Saturday, June 23, 2007

The US Government's 9-11 Black Operation Is Unraveling Like A Cheap Piece Of Twine

There is no longer any question that the American people have been forced to realize that they can't trust this government, and are now out of necessity for their own self preservation, conducting their own independent investigations in regard to what actually happened on 9-11.

Americans have rightfully become obsessed with what I have personally termed to be "The Mother Of All Black Operations." And we should be, given that we are now under attack en masse by the same monsters within this government who murdered nearly 3000 of our own people on 9-11 and created legislation within the Patriot Act which has all but destroyed our own Constitution and its Bill Of Rights. These treasonous miscreants have also continued to murder many more of our own people by sending US soldiers into battle under the pretext of protecting this country from terrorism, when in reality it is being done to support the New World Order's attack on the Middle East, in efforts to further destablize it -- something which has now happened.

Nearly 700,000 Iraqi's have been murdered since the Bush Administration ordered the attack on them several years ago. And this does not even take into account the numbers of Afghani's who were murdered when the Bush Administration and PNAC declared war on Afghanistan, under the pretext of hunting down Osama Bin Ladin, whom the CIA knew the whereabouts of all along. (CIA operatives had visited Bin Laden in a hospital in Dubai in 2001, just months before the 9-11 attacks -- yet never arrested him -- even though they knew that he was an international fugitive.)

So why didn't the CIA arrest him? Because it would have been very difficult to convince the American people that someone who was taken into custody by the CIA could have engineered the attacks on 9-11.

For the past several years the American people have been looking to obtain the videos of the Pentagon taken on 9-11, which the FBI has seized and refused to allow the public to see. They claim that it is for reasons of National Security, but this is clearly just one more FBI smokes screen. Even many former agents are aware of this.

Producer Dave Von Kleist's latest documentary on the 9-11 attacks entitled "The 9-11 Ripple Effect" builds on this government coverup, and is soon to be released. Interestingly enough, he has sponsored a party which is being held on the property of Ed and Elaine Brown this evening. And word has it that he will be airing "The 9-11 Ripple Effect" for the Browns and their guests.

If you are not familiar with Ed and Elaine I refer you to the following article:

They have both been wrongfully convicted in absentia of tax evasion and sentenced to five years in prison. However, they have irrefutable proof that the federal income tax is an outright scam and that the IRS is illegally enforcing it on the American people. They are heavily fortified and have promised not to be taken alive if the US Federal Marshal's try to remove them from their home. And this has only added to the intensity behind their situation.

As it stands, these FEDS have attempted to attack the Brown's on a few occasions over the past several weeks, but have been prevented from achieving their objective because the Brown's are now finding themselves with enormous support from others who are learning of the IRS and Federal Reserve Bank frauds. Even one of the survivors of the Ruby Ridge massacre, Randy Weaver, has traveled to their home to bolster their confidence.

In fact, alternative media news jockeys like Alex Jones are heavily covering this historic situation as it unfolds. And even the mainstream US Media is now beginning to take note of this. Of equal interest here is that movie producer Aaron Russo has made a brilliant documentary entitled: America From Freedom To Fascism, which concerns factual information that the Brown's are using to defend their position. I have personally seen this documentary three times and it is an absolute stunner!

As it makes its way throughout America, America From Freedom To Fascism is going to ignite a tax revolt while simultaneously feeding the 9-11 Truth Movement. So what's one of the biggest secrets that Americans will learn when seeing the Russo film? That the privately held Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service are outright frauds -- the longest kept government secrets in US History. And that they don't have to pay their federal income taxes and never have!

Aaron's documentary can be seen for free at the following Website:

Watch it and pass it on to everyone you know. Why should your money be in the Federal Reserve Bank's pocket? Aren't these thieves rich enough?

The following is a direct quote from Dave Von Kleist's "The 9-11 Ripple Effect."

"The FBI currently possesses over 80 confiscated videos of closed circuit TV recordings of the attack on the Pentagon. According to a CNN FOIA request, at least one of the videos shows the impact at the Pentagon. The FBI refuses to release any of these videos to the public claiming reasons of National Security."

Phil Jayhan, an independent 9-11 researcher who contributed to Dylan Avery's superb 9-11 video entitled "9-11 Loose Change" has also noted the following in regard to the only video footage of the Pentagon that the FBI has released, claiming that it was of the 757 that crashed into the structure.

"The date and the time of the frames are wrong. The word plane appears on the frames as if to be a subliminal suggestion. The word plane is there, however there is no plane in the video."

-- Phil Jayhan 9-11 Researcher

And last but not least is a 4 minute segment by Dylan Avery showing how the planes on 9-11 were firing something into the World Trade Center Towers just prior to impact. Now there has been quite a bit of speculation in regard to what actually hit the Towers, but virtually every piece of close up footage shows that they were most certainly not the commercial jets that Americans have been told they were.

Moreover, several videos of the second plane showed an appendage underneath its fuselage that was not present on a stock airliner of the same make.

Given my own research into 9-11, I believe that it is quite possible that what hit the Towers on 9-11-2001 were two guided missiles of some type (or even more advanced craft) which were cloaked as holograms of jetliners.

And even if holograms weren't used, couldn't the Department Of Defense construct a specialized aircraft which encased a missile? It would provide perfect cover because no one would suspect that the craft was carrying a missile, much less that it in fact was the missile.

Here's the video so take a look for yourselves.

Also see Dylan's "9-11 Loosechange" -- The Best 9--11 Documentary in existence -- right here:


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