Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Organization For Human Brain Mapping -- Are These People Aware Of How The US Federal Government Is Abusing This Research?


As a long-term prisoner of satellite based surveillance I am well aware of how the NSA uses its satellites and latest generation computer technology to illegally access my brain for their own unethical, immoral and criminal operations. Given that there are myriad others in this country who are being targeted for the same crimes against humanity, by way of the US Federal Government's non consensual cover research and human experimentation program, I decided to write to the people at "The Organization For Human Brain Mapping" to alert them to what the NSA was involved in.

And given the corporate ties that oftentimes furnish this Government with their own services, I pondered as to whether or not this organization or others with similar interests may have been working in conjunction with the NSA, CIA, ARPA or even the US Department Of Defense, to furnish them with the type of research that has been incorporated into the technology that I have been subjected to for years on end.

My letter to this organization is below. I also suggested that they take a look at some Websites which document the horrors that those of us who are routinely subjected to these crimes against humanity, have been subjugated to.

What many TI's have come to refer to at the "Silent Holocaust."

In particular I concentrated on the Mind Control Forums and organizations like Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, since they focus on covert forms of mind control research and technologies which are derived from it and illegally and unethically deployed against myriad citizens around the globe. They also focus on the phenomenon of globally networked organized stalking groups which have now littered the landscape within the United States and abroad.



To whom it may concern:

I was recently surfing the Internet and came across your Website. My interest in brain mapping has occurred as a result of being targeted by the US Federal Government for non consensual cover research and human experimentation. I have been illegally tracked and targeted by the National Security Agency for nearly thirty years and subjected to having my brain electronically remotely accessed -- in which my thoughts have quite literally been stolen from me as well as manipulated through the use of advanced computer based technologies. Furthermore, I am far from the only person who is documenting such outrageous crimes against humanity.

Given the import of brain mapping research, it is equally important that said research is used to serve the common good of humanity and not the opposite. However, it is clear from my own personal experiences as well as those of numerous others, that brain mapping technology is being abused by US Federal Agencies including but not limited to the FBI, NSA, CIA and ARPA. It has also become apparent that the US Department Of Defense also has access to brain mapping research which they have been utilizing for criminal means over the past thirty years.

When combined with advanced satellite and computer technology, brain mapping enables these agencies to illegally target any portion of the human brain by way of remote satellite, to manipulate the thoughts and behavior of a great many unwitting victims. There is no doubt in my mind that there are millions of Americans as well as citizens from a great number of other countries who are being unwittingly attacked in this way in the present day.

Also of equal interest are those who have become aware that they are being subjected to this and taken to the Internet to report these outrageous crimes. Such abhorrent abuses of our Constitution and its Bill Of Rights simply cannot and will not be tolerated by those of us who have now recognized the Nazi influence which has pervaded the American landscape.

And we will continue to record for historical purposes what are no less than crimes of Hitlerian proportion, and an outright assault on both civil and human rights. I refer you to the following two Websites as well as my own which document some of the most outrageous crimes ever perpetrated against the citizens of this planet.

As for the US Federal Government and its Intelligence community, it's clear that both are no longer serving the American people, and are instead working to destroy us.

James F. Marino
NSA Satellite Prisoner
Target For US Government Non Consensual Cover Research & Human Experimentation

The Mind Control Forum's Website -- Accounts Of Mind Control Victims World Wide

Freedom From Covert Harassment And Electronic Surveillance

NSA Satellite Prisoner James F. Marino's Website On US Government Crimes


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