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Mind Games & The Provocateur -- Life In The US Fascist Police State

Over the past few years I have received many E-mails which were illustrative of a particular way in which a play on words can be used as a form of psychological warfare. For example, in E-mails, many times words are deliberately misspelled or conjoined to form a concept which is used to cause the targeted person to react in a negative way.

I have experienced this and know of numerous other TI's who've also reported on the same disturbing phenomenon. In fact, a person whom I had once had a great deal of respect for perpetrates this type of machination constantly -- an act of hypocrisy given that he is claiming to be a patriot, yet takes to the same despicable acts of psywarfare (mind games) that he routinely condemns others for.

Those who torture others (regardless of how covertly they do so) have no business calling themselves patriots, defenders of God given rights, or any other benign label that they may choose to endow themselves with. They are simply self righteous hypocrites perpetrating the same crimes that they are accusing others of.

What this particular person has up until this point failed to recognize is that he can't have it both ways. He either refrains from taking part in the use of psychological warfare against others (regardless of whom they may be), or he will (and rightfully so) be seen as simply one more of the degenerate "fiends" who take sadistic pleasure in assaulting others -- regardless of the "remoteness" of his crimes. An act of cowardice.


Earlier today the FEDS or their provocateurs decided to cut the power to my Family's home as I was reading the latest update in regard to the saga of Ed and Elaine Brown -- the New Hampshire couple who wrongly convicted of tax evasion, and sentenced to more than 5 years each in federal prison, have armed themselves and refused to be taken in alive.

Who can blame them given this "nutjob" of a criminal government that we are all forced to contend with.

I have followed this situation carefully, and I can certainly understand what the Browns are being put through, because I have been and continue to experience much of what they are -- even though my harassment is occurring in such a way that no one around me will even acknowledge the crimes that are being perpetrated against me -- due to the FEDS' use of coercion to prevent them from telling me about it. ( They are also unable to in many cases to describe the crimes being perpetrated against them by agencies of the US Federal Intelligence Community). This is what the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts have really done to us as a country, when a group of fascist misfits can insert themselves between you and your loved ones and quite literally hold them as hostage as they violate the Constitution and decide to make their own rules -- something the FBI, NSA and DHS have been doing to my Family for the past four years.

As for Ed and Elaine, they are also being held hostage in a matter of speaking, given that the FEDS have cut the power from their home, demonized them with their community, and already attempted to covertly murder them on more than one occasion. And I sense in the FEDS' confusion and desperation in regard to Ed and Elaine, that they are becoming more perturbed with this situation -- historically as in the cases of Ruby Ridge and WACO, when the FEDS become frustrated, innocent men, women and children end up being murdered.

I hope that this will not be the case with Ed & Elaine and wish them the best possible resolution to what is turning out to be an incendiary issue, and one of historical precedent.

Should the FEDS decide to attack the Browns there is no doubt that it will become an international scandal and yet one more black eye for what I have come to refer to as US ANTI-Law Enforcement.

In having a government in the present day that believes that it has the right to track Americans by way of spy satellites, torture them both physically and psychologically while raping their minds and demonizing them with the public -- all while denying them due process of law, it is now safe to conclude that America has become nothing more than a pawn of the New World Order's one world government.

A fascist police state in which the American people have been so dumbed down that they are now being led to their own slaughter.

I will continue to document this monstrosity of a government as it destroys the last remnants of the freedoms that we once had long ago. The FEDS' attack on our electricity today, is yet one more in a myriad of attacks that have taken place over the past several years. The cutting of power to our home has become common over the past four years. However, it is always done to the entire neighborhood, in which to give those who attack us plausible denial. Yet, these attacks have been far too frequent in nature to ever be dismissed as being coincidental. They are always done at a time in which I am either researching something that the FEDS don't want me learning about, or even enjoying myself -- here I cite the instance two weeks ago when I was listening to a record on my turntable and they decided to cut the power to our home. This occurred late in the evening where many of the neighbors were already asleep and would probably have not even noticed that the electricity to the neighborhood had been cut.

In most cases there is nothing coincidental about these attacks. As for the FEDS, they now have the distinction of having set a precedent in regard to one of the most outrageous and extensive violations of civil rights ever documented -- their relentless COINTELPRO style attack on my Family and self -- something which has been ongoing for nearly three decades.

My comments to the FEDS are as follows:

Let's go to court fellas. And I can tell a jury all about the torture, the sexual assaults and the mind control technologies that you have subjected me to over the past three decades. And I will cite the myriad of other TI's with whom I am familiar, who have reported similar outrageous violations of both civil and human rights.

And your crimes involving COINTELPRO and MKULTRA will also take center stage here.

And unlike Ed and Elaine Brown who were at least tried for their so called crimes, most if not all TI's have never even been arrested, much less tried or convicted in a court of law.

What you are guilty of here is a operating completely outside of the laws of this country. So don't ever refer to yourselves as law enforcement, since it's clear that are not enforcing these laws but violating them.

The American people should arrest all of you for fraud -- masquerading as law enforcement.

It must be nice to be federal officials who can blow out the US Constitution anytime you decide to and make your own rules as you go along -- something you people have a history of doing.

Do you wanna see who the real terrorists are? Then take a good look in your bathroom mirrors tomorrow morning and you'll see the real thing.

Let's allow the American people to collectively learn about these outrages of the US Fascist Police State for themselves. As you can only lie to them so many times before they find out about it and what you people really are. And once they learn of the global satellite tracking and remote neural monitoring systems being deployed against them without their knowledge or consent don't be surprised when they hang you out to dry.

Something that should have been done a very long time ago.


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