Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eleanor White -- She's To The ANTI -- Organized Stalking Community What Nicola Tesla Was To 20th Century Science

If you're a victim of organized stalking crimes you've probably heard the name Eleanor White mentioned at some point in your Internet travels. Eleanor's a 25 year veteran of this phenomenon and has probably amassed more information on organized stalking crimes than any other 10 victims combined.

And although she has had her life destroyed by the criminals who perpetrate these crimes against her and is targeted for directed energy ULF wave (ultra low frequency) attacks (which are used to routinely exhaust her), she still manages to turn out a respectable amount of research.

I know that early on in my own research her Website was extremely helpful to me in regard to learning about the types of organized stalking crimes that I was experiencing on a daily basis: At the time I had no idea exactly what was going on or who was behind it.

However, when you are suddenly stalked by extremely large numbers of people wherever you travel to and see what can only be termed as very odd behavior being displayed by those around you (whenever you leave your home), it's clear that your life has suddenly been altered in a very negative way.

Suffice it to say that Eleanor's work has saved a great many TI's from committing suicide, given that she propagates a plethora of information on these crimes which at the very least enables the organized stalking victim to understand what they are up against -- and moreover, that this harassment is not going to end.

While she has a few Websites, the following one is an excellent primer. She also operates an Internet radio podcast called Road To Freedom which can be accessed at the following Website.

Eleanor White's Road To Freedom Broadcasts Can Be Accessed Here:


Whether you are targeted for these crimes or just want to learn more about them, you can obtain quite a bit of useful information at her main Website:


Here's an index to Eleanor's Websites:



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