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Unfortunately My Research Has Caused Me To Arrive At This Same Conclusion --- American Communities Are Now Spying On Eachother

The following was a post left on organized stalking victim (pseudonym) Anthony Brina's Website. Brina, who has has written a well received book entitled "Suburban Spies" documents the extreme harassment that he has been subjected to and urges the public not to cooperate with those who are perpetrating organized stalking crimes.

The owner of the Website, a fairly new anti-organized stalking site, has made a comment (which can be seen at the end of this post) which seems to be right on target in regard to how modern day communities in many countries within the "so called" civilized world, are participating in crimes of a barbarous nature against selected targets -- oftentimes those with no criminal record.

I should also add here that given the content and importance of Gangstalkingworld, I would be interested in knowing who the person behind it is. Most of the people who are active in exposing these crimes have identified who they really are by name. And it would probably be a good idea for the person who is only identified by the initials GMB to do the same. If anything, doing so will only increase their credibility and help to give them more of a voice in this community.

Given the import of what TI's are exposing we can't be too careful in weeding out the perp's amongst us. And they are abundant in the anti-organized stalking community, just waiting to subvert our efforts.

GMB also concludes that these attacks are being orchestrated and sanctioned by the Intelligence communities within the governments of these countries which are now taking part in "Stasi" (secret police) type protocols.

However, secret police should never be mistaken for legitimate policing powers, since their protocols are illegal and oftentimes deadly to those being targeted.

The following quote is in line with everything that I have personally witnessed within my own community over the past four years, when the FEDS began deploying their "Stasi" protocols against me here in the State Of New York.

And I am far from the only New Yorker who has documented it. There are several other organized stalking victims within the State of New York who are also exposing these crimes against humanity, including two whom are amongst the better known within the anti-organized stalking community: John Mecca and Norman Rabin.

Rabin has also reported having been made into an unwitting "satellite prisoner." And based on my own findings there is little doubt that there are quite literally millions of Americans who are being illegally spied on by US Government satellites 24 hours a day and for years on end, who will probably never even realize it.

It has also become clear to me that what many of us are witnessing within our own communities in regard to the paranoia that has been propagated by the Bush Administration through its bogus war on terror, constitutes something similiar to the Nazi style protocols which were common in Germany during the 1930's and 40's, now being resurrected here within the United States and Canada in the 21st Century.

This Administration's complicity in the attacks on 9-11 is tantamount to Adolph Hitler's burning of the German Reichstaff Building (the equivalent of the White House), in which he blamed the Russians, in efforts to gain German support for Hitler's attack on Communism.

And it was a very successful ploy by Hitler which allowed for the start of World War II. A situation similar to this is being played out in the present day and in the least likely country that most of the people on this planet would have ever suspected -- The United States.

And this is certainly indicative of the rumors being circulated regarding the emergence of a New World Order one world fascist government, taking place right under the noses of the American people.

These communities have been brainwashed into thinking that they are doing a useful public service by spying on each other, when in reality they are helping to put a noose around their own necks, by unwittingly aiding and abetting those who wish to mentally enslave all of us. Through this type of psychological manipulation, Hitler tricked the Germans into networking into groups of community spies whom he then used to locate Jews who were later rounded up and massacred during the Holocaust.

This same mind set which was prevalent in Nazi Germany prior to and during World War II is now covertly taking place within the United States through the use of these networked out organized stalking groups that have littered the American landscape.

And in many instances, by the progeny of Nazi's who originally took part in the Holocaust, yet were later smuggled into the United States under the CIA's Operation Paperclip.

However this time around the casualties are going to be from every ethnicity and religious indoctrination.

Moreover, as a government sanctioned mind control target and organized stalking victim, I am seeing this heinous situation unfolding first hand from a front row seat.

James F. Marino

NSA Satellite Prisoner/Organized Stalking Target

Enemy Of The New World Order Fascist Police State

Organized Stalking Target GMB Comments:

"My research shows that a lot of this is happening because of Intelligence based policing. Basically organisations like the CIA, FBI, CSIS, and RCMP, have taught the local police all the dirty tricks of the trade. Surveillance, covert spying, etc.

This is supposedly to help them better identify terrorist and other threats.

In turn many countries around the world are now doing something called community based policing.

The communities are taking back their power, and they are helping the cops, by spying, keeping an eye and all that other stuff. Every business, youth group, seniors group, religious group, community organization, business, private organization is a part of this.

It's so large you can't even imagine.

We have become Stasi societies and unless you are part of the program or just happen to be a gang stalking target, you have no idea. It's like everywhere in every country, and most people are taking part.

They communicate with this one handed sign language, it's I think based on the Talking Hands sign language for the hearing impaired. Classes are being taught free of charge. Just 6-8 hrs and the people get to practice. Well if you are like on a train in Toronto, just look around long enough and they are talking all the time this way. Some are better at it than others.

Basically in a nut shell, we have the police, civil workers, snitches, business, community groups, all working together, snitching, watching, and spying. It's being done under all these programs, Citizen corps, week and seed, H.U.D., city watch, community policing, C.O.P.S., C.O.P.P., and so many others that I can't even name them.

What I am seeing are vigilante elements in these groups, some who know what they are doing to others and why, and others who have no idea what's going on, but they take part none the less.

Yes my family are compromised, my jobs, social life, and most recently my place of residence have all been compromised. It's more fun than a barrel of monkeys. You won't get any help. The police will try to make you look crazy if you file a report. The politicians, human rights groups, media, they all know and are likely taking part. Lawyers are the way to go, except, oh yeah they know, are taking part, and if a lawyer does not know, they could not really be of much help anyway, cause they would not really understand what they are up against.

Anyways, thanks for writing yet another gang stalking book, we need all the things we can get. Check out Gloria Naylor and her "1996", it's about her clip trip with gang stalking."

-- GMB Owner Of


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