Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Utilizing The FBI and Homeland Security For Positive Objectives & The Abolition Of The Federal Reserve Bank & IRS

Since it's clear that the FBI has been a criminal organization since its inception, and the Department Of Homeland Security was borne out of a complete LIE -- the Bush/PNAC attack on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon -- it's time that these federal agencies were used in a constructive manor in order to benefit the American people, instead of aiding and abetting the criminal hierarchy within this country that seeks to destroy us.

I suggest sending box loads of Aaron Russo's America From Freedom To Fascism to the offices of the FBI and DHS with instructions to have their agents hand deliver these DVD's to Mr. and Mrs. American front porch.

After all, they aren't doing anything else that's constructive in ridding this country of fascism. And we know that the IRS and Federal Reserve are frauds; frauds who've imposed an illegal and unconstitutional income tax on the working class in America which is in direct violation of several US Supreme Court rulings. We also know that the US Congress is aware of this, as is the Supreme Court, since it was the Supreme Court that ruled on at least 8 separate occasions, beginning in 1897, that the wages of the American people were considered to be private property and non-taxable.

Non-taxable! So what are the US Congress and IRS doing imposing a federal income tax on the American people? This is outrageous!

And since the FBI has been well aware of this for the past 94 years, and is supposed to be upholding the law, isn't it time that this agency began arresting members of the Federal Reserve, IRS and Congress instead of aiding and abetting them, given that they have all colluded in this treasonous act against the American people? And now that DHS has been created isn't it also time for this agency to start doing legitimate police work, instead of colluding with the FBI to do the same?

Islamic Terrorists huh?

It appears that since 9-11 the only real terrorists that Americans must concern ourselves with are the ones who wear three piece suits and work for companies with names like the Carlyle Group, Wackenhut and Halliburton.

Do the FBI and DHS want their legacy to continue to be one in which they are seen as aiders and abettors to such terrorists?

Or will they finally do the right thing and arrest these traitors for their treasonous crimes against the American people? My money says they'll continue to do the wrong thing since they have no practice at doing the right thing in the first place, and would find themselves like fish out of water if they ever attempted to do so.

The FBI lexicon has always been to do what is easiest rather than what is right. So its agents usually do what is wrong.

Besides, they've become so brainwashed through the FBI's Gestapo protocols that even if they watched Aaron Russo's excellent documentary, they'd probably never believe it anyhow. And even if they did, there is that historical tendency which they've always had towards doing the wrong thing. A hard habit to break.

On second thought, it's probably better off if we skip the FBI and DHS altogether and circulate these DVD's on our own, since attempting to get them to do the right thing is about as simple as teaching a giraffe how to walk a tightrope. Something that I would not recommend trying at home.

Americans Have Become Slaves To Their Jobs

On an aside, I was recently discussing what the final outcome will be when the American people collectively learn about the Federal Reserve and IRS frauds. Some people believe that nothing will change and that Americans will rationalize that this government needs the money and will continue paying an illegal income tax. Others have stated that they will not pay the income tax even on threat of arrest, since there is no law.

My own opinion is essentially based on human nature and greed. And because of this I see the income tax situation in this country resolving itself in the following way.

Times are harder in the United States now than they have been in many decades, with average two family incomes no longer providing the quality of life that your average single family income did two decades ago. Inflation has so eroded the value of the dollar, that the old benchmark of success -- the $100,000 annual salary -- has now been replaced with the $200,000 per annum one.

Americans have quite literally become slaves to their jobs. And numerous polls conducted over the past several years have shown that they are not happy about it.

When confronted by the fact that the Federal Reserve Bank was created based on legislation which was passed fraudulently, and that the FED has stolen trillions of their hard earned dollars over the past Century, they are not going to accept any alternative other than the complete dissolution of the Federal Reserve Banking cartel as well as the IRS.

And they are going to hold Congress personally responsible for this.

And if Congress threatens them by stating that a new law will be created to legitimize the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS frauds, there will be an outright tax revolt in this country. Americans will base this revolt on the enormous wealth gained by these bankers at their expense. They will consider the mansions, yachts, clubs and expensive automobiles that they own, while these Americans are working just to pay off the loan on their 7 year old clunkers and mortgages which they have no chance of ever satisfying. That is, for those Americans who are actually lucky enough to be able to afford a home at all -- something that has become impossible for your average American to achieve.

No, the American people have had enough of this government and its cheating, LYING, scheming ways. And they will do whatever is necessary even if it includes violence to see to it that the Federal Reserve Bank and IRS are shut down permanently. It is the only just thing to do. It is the only truly American (as in constitutional republic) thing to do.

There is no legitimate reason for the Federal Reserve Bank to exist and there never has been.

Moreover, this country will run just fine without it, as it did from 1776 until 1913, when this grandiose fraud and crime was perpetrated against all of us.

Furthermore, without the Federal Reserve parasiting itself off of the American people, Americans will have billions of dollars more in their own pockets each year, which will in turn give them more purchasing power in which to stimulate the US economy.

Seeing the Federal Reserve out of business will be a win win situation for the American people. And it's about time that Americans got a break, since we have been getting screwed over by the Fed, IRS and Congress for the past 94 years.

As for the other countries that are involved here, those who have interests in the Federal Reserve are also going to have bear the burden as well as responsibility of having allowed these Illuminist con artists to hoodwink so much of the citizenry on this planet. And in the long run they will also be better off as well, since the only people who have profited from the Federal Reserve Bank are the criminals who control it.

Those who had our 35th President, John F. Kennedy murdered. And yes, they certainly had the motive and power to orchestrate the type of coup d'etat that took place on November 22nd, 1963.

Remember what Mayer Rothschild said: "Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws." Rothschild knew that whoever was in charge of issuing a nation's currency would control its government, and hence its people. A concept that has been proven out time and time again.

However, what Rothschild failed to mention is that if the currency being issued is not based on anything of intrinsic value, that currency and the economy behind it will eventually fail -- Americans have nearly reached this point with the US Dollar, given that it is now worth roughly 4 percent of what it was worth in 1913.

And given that the Federal Reserve's Chairman has stated that within the next year he will double the nation's money supply (M3) we can expect that the present four percent in our purchasing power will be cut in half. So our dollars will now be worth about two cents relative to what they were in 1913. Is it any wonder why the Federal Reserve has stated that they are no longer going to publish M3 figures in the future?

Once the American people learn of this outrageous fraud, the Illuminists starting with the Bush crime family on down, can forget about the implementation of the Real ID Act, the implantation of RFID chips in humans, the North American Union -- a merging of the USA, Canada and Mexico -- as well as the New World Order one world government. They can forget about it all.

And they can start planning on a new way of life for themselves which includes peering out of wrought iron bars. That is if the American people decide not to hang them first. Something that given their outrageous crimes against us would most certainly be just.

Of course if the government senses that there is a tax revolt at hand they will orchestrate another act of terrorism as they did on 9-11 in efforts to stave it off.

Remember that in 2001, just months prior to the attacks, there were many investigations underway in regard to corruption within the US Federal Government, including one specifically aimed at completely restructuring the FBI. And then 9-11 occurs and the FBI is suddenly endowed with more authority than it has ever had in its entire history.

From the layperson's standpoint, one would have to view this as being extremely serendipitous for the FBI. However, in reality there was nothing serendipitous about it. The FBI's finding itself in a position of unbridled authority was just one more indication that the criminals in this country are in power, and they don't want their pit bulls on too tight a leash.


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