Sunday, July 08, 2007

Did The Perp's Covertly Murder Another Of My Family's Acquaintences? My Father's Doctor Is Killed In A Hit And Run Car Accident

I just learned that my Father's pulmonologist, a man by the name of Dr. Jeffrey Siegal was killed last night by a hit and run driver as he was crossing a street in the town of Roslyn Heights, NY. Siegal, 48, of Old Westbury, NY, was a successful pulmonologist who had his own medical practice.

Dr. Siegal leaves a wife and three daughters.

Those who are familiar with this blog are well aware that I have reported the odd deaths of a few people who were in some way acquainted with my Family, including a friend of my Father's who died suddenly and mysteriously of aneurysm the day after having lunch with my Dad and some of his friends.

There have been other such situations in which friends who had been healthy were suddenly and inexplicably stricken with strokes. All but one of whom has since died from complications from them.

This latest death seems very coincidental and I am wondering if there is not more to this situation.

The laws of probability here would indicate that the numbers of people whom have died over the past few years -- whom my Family has been personally acquainted with -- is much higher than average. And given my own experiences as a US Government Mind Control Target I am convinced that Doctor Siegal's death may not have been an accident. I just wish that I had more information to go on. The fact that this man was tragically taken from his young family at the age of 48 is bad enough. To think that his death may have been caused deliberately is much worse.

Many TI's will tell you that those who attack them will wantonly murder others just to show us that they can do so. When asked why they simply don't kill us, the answer appears to be as follows: These are predators who enjoy torturing us. They live for the hunt. And the tougher we are the greater the hunt is for them. So they keep us alive to torment us and to hone their predatory skills while murdering those who mean nothing to them.

We are not dead because they have invested much time in illegally experimenting on us. Moreover, as much as they hate us, they have an emotional tie to us. They have no such emotional ties to the people whom they murder, which is why they are able to kill them so easily. Those who perpetrate these crimes against TI's and murder those innocent people whom they choose to serve as sacrificial lambs, are the most despicable evil that has ever existed.

A cancer which has become so pervasive that it is quite literally eating away at the human race.

The rest of this story can be accessed below:,0,4627911.story?coll=ny-top-headlines


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