As I said earlier, I fear not for myself because chronic Lyme Disease and the co infections that I contracted with it at the time -- combined with the constant radiation that I am exposed to by way of satellite based directed energy weapons -- are slowly killing me.

My concern is for the rest of the population not just within the United States of America, but for our Brothers and Sisters from around the world, all of whom will eventually be subjected to what TI's are presently dealing with 24 hours a day. The Illuminati has taught us to think in groups (as in different countries) and to hate those who are different from ourselves.

The defense industry is Illuminati driven and only profits significantly during times of war, which is why those within the hierarchy of this industry have no interest in peace. Peace costs them huge profit margins which is why they are constantly looking for plausible ways in which to go to war with other countries, while using the media within their respective countries in which to validate their nefarious acts.

However, it doesn't matter what color you are, or what God you believe in because we are all Brothers and Sisters the world over and should never allow any group to attack any one of us. For when we hurt one another we hurt ourselves. No one knew this better than Mohandas K. Gandhi. Yet his altruism and concern for humanity ultimately sealed his own fate, as those who could not rise above their own prejudices saw to it that Gandhi's life was tragically ended. And how ironic it is that a man who represented the absolute best that humanity had to offer would be struck down by the very violence that he had always condemned.

The mind control experimentation that the TI community is being exposed to in the modern day is definitive of the most abject cruelty I have ever seen. It never ends. And many of us are being driven to suicide, the result of the relentless psychological warfare that we have been subjugated to. What the monsters who are deploying this technology against us are doing is no better than what was done to the Jews by Hitler and the Nazi party during the middle of the 20th Century. And their own blind hatred has set them on an ultimate course towards their own unwitting destruction.

At some point in the future this particular period in time will be regarded as the most diabolical in human history; even eclipsing the Holocaust given that ultimately the entire human population on this planet (sans Illuminati members) will be affected by satellite based mind control technology -- a fate that is in my opinion far worse than death.
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