Sunday, August 05, 2007

Request From Ed & Elaine Brown For Assistance From Their Friend And Fellow Patriot Danny Reilly

If there was in fact a law in which Americans were being legally required to file an income tax, then Ed and Elaine Brown would be seen as people who broke the law and criminals who are now attempting to evade just prosecution.

However, there is an enormous amount of documentation which proves that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose an income tax on the American people. Therefore, Ed and Elaine Brown are innocent of the charges against them as well at the wrongful verdict imposed on them. Consequently, they have every right to protect themselves from the criminals within this government who are looking for ways in which to provoke Ed and Elaine so that they can be murdered.

Make no mistake about this. Ed and Elaine Brown are presently involved in a situation which could easily turn out to be another WACO or Ruby Ridge massacre. The FEDS are using psychological warfare and simply waiting them out until they crack under the stress of these vicious psyops.

However, it is not Ed and Elaine Brown who are the criminals here, but instead the IRS, and the US Federal Government; both of whom are attempting to use deadly force when given the opportunity, in order to silence (murder) the Browns. Regardless of what these FEDS say, they are going to try to murder the Browns as soon as the opportunity presents itself, because Ed and Elaine are in large part the genesis of the tax freedom movement in this country, and a threat to the US Military/Industrial/Intelligence complex's status quo that continues to destroy American values and our Democratic Republic.

While I don't believe in violence, and I do not wish to see anyone hurt in this situation - especially Ed, Elaine and their supporters -- I do believe that they have the right to use deadly force if the FEDS attempt to murder them. It is their God given and Constitutional right in which to do so. And they have promised to exercise it if necessary.

From the latest post by Danny Reilly, it appears that Ed and Elaine continue to be cut off from the outside world and are in need of supplies. They have requested the following. Please help to support them, since their cause is your cause as well -- the defense of the US Constitution and the abolition of the criminal Internal Revenue Service & privately held Federal Reserve Bank -- two organizations which have been operating illegally since 1913.

As for aiding and abetting criminal behavior, it is the FEDS who are the criminals in this case; not Ed, Elaine or their supporters. So please do what you can for them. Their lives and the lives of the courageous supporters who have joined them on their New Hampshire property, are on the line here.

The following is a list of supplies which are greatly needed by the Browns. For more information access the following Website. And by all means see Producer Aaron Russo's superb documentary on the IRS and Federal Reserve frauds (America From Freedom To Fascism) to learn more about the injustices that Ed and Elaine are fighting against in the present day.

Aaron Russo's America: From Freedom To Fascism -- A Must See For All Americans!

Petition To Shut Down The Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank -- Please Sign It Here:

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner/US Government Non Consensual Human Experimentee


From Danny Reilly:

Ed & Elaine Need Supplies NOW -- Please Help!

Updated Supplies Requested 08-04-07

Reels of 15lb or greater fishing line bunches,
Split shot sinkers for fishing,
Solar powered motion lights,
Garage door opened protection switch you know the two beams you line up so the door doesn't close on anyone(battery operated preferred),
High power flashlights ac or dc,
Night vision goggles,
Smoke grenades you can get them @ about $6 used to keep them dam deer flies away,
Deer hunting protection vest season is right around the corner,
Camo clothing any size or color,
Face paint, anything that signals when someone comes near it,
Cardboard thicker the better,
Roofing nails bigger better,
Black and green spray paint,
Loud sirens,
Bull horns louder the better,
Portable 12v car-lighter type power jack (they’re about $20-30)
2 way radios not the ones that take AAA batteries Motorola preferably,
I cannot emphasize enough night vision goggles,
Any reading material to do with tactical training,
Handheld scanners trunked if possible,
Vid cameras (handheld) , throw away cell phones with minutes and the phone # written on it with a piece of tape, Clothesline rope you know this hot weather is perfect for drying outdoors and save on Ed's batteries and fuel, Parachute cord, flares and flare guns (the bigger the better) OH YEAH, I forgot the number one most important thing, people to come and make a stand to their death if necessary to save our country.

Mail any of the aforementioned items to the following address:
Liberty Defense Project
22 Highland Ave.
Randolph, VT 05060

Please spare a little time and money and get these supplies to Ed and Elaine! They need these now, and this could be the difference between life and death. They're making the stand -- if you can't make it with them in body, please support them on the logistics side. Also, if you haven't registered at our site yet please do so NOW. You can do so by going here:
This way we can send you important alerts directly to your email right when things happen.


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