Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Tribute To The Late Aaron Russo

The following Website is a tribute to the late Aaron Russo, an American Patriot who had the courage to discuss what Illuminist Nick Rockefeller told him privately regarding the Illuminati's plan to implant the entire US population with RFID microchips. Aaron put himself at risk by doing this given the enormous power that people like Nick Rockefeller have -- they control virtually everything that goes on in this country and around the globe from the economies to politics, to the judiciary systems. And they are not subject to the same laws that the rest of us are. With Aaron's America From Freedom To Fascism documentary, he sent the Illuminati a clear message -- he knew what they were up to regarding the complete control and enslavement of the human race and he was not going to allow them to get away with it.

While Aaron is no longer with us (he passed away from terminal cancer a few weeks back), we all owe him a debt of thanks for his courage. You can thank him by accessing the following site and placing your message there.


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