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Who Has The Most To Gain From Government Disinformation? Who Else? The FEDS Themselves -- And Of Course Their Illuminist Masters

While it is clear that there are numerous government whistle blowers who are circulating accurate information regarding their inside experiences with particular intelligence agencies, that does not mean that many others are not circulating disinformation under the pretext of blowing the whistle on these agencies.

And in some cases we may well have situations where certain agents are "playing both sides of the fence."

Furthermore, some of these government agents who turn to whistle blowing may have perpetrated some serious crimes of their own prior to having a change of heart in regard to the agencies that they once worked for. And in some cases it is quite possible that their crimes were perpetrated not only against American citizens, but also against those of foreign nations -- so they may somehow have justified what they have done in the latter instances.

However, it does not matter which citizens the crimes were perpetrated against if the crimes in fact took place. Criminal activity is criminal activity, regardless of what countries it may have taken place in. Moreover, there are very few "humanitarians" in this world, and you can be damn certain that you're not going to find them working for the alphabet agencies in the United States, since their training protocols run contrary to such an ideology.

Think of the "fairy tale" Pinocchio, since it's a more accurate description of your average federal agent, where pathological lying is about the best thing that we can say about them.

And as for morality, what else can you say for the type of filth that would track you by way of satellites and videotape you within the privacy of your own bathrooms? Crimes that I know for a fact these FEDS are perpetrating against a great many Americans, most of whom have no knowledge of it.

The Intelligence community's purpose is to disinform. This is one of the things that they do best. And it's how they have managed to worm their ways into every civil and human rights organizations ever created. So placing agents into areas where they can covertly disseminate their disinfo has been and continues to be a trademark of how they operate.

The bottom line here is that it does not matter if agents are whistle blowers or not, since you can never know which former agents maintain connections with their peers.

Personally, I would take what each has to say very seriously, and carefully examine their information for yourselves so that you may draw your own "independent" conclusions. However, I would never make the mistake of "blindly" trusting any of these agents, since years of training have made them extremely cunning, regardless of how genuine they may appear to be.

These are intelligent people -- some are even brilliant. However, that does not automatically make them trustworthy.

And for this reason it is up to the individual researchers themselves to trust their own instincts -- not someone else's -- regardless of how much credibility these people "appear" to have on the surface.

Furthermore, while volumes of information have been circulated on the so called facts behind certain government alphabet agencies, the truth of the matter is that there is no way of knowing for certain how much of this information is true and how much is not. Yet there is enough which has been documented within the public domain to illustrate that the FEDS have perpetrated some horrific crimes against humanity and that they cannot be trusted as a result of this.

The FBI in particular has a history of committing terrible crimes through its COINTELPRO operations. And you don't need to have a "government insider" telling you about them, since many have been publicized for years. Victims like Martin Luther King Jr., Judi Bari, The Branch Davidians, The Weaver's, The American Indian Movement, Dr. Steven Hatfield, Richard Jewell, Michael Boren Williams, Margie Schoedinger, actress Jean Seberg, Tom Bean, myself and myriad others have documented extensive crimes that the FBI has perpetrated against us through its Illegal COINTELPRO Stings.

Furthermore, we have much better ways of spending our time than to rag on the FBI for no reason and make this agency come after us. The reality here is that the FBI attacked us and violated our civil rights. And that is why those of us who are still alive are continuing to expose it. The FBI has been trying to get this Website taken down since I put it up after they had the Angelfire Webhost provider delete my last one -- a completely bogus reason was given for doing so.

And that is why I have backed up this information in the event that this site is shut down.

I am telling the truth about what I have experienced in regard to "mind control," organized stalking crimes, and specific protocols which the FBI utilizes against those citizens whom it targets for COINTELPRO black operations. And the FEDS are doing everything within their power to prevent me from continuing to doing so.

Moreover, had they not made me so public back in 2003 I would have been dead by now. However, they have made certain that my life since then has become an absolute nightmare -- and even worse is that my poor Family was dragged into it.

However, since I have accused them of attempting to murder me, anyone who has been following my accounts will know that should I die, the FEDS will have perpetrated this crime. And this does make it more difficult for them.

However, that does not stop them from contacting every person whom I have either contacted, or who has learned of my plight over the Internet, in efforts to demonize me. This has become incredibly obvious, since it is the FEDS who have perpetrated crimes against me, and not the other way around.

And while those of us who report these crimes may not be insiders like some former government whistle blowers are, we all have first hand experiences in regard to COINTELPRO'S and how evil, inhumane and anti-American the agents who perpetrate them against us are.

And this does give us credibility.

Moreover, if you are a target of any government crime whether it be mind control, organized stalking, COINTELPRO, or for that matter any other, don't ever allow them to intimidate you. And don't be mislead by their attempts to make you think that you are paranoid, when you have seen for yourself the extensive crimes that have been perpetrated against you.

You are a victim of these federal scoundrels and there is nothing that says that you have to accept it. So don't!

And remember that there is always some element of truth in the disinfo campaigns that the FEDS utilize which enable them to peddle the rest of their lies. This is what makes them so effective. They confuse you to the point where you don't know who to believe anymore. It's simple. They give a few facts to keep the public interested, however nothing incriminating enough to ever affect a meaningful positive change within the US Intelligence community. Certain former agents have even made a small fortune writing books exposing some of the alphabet agencies' crimes.

However, former insiders who've exposed serious crimes against these agencies were either murdered or being subjected to terrible suffering as punishment for what has been perceived as a betrayal of their respective agency's trust.

I have already documented the cases of a few of these agents extensively including Steve Kangas and M. William Cooper -- both of whom are now deceased; Steve the result of a murder made to look like suicide, and Bill who was clearly executed.

For the so called whistleblowers with their lucrative book contracts -- agents like Wes Swearingen -- the bottom line with these people is that they are frauds who've put it to the public twice -- once by perpetrating crimes against them while working as agents, and secondly by fleecing the public through the sale of their books.

As I have said in the past -- the readers should trust their own instincts. Don't let anyone lead you around.

Moreover, while there is an enormous amount of information circulating which can be questioned, I am well aware that John St. Clair Akwei's information in regard to the NSA's remote neural monitoring satellite based technology is for real. And I am very leery of any persons who have been made privy to it, who choose to remain silent about something of such import to the American people.

Artificial Intelligence Super Computer technology which utilizes satellites that can track you by way of your own body's bio-magnetic electrical resonance ( and thus electronically read your sub vocalized thoughts) is an outrageous crime against humanity! ! And it should be exposed to the entire population on this planet. So my question to those who are now aware of this atrocity but who have failed to come forward to document your harassment is:

What the hell are you people waiting for? Do you want to become a race of mind controlled droids?? Because we are well on our way!

Still worse are those who are deliberately looking to discredit John or those of us who are documenting this information first hand, in efforts to disinform the American people.

And given the import of this technology, this is simply not going to be tolerated. Akwei was willing to risk dying to expose one of the NSA's deepest and darkest SECRETS, and so am I. As for the "so called Patriots" who claim that they have this country's best interests at heart, your attempts to discredit us and this technology, are only doing the American people a further and grave injustice.


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