Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Mind Controlled Scene Plays Out

As most of my readers know by now, since 1993, I have been unable to fall into a fully unconscious state of sleep. This occurred at the onset of my Lyme Disease symptoms, and while this is better than it was in the early days, I have never been able to return to the "normal" sleep states that I had before I contracted Lyme Disease.

However, unlike as in the early days when I could not sleep, over the past several years I have had "dream type" scenes placed into my mind while I was resting in a comfortable but not unconscious state.

My eyes are closed at the time and I reach what I would describe as that state just prior to slipping into unconsciousness -- I believe it is referred to as the hypnogogic state. These "dream type" scenes have contained a myriad of content from a mock execution in which I was shot in the head, to many other types of scenes -- some realistic -- some surrealistic -- and others of pure fantasy. The content varies and on numerous occasions scenes of an extremely perverse nature are often present at times when I have experienced being remotely sexually assaulted by way of those employed at the NSA, who operate their satellite based remote neural monitoring technology on me.

In most cases these "dream scenes" have included complete strangers, however at other times they have been people whom I either know, have known, or know of -- in some cases even some famous actors. As I have said in the past, I have no control over the content of these scenes and am oftentimes an unwilling participant until these NSA "controllers" see fit to end them -- or I am able to go from a semi state of consciousness back to a full state of consciousness.

For example earlier today I was taking a rest (given the extreme fatigue that I experience as as result of the Ultra Low Frequency ULF waves that the NSA directs at me) when I was placed in a scene with an actress by the name of Lauren Graham (from a sitcom known as Gilmore Girls).

We were speaking about her career and how it was difficult for her to adapt to becoming a star over night, when the dream sequence changed and we both found ourselves in a tatered looking room with the walls peeling and what appeared to be a child's coffin disappearing into one of these walls. These are the bizarre types of scenes that these "controllers" place into my mind on a regular basis in efforts to drive me to a state of insanity. They are perpetrated frequently in efforts to cause me mental distress and to prevent me from getting rest.

Moreover, there is absolutely no mistaking these situations for anything other than what they are: a form of mind control experimentation, which is being illegally perpetrated against me -- and has been for quite some time. A great number of men and women are describing similar situations on the Mind Control Forums' Website which can be accessed below. While some are having very similar experiences others have completely different ones. However, one constant is always apparent -- we are being remotely accessed by people using advanced forms of electronic warfare to invade the privacy of our homes and minds.

Perhaps if my tormentors were not agents of the US Federal Government (FBI, NSA, DHS) I would have an easier time of being able to propagate my information. However, because I am subjected to their COINTELPRO attacks, my attempts at circulating my information are far more of a challenge than your average organized stalking target, who is usually able to do so with less of a problem.

Yet, this has not dissuaded me from circulating my information. When a group of people conspire to destroy your life you have a right to defend yourself and to see that they are exposed and punished for it.

And the FEDS' latest aggressive campaign to discredit me will not do so, given the outrageous violations of the US Constitution that I have and continue to be subjected to.

When the FBI doesn't like someone, they simply decide to attack that person, operating completely outside of the law. That makes them criminals; not law enforcement.

Moreover, I am telling a very unpopular truth about what the FEDS have done to me (as well as my beloved Family), and this is not a situation that they can confront rationally, because they have committed these crimes and are well aware of it. Given this they will loose any rational argument which is why they have taken to destroying my reputation through the use of slander. Since when do the FEDS get to trash you in public while denying you due process of law? What happened to arrest, charges, trial, exoneration or conviction?

This is what the US Constitution calls for. So exactly what rule of law are these FEDS following?

The destruction of people's reputations is always how this government covers up its own crimes -- unless you think it is normal to be spying on American citizens in their own bathrooms for years on end.

These deviants in the FBI, NSA and DHS quite clearly do which puts them on the bottom rung of the scum ladder in this country.

Their outrageous behavior has been ongoing for decades (in the case of the FBI and NSA) and I am still here documenting what are without a doubt some of the worst human rights violations ever reported against the FEDS. And it's too bad that we no longer have any legitimate law enforcement to place these FEDS in prison where they belong. They are a prime example of what happens when you give federal agencies tremendous power yet remove the checks and balances necessary to keep them accountable for their actions.

This is now why the Internet is loaded with accounts of Americans who are being attacked in such vicious ways by these agencies. And why the American media never talks about it.

The bottom line is that I have committed no crimes that these feds can arrest me for and they know it. And they have perpetrated enough serious crimes against me to rot in prison for the rest of their lives.

It is also clear that far more people are taking an interest in John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which documents exactly what I have been experiencing for the past three decades. And this is only causing the FEDS further problems, since Akwei's suit illustrates many specific ways in which these misceants who masquerade as legitimate law enforcement have illegally monitored me. The ability to perpetrate these crimes depends on their propagating mainstream lies to destroy the reputations of those whom they are targeting -- something they are doing to me in the present day.

And if I am ever able to describe my accounts to a jury (without the FEDS interfering as they are now), the American people will finally be able to learn of how they are being remotely spied upon by way of satellites and remote neurally monitored within their own homes.

We are living in a country based on lies.

And with a government that is looking to do all of us some very serious harm. Moreover, unless those who have first hand knowledge of this continue to promulgate our information, the situation is only going to get worse in time - something that's already begun.

These federal agents know no limit to their cruelty and are presently forcing those of us who are being targeted for it to write one of the most disturbing and grotesque chapters in American history, as a modern day version of Nazi Germany emerges here in the United States.
In their desperation I can just see the FBI/NSA/DHS demonic tag team attempting to play the religious card next, since no crimes have been committed by me. This is perhaps the most accurate illustration of how serious their crimes have become when they have blown millions of dollars on a failed STING operation that they had no business conducting in the first place!


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