Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken

The following petition is to boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken until it finds more humane ways of treating the chickens that it murders for public consumption. The best alternative is for the people on this planet to stop eating animal flesh altogether, which would end the horrible cruelty that these animals continue being subjected to. However, since many people such as George W. Bush see fit to treat humans as cruelly as he does, it is no wonder why so many of the animals on this planet are being treated as horrendously as they are.

Given this, and that it is unrealistic to expect that most people will stop killing animals for food, humane treatment of these animals before they are killed is the best that can be hoped for at this time.

Please see this video put together by actress Pamela Anderson and sign the petition to boycott KFC until they agree to find ways in which to treat these animals more humanely. If the animals on this planet cannot be saved from such savage abuse, what makes us think that humans will ultimately fare any better?

I will be updating Pamela's campaign to boycott KFC and to also look for any signs that her life is anyway being threatened as a result of this campaign. The use of directed energy weapons (both satellite based and portable) to murder myriad victims with complete anonymity is a problem which is far more pervasive on this planet than most people might imagine, simply because they are unaware of the existence of these weapons; weapons which can be used to remotely target their victims, while causing cancer -- damage to bodily organs and the central nervous system -- as well as heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms.

Directed energy weapons allow for the ability to perpetrate the "perfect" crime given that they leave no trace of a crime to investigate. The targeted person is assumed to have expired from natural causes. And if that person suffers from other physical problems, such as a drug addiction, these weapons only offer further plausibility to those who utilize them in the murder these people.

It is my opinion that both Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel were murdered by way of directed energy weapons, and that the claim of drug overdoses in their deaths offered those who murdered them a plausible way of doing so. It is difficult to believe given their hatred for Anna and her son, that the Marshall family did not in some way play a role in their deaths.
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