Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Organized Stalkers Use Of Satellite Navigation Systems/Other Portable Types Of Tracking Devices?

As an American who has undergone long-term US Government illegal satellite spying and non consensual cover research and human experimentation, I have noticed that many of the people who are used in the organized stalking crimes perpetrated against my person are becoming younger and younger. If they are old enough to drive it seems that the community stalking groups oftentimes now elect these younger members to do their harassing for them.

And it would appear that by using either their satellite navigation systems or possibly even some type of portable cellphone sized tracking device they are able to see those of us being targeted within the privacy of our own homes. I am no longer simply referring to just the NSA or other Federal Government agencies, but now lay people who have been given access to the satellite tracking code or the EMF codes of our own bodies so that they are capable of seeing us within the privacy of our own homes.

While I have no way of knowing exactly how they are managing to do this they must be accessing satellite transmissions in order to do so. What I have also noticed is that they are able to perfectly time passing my home as I move towards a window at the front of the house. There is no way that they could be doing this unless they are able to see me moving within my home (or are in contact with someone who can), which constitutes one of the most outrageous invasions of privacy ever documented.

And this phenomenon has been and continues to be frequently reported by myriad other TI's who have stated that they are in many instances watched by their own neighbors within the privacy of their own homes.

It would now appear that spying on TI's within the privacy of our own homes has become a form of depraved entertainment for these sexually depraved perverts who sit through their meals while watching us, then discard their empty food containers in the roadway as they exit the crime scene.

And of course the local cops are useless here. However, if I were to go out and physically remove some of these pieces of degenerate filth, it's a forgone conclusion that the local cops would suddenly show up to harass me -- even though I live in this neighborhood and these thugs clearly do not belong here.

The latest perpetrator of this crime is an *Asian American male who I would say was between the age of 25 and 30, driving a late model silver/grey Acura TL coupe. The license plate of the vehicle is New York State CTZ 5363. He was parked in front of 20 Wenwood Drive and claimed to be waiting for someone when I pulled up to ask him if he was lost. However he continued to stay for quite awhile until I made another trip through the neighborhood and he then exited along with another car. This particular vehicle was in a hurry and heading for the town of Westbury when I lost sight of him.

* I have noticed that the crime of organized stalking knows no bounds when it comes to race as every ethnicity appears to be represented here. In my case caucasians are the most commonly noticed people taking part in these stalking crimes. By perpetrating the crime of organized stalking these people are a disgrace to their respective races.

He was clearly trying to prevent me from taking his license plate, knowing that he was in the commission of a felony. As many TI's have said, organized stalkers are also camera shy and do not like having anything which can link them to this crime being posted on the Internet. As far as I am concerned, if these stalkers don't want their license plates being taken, they should stop perpetrating the crime of organized stalking. Otherwise this situation is simply going to continue as it has in my case for nearly four and a half years.

These perpetrators must remember this. Regardless of what the FEDS or local cops have told them, stalking is a crime; what they are perpetrating here is not a community watch by any means, but something far more malignant. And when it is done in an organized fashion with large groups of people it is an even greater crime, because once there is more than one person involved this stalking becomes a criminal conspiracy to deny Americans their civil rights. Not just any crime, but a federal crime carrying much heavier penalties than a similar crime done by a single person which is subject to state jurisdiction.

As far as I am concerned both the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act are pieces of fascist legislation that should be used for starting a fire within your fireplace or as toilet paper. The US Constitution is the only rule of law that I follow. And as far as I am concerned anyone who does not is a criminal including agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA (and more recently DHS) which have notorious histories for conducting some of the cruelest and most outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented.

For quite sometime I had taken license plate numbers and then became lax in doing so simply because these perp's are so enormous in number that it is physically impossible to catch them all. However the vehicles that are within close proximity to my home which sit parked in the road for quite sometime are clearly being occupied by people perpetrating the crime of organized stalking.

So I will now make it a point to take the plate of any car occupied or otherwise, that is parked in the roadway in my neighborhood for more than a short while and post it on this Website. I should note that it is illegal to park on any road in this town and that the people who do so are breaking the law.

And since these people have no problem in breaking the law and it would appear that the local cops are encouraging this unacceptable behavior, they leave those of us being illegally spied upon and stalked no choice but to document what is happening, and to list the license plates of the law breakers here. If these juvenile delinquents are borrowing their parents' automobiles then their parents will have to take the blame for letting them loose.

Any individual who would illegally use technology to enable them to spy into the homes of another person is a piece of degenerate filth and should be treated as such.

As for the NSA, FBI, and Homeland Security -- who in my case and many others are feeding the public private information -- they are an outright disgrace to law enforcement and the US Constitution -- fascist garbage that is breaking the law and looking to cover up their own culpability in these treasonous crimes.

These agents have made a complete joke out of law enforcement and permanently damaged what was once a credible institution.

And the US Congress is faring no better, since it's clear that they are encouraging outrageous and Orweillian violations of privacy. By doing so they have put the American people on notice that they plan to enslave us under the pretext of protecting Americans from the bogus war on terror. However there are some of us who have no intention of letting them get away with it, and are well aware of the illegal satellite tracking systems presently being deployed on at the very least millions of unwitting American citizens in the present day.

The United States has become a covert fascist cabal. And in time the American people to their horror are going to become painfully aware of this.


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