Sunday, July 22, 2007

NSA Remote Satellite Interrogations

As a long-term satellite prisoner of the NSA -- in which I have been illegally tracked, tortured and interrogated by this fascist agency, I was giving some thought to the ways in which the NSA utilizes this technology to remotely interrogate myself and many other unwitting Americans.

Organized stalking victims consider that the triggers that they are being subjected to are used simply to drive them into a state of insanity. However in myriad instances I think it has to do with far more than just that.

Over the past four years I have noticed that when I am given certain word triggers, they appear to be used to get me thinking about certain situations. This makes perfect sense, since the NSA then uses its remote neural monitoring technology to by way of satellite, electronically scan my thoughts to obtain whatever information they are looking for.

Over the past four years I have also noticed something that I had never noticed before. Oftentimes I will hear within my mind, my own voice asking questions in regard to my thoughts on various topics, events, people etc.

And of course when I hear this voice I simply conclude that it is my own and just follow the thought pattern given by identifying what my thoughts are on a given subject.

For instance, I will hear what do you think about President George W. Bush? And I will immediately think of his participation in the attacks on 9-11, association with the Illuminati and myriad other negative things about him. And now the NSA knows what I think of Bush without ever having to read any of what I write.

This is just one example of a great number of questions that I have had posed to me in this way. However, I am convinced that I am not the one asking these questions. After all why would I, since I already know the answers to them.

It is those who are operating externally who are looking for my thoughts on various subjects.

I believe that there are a myriad of ways in which the NSA can obtain its information by way of remote neural monitoring -- some more obvious than others. What bothers me most is the stealth aspect of this technology.

On the one hand it is so invasive that it enables the NSA to be with me 24 hours a day for years on end where ever I go, while electronically reading my sub vocalized thoughts. And also communicating with me in the same way.

Yet because of the stealth aspect of this technology and its invisibility, it remains completely undetected by us.

(At least to the naked eye -- I am convinced that if the human eye had the capability of seeing more of the radiation spectrum, that we would actually see people in society walking around with these non ionizing beams of radiation penetrating their skulls and pointing skyward towards the satellites which are projecting them. I think people would be shocked to learn of how many of us are being illegally tracked and remotely neurally monitored by this satellite spy system in the present day.)

I also find it of interest that more than a decade ago the US Military had created the Dosiemetry Handbook which gives the electronic broadcasting frequencies of the human brain and the rest of the body. Why would the Military need such information unless they were looking to remotely access people's thoughts without their knowledge or consent? The answer is that they would not.

Also take into consideration that the National Security Agency is overseen directly by the US Department Of Defense, which also has access to this "mind control" technology. There is no doubt that US Intelligence is using American citizens as unwitting guinea pigs in its mind control experimentation. The only real question is how broad is this conspiracy? I have no doubt that I have been a target of this technology for quite sometime. What I wonder is how many others within close proximity to myself are being used in a similar way yet have no idea.

Unfortunately, I think that there is a good possibility that there are quite a few of them.

Interview With Mind Control Researcher Dr. Nick Begich: "Are You A Manchurian Candidate?" Covers Some Of These Provocative Thoughts.


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