Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yet Another Example Of George W. Bush's Destructive Influence On This Country

A new piece of legislation used to bring the FISA Act up into modern times. At least that is what we were told. However, it's just another LIE like everyone that this administration has told us since George W. Bush stole his way into office in 2000 and again in 2004. Like the abject coward that Bush is, his weapon of choice is the ball point pen, which through his secretive use of signing statements, has been used to decimate the US Constitution and its people.

The FISA Court is now being abused in the most outrageous of ways so that this Government can use satellites to illegally spy on all Americans. And we are not just talking about listening in on people's conversations here. Given the exponential advances in the NSA's computer technology, there's little question that this agency has the capability of simultaneously remote neural monitoring every person in this country 24 hours a day.

And that millions have been watched in such a way since 1980. So what is to say that since 9-11 everyone in this country isn't being satellite tracked and remote neurally monitored 24 hours a day, while the NSA's super computers simply archive this information for later use? I know they can do this to at least one person because they have done it to me. And I seriously doubt that they would spend billions or perhaps even trillions on this satellite spy network to spy on a handful of people. When you make this kind of investment it is done with the future in mind and with the intent of spying on the masses -- even if you only archive what they do.

Furthermore, have the courage to speak out against this government and suddenly your entire life since you were first placed under satellite surveillance is now open to the NSA's scrutiny while your civil rights are tossed right out the window. And because of these major abuses there is only one word to describe what is already quietly taking place in this country -- the seeds of a major Revolution. For when your government has abused you so badly that you would rather die than capitulate to its demands, it is the government itself which is in for big trouble. And this government is headed straight for a mine field.

Shredding The 4TH Amendment By Mark Agrast
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