Sunday, September 09, 2007

FEDS Continue To BS The Public

I have noticed in the cases of many TI's who are being attacked by government agencies that these agencies are demonizing those whom they target simply to destroy their credibility. In every case, there is no due process of law simply because it is the TI's who are being attacked and by classified technology.

So the FEDS' safest approach is to simply demonize and dehumanize those being targeted, while fabricating information and leaving out exculpatory information. I continue to be astounded at how capable the FEDS are at deceiving the public and in far too many instances even some of their own former agents.

In the interest of documenting every aspect of what I have been subjected to I continue to ask why is it that that I have been refused due process of law? I have no criminal record, yet I am stalked wherever I travel to while being routinely harassed in efforts to drive me to suicide or into the commission of a crime that I can be arrested for. If I am minding my own business and not committing crimes, exactly why are the FBI, NSA and Homeland Security going out of their way to psychologically torture me into committing such crimes?
And why are they harassing my Family who refuses to acknowledge the abject nightmare that we have been subjected to by these agencies?


These are not complex questions. Yet the FEDS continue to trash my reputation in efforts to cover up what they have done to me; and in particular the illegal spying and mind control that I have been subjugated to for years. One would think that the FEDS would have jumped at the opportunity to have me willingly take a polygraph before the ACLU. However, that is not the case. Why not? Because I will pass a polygraph and the FEDS know it. And once I do, it will only further corroborate my accounts as well as numerous others in regard to what these criminals who operate within the US Intelligence community have done to attack my Family and me.

In operating the way that the FEDS have, they can propagate their lies and prevent me from being able to defend myself by challenging them as I would be able to in a court of law. So they can circulate whatever information they decide to even if it is pure fiction. This is what America has become in the modern day, where the US Intelligence community has become so abusive that they believe that they can quite literally use satellites to remotely interrogate you for years on end without an attorney present, and torture you both physically and psychologically with this technology, and then bullshit your entire community into believing that they had a right to do so. WRONG.

And for these reasons these FEDS are going to find themselves being exposed on a scale never before seen in this country, as this classified technology becomes known to the entire US population. And the shoddy, unethical and immoral ways in which this degenerate filth that passes itself off as an Intelligence community
is finally exposed for the world to see.

These FEDS are the consummate liars. And when they have perpetrated outrageous crimes against US citizens it is all they can do to cover up the most despicable and UNPROFESSIONAL behavior ever documented.

In my situation they are operating on a pure smear campaign in efforts to cover up what they have done.

There is no rule of law here whatsoever.

And the bottom line is that without due process of law, these FEDS are nothing but paid criminals, and no matter what they do - no matter what slanderous rumours they propagate -- nothing is going to change this.

I stand by comments and this entire Website. And I will continue to do so and look for any opportunity in which to testify in regard to what my Family and I continue to be subjected to by these miscreants.

Remote neural monitoring technology is an obscenity to human rights and the most abusive violation by the US Federal Government ever documented throughout this country's more than 200 year history.

No American should accept such extreme abuses of their rights for any reason. When the FEDS trample the US Constitution it is your right as well as your sworn duty as an American citizen to expose them for it and to see to it that they are punished to fullest extent of the law for doing so. That is the American way; that is the country that our forefathers created for us and the one which these Fascist government bastards have attempted to covertly steal from us.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that when the FEDS are covertly torturing you and blackmailing your Family to keep silent about it, that it's these FEDS who should be in prison. And it is time that these government pigs who spy on us within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms got a taste of their own medicine. They don't enforce the laws in this country; they violate them -- and that makes each and everyone of them criminals.
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