Thursday, August 09, 2007

Compelling Testimony From Some Of The CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Survivors

The following are three very moving segments in regard to victims who have survived MKULTRA experimentation and lived to testify in regard to them. For those of us who have been targeted for satellite based versions of these types of experimentation in the modern day, such testimony remains key to exposing the types of crimes that are continuing to occur within the governments around this planet -- the United States Of America being particularly notorious for such acts of sadistic cruelty.

When a man, woman or child can be electronically assaulted by these weapons within the privacy of their own homes, while society in general (including the media) completely ignores the complaints of these torture victims, there is something terribly wrong on this planet.

When a person's mind can be electronically accessed and manipulated for years on end without their knowledge or consent, by federal agencies like the National Security Agency (oftentimes at the request of the FBI), Central Intelligence Agency or Department Of Defense, something must be done to end this fascistic behavior and cruelty.

The only way in which to promulgate this information successfully is to expose these crimes Internationally through every human rights organization in existence. In the present day, it would appear that one has a better chance of obtaining justice in a third world country than they do in the United States, given the rampant corruption within the US Federal Intelligence Community and the Federal Government.

When American citizens are not even allowed to defend themselves while agencies like the FBI and DHS use the media to demonize these citizens to deny them due process of law, it is clear that these people are being subjected to criminal conspiracies in which to obfuscate the government's crimes against them.

The only way in which to deny people their freedom is if they are legitimately convicted of crimes. However the US Federal Government no longer operates that way in instances where agencies like the FBI conduct long-term illegal warrantless investigations against Americans for the express purpose of digging up information in which to either entrap or blackmail them. When the FBI uses the NSA to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own homes for years on end, it is these agencies who are the real criminals.

And their attempts to demonize those whom they have wronged is only further proof that when caught within their own web of criminality and lies, the FBI and its criminal brethren will do anything (including covertly murdering those whom they target for such crimes) in order to keep the public from learning the truth about the awful crimes that these agencies routinely perpetrate against those whom they cannot legitimately charge with crimes. The FBI and its COINTELPRO operations are very much present in modern day America, no matter how much this agency denies it.

Those of us who are being targeted must get information regarding our torture to International Courts so that OUR side of the story gets heard by the rest of the world. For if the FBI and its cohorts have their way, the people of this planet will never learn of the insidious nature of these agencies; agencies which only masquerade as protectors of the American people, when in reality they should be considered the bane of the human race.

Videos On Testimony Regarding The CIA's MKULTRA Crimes:

This first video is of a particularly compelling woman who describes what she went through from the age of 4 years of age as an MKULTRA mind control target. She mentions the man who tortures her as going by the name of Dr. Green (perhaps Dr. Joseph Mengele?), and discusses the various methods of this torture which she claims was used to split her personality so that she could become programmed as one of the CIA's Manchurian Candidate type assassins. However, she would not submit to these attacks and was eventually written off by Green who she said then attempted to reprogram her to commit suicide. She credits the grace of God for saving her life and getting her to the point in her life where she can document the nightmare that she has experienced at the hands of the CIA. See her testimony here:

Other accounts of CIA MKULTRA mind control.

As Americans, if you think that the Holocaust could not happen again, you are mistaken. With a Nazi influence all around us it is closer to happening than you realize. See the following short take.


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