Thursday, June 28, 2007

Show Me The Law! The IRS And Privately Held Federal Reserve Bank Are An Outright Fraud!

With the situation between Ed and Elaine Brown and the IRS heating up, more and more Americans are siding with Ed and Elaine given the Supreme Court rulings which have struck down a federal income tax time and time again. Neither the IRS nor the US Congress can win a rational debate on this issue so they are attempting to obfuscate the situation by using lower court rulings in regard to tax evasion cases, rather than the Supreme Court rulings and at least 24 recent judgements in which the IRS lost its cases against tax evaders in court, simply because the juries could find no law requiring them to file a 1040 income tax return.

The IRS could not show any of them the law because the law does not exist!

The lower court rulings must always be in compliance with the Supreme Court yet in the case of tax evasion they are not. The Supreme Court has clearly ruled that it is illegal to tax the wages of the American worker, and that the only monies which can be legally taxed are those from corporate gains.

Corporate gains are not wages.

The Supreme Court ruled on this in 1897. And again in 1913 when the US Congress attempted to impose a federal income tax on the wages of the American worker by creating the 16th Amendment. It was then that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the American people by stating that " the 16th Amendment did not confer any new powers of taxation to the US Congress."

As the US Congress and IRS continue to evade this Supreme Court ruling they are going to find themselves under the scrutiny of the American people like never before. Stealing is a crime. And through the illegal and unconstitutional graduated income tax system in this country (a creation of the Communist Manifesto) Congress, the IRS and the privately held Federal Reserve Bank must now answer for the trillions of dollars that they have stolen from the American taxpayers over the past 94 years.

Ed and Elaine Brown are now serving as the poster child for tax reform in this country, and they have put their lives on the line in order to ensure that the graduated income tax system and the IRS are both abolished.

Very courageous and indicative of the Patriots that they are.

Furthermore, their battle with the IRS has spawned a new and very catchy tune called "Show Me The Law," which will no doubt become the theme for the United States Tax Reform Movement. It can be heard at the following Website. Just scroll down to where it says "Picture Slides Show with Music from Freedom Concert" and click on the play button.

Send it on to your families and friends since it is your money that the IRS, US Congress and privately held Federal Reserve Bank have been stealing for the past ninety-four years.


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