Monday, August 06, 2007

A Thought About Ed & Elaine Browns' Predicament With The FEDS & Some Suggestions

In understanding how the FEDS operate covertly (especially in a situation like the one that Ed and Elaine Brown are presently facing) I was giving some thought to how they might try to attack the Browns' in a less obvious manner -- A Trojan Horse mentality.

And for this reason I would urge Ed and Elaine to be extremely prudent of the people who are coming to visit them, since most of these people are total strangers, and offer the FEDS an opportunity to infiltrate the Browns' in less obvious ways. For instance, they are expecting a heavy duty military type of assault with weapons --something that the FEDS must be weighing the advantages of at this point in time -- especially given the notoriety of this case and the ever present WACO and Ruby Ridge massacres hanging over their heads in the present day.

The logical move for the FEDS is to infiltrate the Browns' support system by including their own people posing as supporters. It just makes sense for them to operate in this way. The FEDS' chameleon like abilities and penchant for pathologically lying have made them formidable adversaries in such situations.

This also calls into question the packages that will be sent to Ed and Elaine, which can easily be intercepted by the US Post Office, UPS, FEDEX or any other commercial carrier, and in some way sabotaged -- after all , the FEDS can just say that this is a situation in which they are confronting terrorists (even though it is clearly the FEDS who are the terrorists here) and intercept whatever packages are sent in to sabotage. For this reason, my recommendation to the Browns is for them not to eat any food that might be sent to them -- even though it was not requested on their list. And their hunger can get the better of them if they go long enough having to eat nothing but the fresh fish that they catch in the streams around their home, making them an easier target.

I am also concerned that the FEDS might attempt to poison the streams in efforts to starve the Browns' out; or even their water supply. Ed and Elaine have already mentioned how the FEDS are all over their property during the night.

The FEDS' psywarfare operations are designed to torture their targets so anything is possible here. I can only draw from my own experiences as a long-term target for such depraved operations. And breaking your spirit and shredding your psyche is what the FEDS and their psywarfare black ops are all about. They don't care how they do it as long as they are able to eventually kill you -- that is what these psyops are all about. Still sicker is that the longer the confrontation goes on, the more the FEDS enjoy it. They are that sick minded and vindictive. And the FEDS' ability to dehumanize & demonize those whom they target (as they have now done with the Browns) will only further add to the Browns' hardship.

I believe that Danny Reilly reads this Website and urge him to take this post very seriously. Danny, beware of the people coming to the Browns' home in support of them. While most are probably legitimate, there is little question that the FEDS are working on a way in which to infiltrate you. Posing as supporters is a logical adjunct to the fire power that they have in place. So please keep this in mind and if I can think of anything else that I believe might be of some help I will certainly post it here. Also keep on the lookout for other types of psywarfare including electronic sounds such as bird calls -- owl screech's etc. Also recordings of rabbits being slaughtered (they used this at WACO).

Moreover, be on the lookout for satellite involvement in your situation. If you hear banging, clicking or tapping sounds coming from the walls or ceilings of the Browns' residence in all likelihood their home is being targeted by satellite based directed energy weaponry.

It is my belief that every person who is at the Browns' residence at present is being tracked by way of the EMF (electromagnetic flux fields) that surrounds your bodies. If this is the case, the FEDS can see you within the privacy of the Browns' home and also hear what you are saying and know what you are thinking at all times -- since they are capable of using satellites to decode the sub vocalized thoughts that each of you are having by way of super computers with specialized software. This gives them the advantage of knowing what your strategy is by stealing your thoughts as you are having them. Because of this there is no way that you can out think them. They have too much of an advantage so your best bet is to continue to bring in more and more visitors to act as witnesses for the crimes that the FEDS are perpetrating against all of you. However, as I said earlier, beware that any possible visitor could be a provocateur of the FEDS. And whatever you do NEVER LET ANY OF THESE VISITORS INTO THE BROWNS' HOME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

The FEDS can also use these satellites and remote neural monitoring to implant their own thoughts into your minds by way of this technology (the NSA has been doing this to me for decades), so please be aware of this as well. I am telling you this from my own first hand experiences as an American citizen who has been illegally targeted for decades by this technology in which my thoughts have not only been electronically stolen from my mind, but also manipulated by way of this technology -- it is an absolute horror in which your own home can become a nightmare to you. This spy technology is more invasive than you can possibly imagine. Without your knowledge your mind can become enslaved by those within the NSA who access it through this covert "mind control" technology. And they can do the same to those around you.

Stay strong and keep the faith.



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