Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another TI Targeted By An FBI COINTELPRO Describes This Nightmare -- The FBI Is A Covert Nazi Agency -- Terrorists Masquerading As Law Enforcement

Another target of an FBI COINTELPRO Sting Operation documents his harassment. Edmund Harding describes how an FBI agent tried to have him murdered as the FBI conducted an "electronic siege" on his Website. These outrageous attacks are becoming more and more common for this fascist and out of control juggernaut, which wantonly attacks any American citizens that it decides to, while violating the US Constitution and due process of law.

These FEDS are outright mercenaries; criminals who hide their crimes behind their badges.

They don't enforce the laws in this country -- they instead routinely break them. And they use our Constitution for toilet paper while attempting to impose such fascist legislation as the Patriot Act, to destroy our civil liberties.

Moreover, the attacks on 9-11 were the Illuminati's covert message to the American people, that they were taking us and our country over.

Furthermore, the FBI/NSA/DHS' spying campaigns which these agencies are illegally waging on Americans within the privacy of our own homes (including our own bedrooms and bathrooms) -- using satellites and super computers to rape and manipulate our minds while stealing our thoughts and intellectual property from right out of our own heads - constitute the absolute worst violations of both civil and human rights ever documented.

Simply put -- they have now made these agencies and those who control them anathema.

They represent a new breed of criminal based on electronic warfare.

And these agents are nothing but depraved and predatory modern day Nazi filth!

The FBI's use of the NSA for the long-term illegal satellite tracking/ spying and remote neural monitoring of American citizens is an outright obscenity to the American people and our civil liberties. Moreover, the psychological warfare deployed against TI's in a myriad of ways (including satellite based directed energy weaponry) is nothing short of tyranny. The destruction of a targeted person's reputation, relationships and finances -- all done to drive them to a state of suicide.


This is what these FBI RATS are all about and always have been. Gutless thugs who use barbarian types of psychological warfare to torture people who don't tow the US Government's criminal line.

And its criminal brethren are no better.

The US Congress should resurrect the Church Committee Hearings and abolish the FBI and several other criminal agencies of the US Intelligence community -- including the NSA, CIA and Homeland Security. Given the outright crimes against humanity that these agencies are complicit in and the protracted and illegal satellite fishing expeditions that they routinely conduct, it is clearly in the American people's best interests to see to it that the FBI and its criminal brethren are permanently shut down.

Edmund H. Harding's Website On Human Rights & The FBI's COINTELPRO Attacks On Him:


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