Saturday, August 11, 2007

Latest Message Regarding Ed & Elaine Brown & Their Battle With The FEDS

Ed & Elaine Supports vs. Nazi Police State

From the Website:

If only the founding fathers could have known -- perhaps some of them did (the mason ones). Wondering how things in Amerika are right now? I'll tell you.

At least 2 supporters have been arrested -- Danny Riley and another man who wishes to remain anonymous right now. Danny was SHOT AT, tasered, tackled, banged and bruised, offered money to be a snitch again Ed & Elaine, and more. The second supporter was arrested for NO REASON as well -- he was bringing candles to Ed & Elaine. Candles...for light.

I was speaking on the phone to the second supporter before he ventured out to Ed's. He was pulled over by a state trooper near West Lebanon. He then went back into town and called me and told me he'd leave after the trooper left. He again tried to go to see Ed and they arrested him -- this time on Center of Town Rd (Ed's road). They jailed him for three days. How did they know he was going out there, that he was even a supporter (he's from out of state), and that he had supplies? We believe it is because they have LIVE people listening to our phone calls. All of your phone calls run through computers and are analyzed for patterns -- as are ours -- but ours are also monitored live. Yes -- WE ARE TAPPED.

It happened again today. More details to follow on this incident, but I will tell you what I know. I apologize if anything is inaccurate, but I will do my best:

2 parties of Ed & Elaine supporters (perhaps just 1 person in each party, or maybe a couple people) talked together on the phone. They decided to meet each other at the Burger King at a certain time. They pull up, and the U.S. marshals are waiting there for them. They didn't get arrested or anything to my knowledge (as of date, no one has been charged with anything -- the so-called "authorities" probably deny "arresting" anyone too -- even though Danny and the other guy were NOT allowed to leave). How did the marshals know? OUR PHONES ARE TAPPED.

Also, the marshals have been following at least one of Ed & Elaine's supporters around at the supermarket today. Yes -- he was buying food for the couple. FOOD FOR EATING. I think they actually followed them around in the store too. They followed them to other stores. That second supporter who was actually arrested has also been followed around in town. It even got to the point where the state troopers were messing with him -- presumably to get a reaction out of him (like almost hitting him with their car door and saying "SORRY!" sarcastically and things like that). This supporter knew Ed & Elaine before this all happened, and he hasn't even seen them yet since it happened. So he isn't even a "regular" supporter.

Federal and/or state agents have been out on Center of Town Road many many times. They drive unmarked vehicles -- usually SUV type either black or navy blue. Today they had 2 GMC-Chevy type Tahoes or similar parked next to each other in a driveway on Center of Town -- facing the road. This is what they did when they arrested that second supporter a couple months back.

Ed also told me they did a fly-over with some sort of military helicopter today.

The question I have is -- what are these guys doing? Why are they going to all of this trouble and expense? Why our are public "servants" listening to our phones? Why are they harassing and trying to intimidate us? All of this because one older couple decided they wouldn't donate money to the federal reserve any longer? The issue is bigger -- Ed & Elaine are simply saying "NO." The government doesn't know what to do. If other people catch on and say "NO," then the government loses its power hold over us and we return to a FREE, SENSIBLE, NATURAL society -- not this mechanized, roboticized, brainwashed, anxious, confused, misled, etc society that we are now. Our TYRANNICAL leaders can't stand the thought of this happening. They only reason they haven't gone in and killed Ed and Elaine (like marshal Monier said he could at any time if he wished -- literally -- go read it), is because the government is AFRAID of what WE will do if that happens.

That's right -- the government is walking on egg shells right now. Ed and Elaine have them over a barrel -- between a rock and a hard place. It is because this whole thing is ALL OVER the Internet and other independent media sources. WE ARE ALL WATCHING. Don't get complacent though -- because the government is getting its ducks in a row right now. They are getting ready for that final move -- the final lunge over the edge -- bringing us into a COMPLETE police state. The government WILL stage another event -- either a false-flag terror attack, a "natural" disaster of epic proportions, or some other thing to bring things to a state of emergency. Perhaps when they're ready to do this, they will simply go and take down Ed and Elaine -- that would bring EXACTLY the type of emergency they want.

What does this mean for us? Remember -- they aren't ready to do this yet. They may be ready in a few months, or in a year -- I don't know. But I know they are getting ready, and if anyone reading this can't see that with their own eyes -- it's time to take the blinders off for real. Their weakness is exposed -- they aren't ready. We have precious little time to move, and I'm not talking about violence either. All we need is for more people to say "NO." It's that simple. All we need is everyone to stop paying taxes, applying for licenses, and everything else that they expect from us -- everything else that gives them control over us. Be ready for a fight as well, in case they up the violence which they already started (9/11, waco, ruby ridge, oklahoma city, everyone they've killed over taxes, the 10s of thousands (including our soldiers) in Iraq and other countries, the list goes on forever). Be ready for their every move. This has to be a spiritual battle as much as a non-violent boycott, or in the worst case scenario, all out civil war. SPIRITUAL. THIS IS ABOUT FREEDOM.


Sincerely yours in Truth, Love, and Freedom,

Shaun Kranish -- Ed & Elaine's official website


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