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Lieutenant Eric Shine -- Government Whistle Blower & Political Prisoner Of The American Fascist Police State -- Gets A New Website

I posted the following article several months back in regard to a government whistle blower by the name of Eric Shine. Since that time he has created a new Web site where he is now doing podcast interviews with other well known personalities such as actor Ed Asner to alert the American public to the outright fascism that has now taken hold of the United States. Eric's new Website is :

Eric's plight is a textbook illustration of what happens to US Government agents who report crimes that they witness being perpetrated by either their fellow agents or those operating within the hierarchical structure of the government agencies for whom they once worked.

There is clearly no protection for these agents when reporting these crimes. And since they are seen as traitors simply for reporting such crimes, they find themselves under constant COINTELPRO style attacks in which their former employers take to systematically destroying their lives through the use of myriad forms of calumny.

I continue to be astonished at the number of federal agents who have turned to whistle blowing against the respective agencies for whom they once worked, as a result of serious crimes that they have witnessed being perpetrated within these agencies. Some of these agents have even been imprisoned based on trumped up charges, while others have been covertly murdered.

These people are telling the American public that there is something terrible going on within the US Federal Government. However, given that these federal agencies control the US Media, these former agents have been prevented from using it in which to report these crimes, and have instead found it necessary to take the alternative news route by way of Internet Blogs, podcasts, and other secondary venues for news gathering and reporting. Given the CIA's usurpation of the US Media back in 1948 by way of Operation Mockingbird -- the only legitimate journalism in this day and age has become the Internet Blog/Podcast. And the FEDS are now looking for any loopholes that they can find in efforts to shut these secondary news sources down as well.

In modern day America fascism is all around us. And the only way that we are going to defeat it is to expose these government rat bastards who masquerade as American Patriots, for the outright frauds and criminals that they are. They can only prosper at our expense. So we must make certain that they can no longer prosper. And to do this we must expose them.

******** Earlier Article On Lt. Eric Shine

The following is an E-mail that I was CC'ed on from Lt. Eric Shine, a 1991 graduate of the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. The first time that I heard from Eric was back in 2005 after he had read a copy of my article entitled "Tortured By The FBI," an account of the COINTELPRO operation that the FBI was at the time and continues to subject me to on a daily basis.

Eric contacted me to inform me that he was also being subjected to the same types of depraved cruelty by the United States Department Of Homeland Security. The charge against him -- being depressed?

Are the FEDS kidding?

Believe it or not, Homeland Security posted BOLO's (an acronym for the Be On The Lookout For) warning the public that Eric was dangerous for being depressed. This is truly a case where life has turned out to be stranger than fiction.

Furthermore, there are millions of people in the United States who suffer from some type of depression. However, I haven't seen BOLO's on them. At least not yet I haven't. Moreover, in seeing that the constitutional rule of law in this country is sinking faster than the ill fated Titanic, it would not surprise me in the least if I actually did.

When you have been tracked by way of NSA satellites for the past three decades in which you have been routinely subjected to both physical and psychological torture, situations like these no longer shock you -- they just disgust you.

And if Eric has been depressed I can certainly understand why, since the FEDS' use of psychological operations is a very effective way of forcing those whom they target into such acts of desperation as suicide. Over the past Century the FBI has honed its techniques in cruelty; psychological warfare that was developed directly from the protocols of Hitler's very own Gestapo. So is it any wonder that anyone who's been targeted by the FBI's COINTELPRO operations parallels these two fascist groups? (As far as I am concerned fascist and Nazi should be interchangeable terms.)

The FBI has perpetrated its COINTELPRO'S on vast numbers of Americans over the years; those whom they unlawfully targeted for decades. And I should know because I am one of the people whom they've so targeted.

The real question in regard to Eric Shine is exactly who is it that Lt. Shine is dangerous to? As far as I know he has no criminal record to speak of.

So exactly how is he a danger to the public?

In America, the only legitimate way that you can be considered a danger to the public is if you have indeed been convicted of felonious crimes.

And Eric has not.

So I again ask exactly who is it that Eric Shine poses a danger to?

Perhaps the real threat that Eric poses is to the criminals operating within the hierarchy of the US Merchant Marine Academy -- those whom he's blown the whistle on in regard to their numerous crimes; crimes which include war profiteering and privateering.

From what I can gather, Eric's only crime is that of being a US Federal Government whistle blower. And he is far from alone. In the past few years, I have read of dozens of these former agents of the US Government, who've been persecuted by the "powers that be" in efforts to censure them.

The most terrifying aspect in regard to what I have read here is that the collective whistle blowing of these agents paints a very disturbing picture of what is actually occurring in this country -- one in which our government is now depicted as a world-class criminal organization that routinely punishes -- not those who commit crimes -- but instead those who report them.

In the past Century the US Federal Government has become "the place" to commit extensive crimes and get away with them. If you want to become a criminal mastermind with a perpetual "get our of jail free card" which enables you to get away with your crimes, you'd better make certain that you also legislate the laws of this land.

And that is exactly what those who reside within the hierarchy of the US Federal Government (and especially the US Intelligence Community) have managed to accomplish -- and as is always the case, at the collective expense of the American people.

If George W. Bush and his administration aren't one of the most definitive examples of such criminals, I don't know who is. And the most disturbing aspect in all this is that people like these are the rule in this government, not the exception to it.

Rather than spending any further time expounding on Eric's situation, I will leave it to the man himself to do so.

I have posted a recent E-mail that Eric sent out to a number of whistle blowers. I urge all of my readers to take a careful look at what he has to say, since like many other decent men and women who formerly worked in some capacity for the US Federal Government, he is telling us some very disturbing truths about this government, that they'd prefer we not know.

The following is an E-mail from Eric Shine which was sent to me this past week. After that is a link to his Website. One which I highly recommend that the readers of this blog peruse for their own benefit.


" To all Concerned Citizens,

You may or may not have heard of my current, if not long term plight and fight for my life.

It may be hard to understand - or get around the legal and underlying whistle blower matters - but the most important point is that I am in deep trouble and need help badly.

My name is Lt. Eric N. Shine - USNR - MMRRI a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy - a sister Academy to West Point and Annapolis.

I have been held and detained "under the gun" so to speak and have been taking on "friendly fire" under false flag proceedings carried out against me over the past 4 years or longer by HOMELAND SECURITY so as to step upon my underlying complaints. This in and of itself is an enormous program of waste, fraud, abuse and gross mismanagement in and of itself, barring all other surrounding matters and concerns.

I have been charged, and am, and have been being "prosecuted" aggressively by the "United States" for the past 4 years for "being depressed." There is much, much more to all of this - but I will not get into it now as there is a more urgent matter at hand.

It is difficult to convey to you just what has transpired or what I have been put through - all I can say that it is and has been and continues to be extremely tortuous for me to put it lightly. This is the general intention of these proceedings - torture.

This is part of a program called LEGAL WARFARE or LAWFARE that is being targeted at Federal Officers and personnel and even now Citizens to use a new Pentagon Program to change the law and Constitution on its face by using "Defense" dollars to protect and defend and attack any and all grievants, complainants, whistle blowers and others who speak the truth about what is going on right now. This goes well beyond the DoD Programs of paying journalists like Armstrong Willams and others to publish propaganda.

Beyond all that I am forced to represent myself beginning tomorrow once again within these proceedings brought against me by Homeland Security even though the United States wishes to prove that I am "medically/ mentally incompetent" and do so from under extreme duress and tortuous violations of due process and protections.

The USCG Commandant has recently vacated the previous Order filed against me that was done absent any and all hearings or evidence in early 2004 - only to try and point and focus the matters somehow back on the death of my father in 2001 even now.

I need help badly in the form of LEGAL AID and a LEGAL AID DEFENSE FUND and other such provisions as this is gravely serious and do not know how much more of these unlawful and cruel and unusual proceedings that I can withstand - especially on my own.

The very nature of these proceedings sounds odd if not clearly abnormal - because they are being used to try and place me in an early grave from overt and intentional oppression and deprivation of due process and other such legal rights and remedies. Homeland Security has seized medical records, falsified them and entered them in these proceedings and continuously blocked me from any and all proper due process hearings in this regard.

I am trapped in a false flag proceeding that I cannot get myself out of - nor can I somehow lift myself up from - by my own bootstraps. I cannot and will not survive much more of this unless I get immediate help and assistance from people like you.

I need help, minimally, in getting and staying visible.

Please do what you can to try and rally a substantial number of the people to help one of those who has gone to extreme lengths to help defend you, the Nation and most importantly the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law.

You may not understand the matters at hand, but I do - with my training and experience and have attempted to confront what is going on within the Court systems only to have those involved in war profiteering and privateering use the system to come after me.

Please take this request seriously and be moved to act quickly.

Thanking you in advance for any and all considerations in this and all other regards.

I'd not ask this if there were anyway I could confront or withstand all of this on my own. The "United States" is trying to use overwhelming force to oppress and further injure me.


Thank You

Lt. Eric N. Shine
USNR - MMRRI - Kings Point - 1991


Eric Shine's Website can be accessed at the following link:


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