Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tyrannical Rule In America Under George W. Bush

Those who don't realize that George W. Bush can very easily become a full fledged dictator by imposing a state of martial law in the United States (in the event of another terrorist attack), should read the article at the following Website.


The American people are far closer to finding themselves under tyrannical rule than they realize. Over the past few weeks there's been a resurgence in the US Media discussing the emergence of Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda as being yet again,a threat to the American people. (As if they ever actually carried out the attacks on 9-11 in the first place!)

A short while ago on National Public Radio (NPR) this was again promulgated with the statement that according to US Intelligence (or as I call them "the disinformation specialists") Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda are planning to perpetrate a terrorist attack against Americans on US soil in the near future. "King George" must continue stirring up the fear in Americans to keep them under his control. They don't respect or trust him, so this fear mongering is all he has left to keep them in line. Hitler did the same thing with the Germans, also utilizing the threat of terrorism to subjugate them to the loss of their civil liberties.

One must now wonder how extensive this latest US black operation will be. And furthermore, if the same players who took part in the 9-11 attacks will be assuming similar roles this time around.

I think what is perhaps most frustrating here is that this is yet another Bush Administration/Military/Industrial/Intelligence machination, as were the attacks on 9-11. They know that they've lost their credibility and are now using the media to propagate "fear mongering" in what is yet another series of lies used in efforts to aid and abet the Illuminati in its creation of a "New World Order" one world government agenda.

When I first learned of the New World Order, the entire concept seemed like something completely fictional. Then in time as I began to do further research it took on more of a surreal meaning for me. However, in the present day there is no question that the NWO is quite real and in control of the US Federal Government, its media (and at least for now, most of the American people). I recommend that the readers take a careful look at the following information which all but removes Congress from power in the event of the next terrorist attack on the United States. As a people we are on the brink of losing our Constitution and all of the freedoms that is guarantees us.

The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive


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