Monday, July 30, 2007

A Humble Thank You To Those Who Continue To Post This Website & Its Contents Over The Internet

*Notation: Homeland Security has again taken to flying their helicopters over my Family's residence in the early morning hours -- this morning they passed one of their helicopters overhead as I got up to start the day. This is clear evidence that they are able to see me within the privacy of my own home through some sort of remote electronic surveillance system.

Ironically enough, these surveillance systems were first deployed by way of satellites to illegally spy on Americans around 1980 -- four years ahead of the "Big Brother" spy system that author George Orwell wrote about in his novel 1984 -- a fictional masterpiece in which Orwell described the fall of a free society, replaced by one ruled by fascism . In the modern day, Orwell's fictional anti-Utopian nightmare is being played out in real life as the New World Order emerges to destroy our freedoms for once and for all.

In documenting what are some of the most outrageous and treasonous violations of our God given rights (God given - in this case God refers to the creational energy responsible for virtually everything within and beyond our states of conscious) in the history of these United States, I want to thank all of those persons (and there have been and continue to be many of you) who continue to help myself and others record for history, what must be seen as the fall of our Democratic Republic.

It is evident that many of you are reading through this Website and its numerous articles which document the outrageous corruption that we have within the United States in the present day. And I am very pleased that all of my work has not been for naught. The truth is that since we were children we have been disinformed through the substandard educational system in this country and the US Media system, in which myriad lies have been routinely told to us, in efforts to obfuscate the criminal nature of the corportatist driven government in this country.

We were never told the truth about the fraud that the privately held Federal Reserve Bank or the IRS are, anymore than we were in regard the real reasons why we entered World Wars I and II.

To rise above the myriad of lies that we have been told makes us a very real threat to those criminals in power -- the ones who parasite themselves off of the American people, where their lies du jour are as normal to them as picking the pocket of the collective American taxpayer is.

In a day and age where Americans (and those of many other countries) are no longer even safe within the so called privacy of their own homes, the result of government agencies such as the FBI, NSA, Homeland Security et al, illegally using specialized satellites to track our every movement and thought, it is about time that Americans were made to acknowledge that the United States has become a fascist nation -- an electronically controlled police state - a technocracy which as its definition implies, uses advanced technologies to illegally monitor all of its citizens, at the expense of the God given rights afforded to each of us.

The federal agents who attack us in such ways are particularly loathsome people who enjoy their profession -- a profession is something that you get paid to do. And I can tell my readers from first hand experience that the profession of these agents is torture and murder, oftentimes achieved by way of slander and other forms of calumny which result in the forced suicides of those whom they attack.

These agents are a symptom of the cancer that is eroding American freedoms, where those who control such technology freely engage in the mass rape of the minds and bodies of those whom they are supposed to be protecting -- the citizenry of America.

Such agents are nothing but despicable criminals whose own perverse sense of justice has completely destroyed their humanity. Brainwashed into attacking those whom they cannot arrest legally, these agents routinely indulge in their own deviant psycho sexual fantasies, while utilizing satellite based directed energy weapons to encroach upon the minds of those whom they illegally target for such abhorrent acts of violence and injustice.

And these attacks can also be of a physical nature as these agents will use this stealth technology to rape and sodomize their victims, while targeting specific areas of the brain, liver, kidney's, heart and other organs of the human body, in efforts to cause us permanent physical damage. The skin (the largest organ of the human body) is a prime area for those who operate directed energy weapons, since it is easily burned.

Still worse is that those who perpetrate these heinous crimes against us do so while maintaining plausible denial the entire time. Even though they are guilty as sin for perpetrating such acts of evil.

Those who stand before them and refuse to accept such injustices are truly noble. While those who instead take the "easy path" and choose to put their heads in the sand are guilty of cowardice.

I continue to applaud all of those citizens on this planet who promulgate the truth in regard to these Hi-Tech attacks on Mother Earth's population. You are what stand between the human race becoming electronically mind enslaved, and any chance that it has of surviving and advancing in a normal way.

And how can any of the men and women (and yes, even children) who have been and continue to be subjugated to the electronic rape and manipulation of their minds -- while being attacked by well networked groups of what can only be described as deranged people who believe that it's their right to deny us our God given rights -- expect to have any type of normal existence?

I thank you for circulating this information and urge you to continue to do so, since it is your freedom which is imminently at stake here.

The FBI, NSA and Homeland Security -- and their brethren in crime -- are not the friends of the American people. They are our arch enemies. Those who feign protecting Americans from terrorism, when it is they themselves who are in fact such terrorists -- those who seek to covertly destroy us as a race while serving their high masters -- those Illuminists with their own criminal agendas.

They are the Red Death of Prince Prospero's nightmare. And like Prospero, they will destroy us if we fail to recognize the abject evil that they are.

See Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque Of The Read Death at the Website below. It is quite pertinent in regard to what is happening in America in the present day, as the Bush Administration and its many criminal minions within the US Congress and Military- Industrial- Intelligence complex look to deceive and destroy us as a nation.


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