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The NSA's Use Of Satellites To Remotely Track, Spy And Remote Neural Monitor Americans Also Uses The Citizens Being Tracked As Unwitting Spy Cameras

Yes This Is Really Happening -- And In The Last Place You Ever Thought It Would -- The United States Of America -- Or As It Should Now Be Known - Amerika

"As unpleasant as it is for Americans to accept, at anytime anyone of them can be used as an electronic spying device (camera). All the NSA must do is to tap into the visual cortex portion of their brain, and the images contained within it can be transmitted to NSA satellites and decoded by way of NSA super computers with specialized software. Had I not experienced this firsthand back in 2004 I would have found it extremely difficult to believe. However, I have see first hand evidence of this particular application of remote neural monitoring technology, and there is no question that it exists and can be implemented against any person whom the NSA is satellite tracking."

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
US Government Target
Non Consensual Cover Research & Human Experimentation

The aforementioned is certainly one of the most chilling aspects of the NSA's remote neural monitoring technology. While a number of individuals targeted by the US Federal Government for non consensual cover research and human experimentation (which involves satellite based remote forms of electronic intrusion into the human mind) have reported being furnished with subtle types of information in regard to the NSA " seeing what they see through their own eyes," I've personally seen PHYSICAL PROOF of this about three years ago.

One day during the winter of 2004, I was laying on a downed tree and looking up at the sky in my backyard, when I noticed a very oddly shaped branch near the top of one of the trees. There was no mistaking this branch for another, since it had a very distinct shape to it.

The following day while I was watching the "NSA inserted programming" that was being fed through our normal cable line, the jokers at the NSA decided to see what I would do if they showed me a sample of what their technology was capable of.

As I was flipping from one channel to the next I came upon a frozen screen which contained the EXACT image of what I had seen the day before; the branch as I saw it from my laying position on the downed tree. All I could think to myself at the time was HOW DID THEY DO THAT? Who are these people and how is it that they can see exactly what I am seeing through my own eyes? What the hell's going on??

From that time on I began a search to learn about paranormal ways of accessing a person's mind. I thought that some psi warrior might be screwing with my mind and wanted to learn more about how they did it. Yet while I found much interesting information I was still at a loss to find out exactly how it had been done in my case, until I read a lawsuit by a former NSA employee named John St. Clair Akwei, who listed the type of technology that was used by this agency which could by way of satellite and super computers "electronically access" the human brain.

Once I learned of this technology, I knew without a doubt that the NSA had unwittingly furnished me with physical evidence that their remote neural monitoring was real, and capable of actually seeing what a person whom they had targeted for such technology was actually seeing through their own eyes, by accessing and decoding the evoked potentials of the brains of those people. Remember that at the time the NSA did this, they were attempting to drive me insane, and never figured that I might eventually find out how they did it.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the NSA can electronically read my thoughts and also manipulate them for their own purposes, but also see what I see through my own eyes. This also means that the NSA can and has used me as an unwitting spy camera for them, being able to watch by way of their own computer monitors what I see through my own eyes.

If this does not scare the bee Jesus out of you, it should, since you may be used in the same way at anytime without your knowledge of it.

Remote Neural Monitoring -- A Hidden Evil Within The United States National Security And Central Intelligence Agencies. I have mentioned the National Security Agency's use of remote neural monitoring on my blog in the past -- numerous times in fact, given the importance of this technology and its use by the NSA under the auspices of the US Federal Government, to betray the American people in acts that are nothing short of treason.

Simply put, this technology allows specially trained NSA agents known as cryptologists to electronically decode the thought waves emanating from the brain of any living creatures (magnetoencephalograms), including those of American citizens whom they illegally and unconstitutionally target for non consensual cover research and human experimentation.

The technical term for this is Synthetic Telepathy. However, while the word telepathy is included here, one should not mistake this for any type of paranormal activity since this technology is based on "electronically accessing" the brain, whether it be a more basic animal or even that of a human being. (I should add here that I have witnessed squirrels, birds, chipmunks, raccoons and deer functioning as though they were being remotely controlled, even within my own backyard.)

For those of you who might be skeptical about this, a mind control specialist and CIA operative by the name of Dr. Jose Delgado had reported decades earlier that when he attached electrodes to the brains of animals and attached them to a device of his creation known as the Stimoceiver, "the animals appeared to function as if they were remote controlled toys."

A few years ago I had a chipmunk walk up to me and begin to vibrate as though electricity was being passed through him. I now know that this was done by way of satellite based directed energy weaponry which affected the little creature's central nervous system. Over the past several years I have seen many other types of animals display such anomalies as a result of this advanced mind control technology.

There is nothing at all paranormal about Synthetic Telepathy. It is accomplished electronically, through the use of satellites, super computers and proprietary software, using a remote and drastically more sophisticated technology based on Delgado's Stimoceiver.

As for those who say that the NSA does not have the capability of watching millions of people at a time and subjecting them to this technology, here is some further troubling information for you.

The IBM super computers that the NSA utilizes (code named blue gene) have the ability to process more then 200 trillion calculations per second and watch billions of people at one time. They can also easily be utilized to monitor the people in entire cities simultaneously, or for that matter the entire United States population, watching each citizen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a day kicking back superlative information that an NSA cryptologist can access at anytime.

Consider this. It only takes three spy satellites orbiting the earth's atmosphere to watch the entire planet! And the US Intelligence community has access to far more than just three of these complex objects.

The Intelligence community is very secretive about what it does, and when it does speak publicly Americans are led to believe that these agencies are barely able to keep up with the information that they must process. Barely able to keep up with the Artificial Intelligence computers that they are using to gather information on US citizens is more like it. A primary function of the NSA is data mining, and between the Echelon satellite spy network that it employs to spy on all countries, plus remote neural monitoring technology, it's clear that the NSA is a formidable opponent of our Constitutional Republic and the Civil Liberties that is guarentees each of us.

Furthermore, not only are the NSA's computers up to the task of gathering information on all US citizens, they can also adapt to our thoughts and be programmed to interact with the human mind.

And what's worse is that most if not all countries belonging to NATO (The National Alliance Treaty Organization) have access to this technology and employ it against their own unwitting citizenry. Although as is the case within the USA, many of these citizens are now becoming aware that they are being routinely spied upon by these government controlled satellites, and forming grassroots organizations to expose this insidious abuse.

Will the NSA or others operating within this planet's intelligence community ever admit this to the public?

It's not likely, since all of these organizations are very secretive about what they do. Moreover, admitting that they took part in this treasonous campaign against the American people (as well as the rest of the citizenry on this planet) would cause a scandal unparalleled in world history, especially as other countries were made to be aware that they too were being abused by the NSA and its technology.

Humans Used As Electronic Spy Cameras

According to a former NSA employee by the name of John St. Clair Akwei (who became a whistle blower against the NSA when he learned how this organization was using this technology to violate the Civil Rights of Americans, and consequently became a target in the process), the NSA employs a "two way system" in which to access the brain of someone they target.

It comprises a satellite up link and down link that are used to both "electronically access" and manipulate the thoughts of any persons targeted by way of voice to skull (V2K) and other advanced communication technologies. The signals sent by the NSA and other agencies who employ the use of this technology are bounced off the satellites and directly into the skulls of those being targeted by it.

So who is to say what type of physical and psychological damage that long-term exposure to this technology has already caused those like John, myself and many others who've been targeted by it for years?

I know one thing's for certain. The NSA is never going to accept responsibility for it. This organization never accepts responsibility for any crimes that it commits. Neither do the DOD, FBI, CIA or other federal alphabet agencies.

There are also more than likely millions of other Americans who are being directly targeted by this technology at any given time, some of whom realize it, but most of whom don't. The same can be said for many other countries whose citizens are also being targeted by satellite based mind control and directed energy weapons' technology.

Synthetic Telepathy is done by way of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum, satellites and NSA super computers, which utilize technology decades ahead of what our own contemporary computers use. One very interesting and equally disturbing aspect of this technology is that it can use its human targets quite literally as spy cameras, to allow the NSA to watch others who are being seen by the targeted individuals.

How is this done? As I previously stated, when a targeted person looks at an object, person etc., their optic nerve sends an image of what they are looking at directly to the visual cortex of the brain.

This image emanates from the brain by way of its evoked potentials (the spikes that one sees on an EEG or electro encephalograph machine) which can be picked up by lasers or other types of microwave beams and up linked to NSA spy satellites, which in turn relay this information to NSA super computers located at the NSA's underground Government facility in Fort Meade, Maryland. It also appears that the CIA has a similar system located at Langley Air Force Base.

These agencies have computers which can translate our sub vocalized thoughts into words, based on the large vocabularies that they have access to, which are comprised of roughly 60,000 words in every human language. It may also be possible that they are able to use the same technology for intercepting Extra Terrestrial communications and decoding them by way of their advanced computers.

Even more disturbing is that since mapping out the human brain, these super computers are capable of interpreting (decoding) the evoked potentials of our brains to determine our emotional states, as well as our sub vocalized thoughts. This means that when these computers and satellites are used to monitor a citizen, the citizen has virtually no privacy whatsoever, since every thought that they are having is picked up by these satellites and transmitted to the NSA's Artificial Intelligence computers, where they are then decoded through the use of the aforementioned software.

Not only are they tracked by way of satellite for the rest of their lives and watched every second, but their inner most thoughts are no longer private and can even be altered by the people using this technology. This nightmare has become a reality for the American people (as well as the rest of the planet) who are for the most part completely unaware of it.

This is in keeping with the New World Order one world dictatorship which is being implemented at this time, in which those humans who are not associated with the Illuminati will become mind controlled slaves to these Satanists, who will then change the course of humanity by destroying our creativity and free thought.

This demonic situation is far closer to being realized than anyone might imagine. While there can be no question that the NSA has access to this mind control technology, it appears that other organizations may also be employing it.

These organizations include corporations, organized crime and any other groups that have the financial wherewithal to lease satellites and the advanced technology that they are capable of employing against any Targeted Individuals.

Corporations have a history of spying on their competitors in this way in what can be described as nothing less than corporate espionage. But how do you challenge someone in court who's stolen yours ideas right out of your mind, before they even reach the drawing board?

Any human being can be targeted by this technology. And what they see can be immediately transmitted to the NSA, as its technicians view what the targeted individuals are seeing by way of their computer screens.

This makes these targeted people, for lack of a more technical term, human spy cameras.

Here is a practical illustration of just how invasive and unconstitutional this technology is.

You are a satellite prisoner of the NSA's in which you are not only illegally tracked by NSA audio visual satellites 24 hours a day, but also remote neurally monitored by them. You meet a charming person whom you are interested in. One thing leads to another and you end up spending the night together. Of course this includes having sexual intercourse, which the NSA has not only watched, but also archived for possible later use.

Imagine the most beautiful and intimate aspects of your relationship with someone archived for the prying eyes of others to watch anytime they want to. Now not only has your privacy been violated in the worst ways possible, but the person whom you spent the night with has now also been unwittingly dragged into the NSA's predatory spider web.

Any sleaze bag who would commit such a crime in society would find themselves in prison. So why is it that these cryptologists keep getting away with it?

Simple. It's because most Americans have no idea that these crimes are being committed, much less that they are being done so by their own government. If they did you can be sure that these cryptologists would find themselves in prison where they deserve to be, along with those who've allowed for the creation and illegal implementation of this immoral and unethical technology.

How do you think 300 million Americans would respond if they learned that the NSA was not only illegally spying on them, but also using them for this government's non consensual cover research and human experimentation program?

Can you picture them storming the NSA and tearing these cryptologists to pieces limb by limb?

I can.

And I bet that other victims would feel the exact same way when they learned just how badly their privacy had been violated. These government officials have no respect for people or their civil rights. And their covert and despicable actions clearly illustrate this.

And you thought that the American people were angry when they learned that the NSA was spying on them by listening to their phone conversations and hacking their e-mail accounts!

This stuff is minor in comparison to the EXTREME ways in which the NSA, CIA and certain other agencies within the US Federal Intelligence Community spy on Americans and violate their Civil Rights.

You can blame the Nazi dictator George W. Bush for the recent intensity in this spying. However, the truth is that the US Intelligence Community has been doing so for the past 60 years, long before Bush was even old enough to vote or steal an election or two.

The Satellite Spying And Electronic Invasion Of The Human Mind In Present Day America Is Now So Terrible That It Has Nearly Reached Critical Mass.

Moreover, the US Government controls you through FEAR and IGNORANCE -- SO GET EDUCATED!

The following Website is run by Dr. Nick Begich, a pioneering researcher in synthetic telepathy and many other interesting concepts. The readers will find several significant articles pertaining to government sanctioned forms of mind control technology which are illegally deployed against a myriad of the citizens on this planet.

As a long-term NSA satellite prisoner and target of remotely induced mind control I highly recommend this information to all citizens of reading age, regardless of which countries they may reside in.

The mental health of the human race is in jeopardy like never before.

And if the advanced satellite based technologies being deployed to affect both the human conscious and subconscious mind are not recognized by the majority of this planet's population and addressed soon, it will eventually result in their becoming a race of mind controlled slaves.

Dr. Nick Begich's Website On Electronic Forms Of Mind Control:


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