Friday, July 20, 2007

A Reality Break: Organized Stalking Predatory Groups Are Wasting Their Precious Time Attacking People Who Could Not Give A Damn About Them

A primary focus of the psychological warfare operations waged against TI's is the use of color to condition us to be fearful of such colors which are then used as triggers to obtain a certain negative response. Once this occurs, organized stalking groups subject us to such psychological harassment by using various colors as triggers in which to attack us.

The key here is to realize that colors are just harmless changes in pigment -- unless you have been brainwashed such as SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) victims have. So instead of allowing yourself to be brainwashed by those who perpetrate these crimes against us, by using these colors as triggers, see them as benign and enjoy them - since without color the world we live in would be very bleak.

They have been trying to condition me on many colors over the past 4 years including yellow, blue and green -- now three of my favorite colors. And I certainly enjoy seeing them in the vehicles that the perp's use. And of course, since I like all colors to one degree or another, the perp's use of color in my harassment has become useless to them.

However, it has taken me longer to get past the trigger words and phrases -- yet I am now beyond them as well. Oftentimes I find the fact that these stalkers go to such lengths more amusing than anything else. Quite ironic, since these tactics nearly drove me to suicide when they first began in 2003.

As for colors, I especially enjoy the yellow Checker Taxi Cab that is driven by my home twice a day; everytime I see it I fondly remember the last time I had a ride in one when I was still working in Manhattan -- prior to the FBI's sabotaging me at my places of work. And yes, part of a COINTELPRO operation against a TI is to either get them fired, or to covertly create a situation where their workplace becomes unbearable for them -- what they did to me -- at three different places of employment.

As for the FBI -- if they hadn't used a COINTELPRO STiNG to covertly attack me and in doing so violate my civil rights in precedent setting fashion, there'd be no reason for me to be exposing them now. However, they did. So I am now simply telling the public about it. Of course spying on me and many others within the privacy of our own bedrooms and bathrooms has subjugated the FBI and its agents to an all time low, as the degenerate filth that they are -- and both the FBI and I know that they deserve to be -- along with the NSA and Homeland Security (Stupidity).

As for avoiding being sensitized to the rest of these objects, the same can be done for most others triggers that the perp's use to harass us, whether they be words, objects or other lesser known ways of attacking our sensory perception.

If you can neutralize the perp's attacks in such a way, they begin to waste their time. And once this occurs, the TI is able to drive home the point that organized stalking is not only a sick and depraved crime against humanity, but also a waste of precious time -- something all humans have far too little of to begin with.

To The Organized Stalking Predators:

As for the garbage that you see fit to dump on my lawn as well as those of some of the neighbors, I will continue to pick that up as well, including broken bottles like the ones you broke in my driveway several weeks back, and the ones that you broke in my cross-the-road neighbor's a few days after that.

Regardless of the claims you make -- you have lost. In a way we all have. It seems to happen whenever the US Intelligence Community gets involved in perpetrating their covert crimes against the unwitting.

And any further aggressive attempts to attack me are only going to place you further into the criminal categories that you have already subjugated yourselves to, since it is you who are committing these crimes, and not the other way around. And don't allow yourselves to be led by the FEDS, who are the driving force behind you -- because the minute that you become a liability to them, they will drop you like a bad habit -- the FBI in particular has a history of doing so to those who outlive their usefulness to them.

So organized stalking predators, go ahead and waste your valuable time and money on people who could not give a damn about you. I know that I certainly don't. You are wasting your time and money on us, instead of enjoying life. And when you find yourselves on your deathbeds at some point in the future, remember the constructive use that you could have put your time to, when you instead chose to piddle it away perpetrating acts of depravity -- like some juvenile deliquents -- only far worse.

And when you say -- GDamn FBI -- I should have never wasted my time listening to those sadistic fools to begin with; you'll have completed the entire "fool's circle." Something that TI's could have told you from the beginning -- if you had in fact ever bothered to listen to what we were saying to you all along.

Most of you've been used as nothing more than useful idiots by these federal psychopaths long enough.

It's time for you to wise up -- Life is short. Tell the FEDS to take a hike -- preferably to another planet. At this point you're probably as sick of them as we are.


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