Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today The FEDS Use Directed Energy To Attack My Balance

Since early this morning I have been extremely dizzy, as the NSA targets the part of my inner ear to cause an imbalance which has resulted in a subtle yet noticeable case of vertigo. They have been hitting me with ULF waves over the past week to cause tremendous fatigue in efforts to prevent me from documenting these crimes against my person. However, I continue to do so in spite of these attacks.

In 2001 they used their satellite based weaponry to artificially lower my heart rate in efforts to cause me further problems which lasted for the better part of a year. This is still further evidence of the outrageous ways in which these government miscreants have used their directed energy weaponry to attack me, and why they find it necessary to demonize me with the public.

They know how serious the crimes they have perpetrated against me are and now seek to obfuscate the situation in any way that they can. Why else would they take someone who has no criminal record and deny them their right to due process of law? These FEDS are hiding a lot. And it is time that the American people began doing their own investigative research to uncover the facts -- not the LIES that these miscreants are propagating through the US Media.

They are also continuing to use these organized groups of community stalkers to harass my parents where ever they are traveling to, which is only further eroding what is left of my crumbling relationship with them. There have been thousands of reports globally of TI's and their families being attacked in such abhorrent ways.

This past Saturday was a particularly nasty attack, in which my parents have still yet to recover.

The NSA, FBI and DHS are using their organized stalking groups and the local community to keep my entire Family and self living in a pressure cooker type of environment. And the minute that the public's interest dies down (something that is normal) these FEDS simply whip them into another frenzy looking to stir up trouble.

It is these federal agencies who are the true enemy of the American people. Those who brought you COINTELPRO and MKULTRA and a host of other terrible crimes against humanity -- all covered over by the fascist propaganda machine -- The US Media disinformation system.

Even when they interview people who attempt to tell some very painful truths about this country, these people are quickly marginalized and in numerous cases made sport of in efforts to discredit them.

Moreover, who has the right to destroy your relationship with your own family? And who has the right to electronically access your mind to physically and psychologically torture you for one second, much less for decades on end? Furthermore, what government agency has the right to conspire against any American citizen to deny them due process of law?

Absolutely no one and no agency.

The only reason that most TI's are being attacked so aggressively is that the FEDS have perpetrated serious crimes against us that we now know about. And for this reason the US Judiciary will not even acknowledge what is occuring, because these judges are corrupt and well aware that we are the ones who have been victimized!

There are quite literally thousands of accounts of such things happening around the United States. And in myriad instances, this type of government impropriety continues to take place on a global scale.

Still worse is that the US Congress appears to be sanctioning the crimes that are being perpetrated against TI's, as are the courts in this country. America is becoming nothing more than a modern day Nazi Germany with all of the telltale signs of a government that has been completely subverted by the most despicable people on this earth.

And there is little doubt that myriad victims of these outrageous crimes will continue to surface on the Internet to describe what they are being subjected to; crimes being perpetrated against them by the Intelligence Community in this country, where for many Americans, Constitutional due process of law is now completely absent.

(The same can be said for many of the people on this planet, whose governments have been overrun by a Nazi influence.)

All of these people have tremendous courage, because they refuse to capitulate (like so many others in this country have done) to what is now bordering on dictatorial rule. The United States is rife for civil war, as the American people begin to collectively learn of the mass deceptions that they have been subjected to by the US Congress, the Bush Administration, and the US Intelligence Community.

It is going to be a nasty spectacle, but one which the criminals in this government (and the Illuminist masters whom they report to) have brought upon themselves, through their own greed, cowardice, deceit and abject cruelty. As for federal agencies like the FBI, they are such cowards that they literally sneak around stabbing their victims in the back, rather than confronting them.

And the fact that certain types of TV programs which concentrate on police work actually glorify the FBI is indicative of why so few Americans understand the true history of this evil organization -- one which has destroyed the lives of a great number of American citizens.

As a long-term COINTELPRO target I can say with absolute authority that until you have seen just how dirty the tactics that these agents use against those whom they cannot arrest legally are, you can never understand the complete anathema that the FBI is to humanity. And Homeland Security is no better.

They are truly despicable examples of the human race who have no right calling themselves Americans, much less human beings. There is no end to their cruelty, and they are so arrogant that they believe they can do anything to any of us without having to suffer the consequences for doing so. They are wrong about this and in time these agents will learn so the hard way.

Any man or woman in the modern day who would ever even consider joining such fascist agencies as the FBI or Homeland Security should have their heads examined.

The adversity facing someone who attempts to promulgate the terrible truths about this country is enormous, given that the criminals who are in control of virtually everything that occurs here have had a very significant head start in propagating their lies.

For example, mention the Rockefeller name to your average American and they think wealthy generous benefactor. However, the truth is that the Rockefellers are Nazi minded government subversives who not only supported Adolph Hitler during World War II, but also attempted to perpetrate a coup d'etat in America by overthrowing our government during that time period.

While they failed to do so, they put themselves in good stead for a later attempt in which to do so, which is now taking place under George W. Bush -- murderer, traitor, fraud of the 21st century.

And there were numerous other well known names associated with this covert attack including banker W. Averell Harriman and his lapdog Prescott Bush -- George W. Bush's Grandfather.

So should it be any surprise that George H.W. Bush and his son Dubya are now looking to cash in on what the Rockefellers failed to pull off more than six decades ago?

And of course the present day members of the Rockefeller family are still sitting in the background pulling their strings -- once Illuminati, always Illuminati.


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